4 Amazing Makeup Hack To Correct Uneven Lips To Achieve Perfect Lip Shape

Image : © Mqdee

Lips are the sexiest part of our face. But not all of us have that picture perfect pout! All of us are born with different lip shapes. Some of us are blessed with even lips while some have thin and uneven lips. Whether you have thin, even or fuller lips─makeup has the power to tweak our lips and make them appear more beautiful and well accentuated. Is that what you looking for? Want to make your lips look balanced? Then, this tutorial is just what you need! Today, we have a makeup lesson that focuses on how to do lip makeup to achieve even and perfect lips.

Required Products For This DIY Tutorial:

Here is a list of products used for this tutorial:

  • Concealer (optional)
  • Red lip liner
  • Red lipstick
  • Lip balm
  • Compact (optional)

Perfect Lips Makeup Tutorial:

So, let’s learn to create that perfect lip look:

Before You Begin:

The majority of the Indian women have top heavy or bottom heavy lips. For this DIY tutorial, first you need to understand your lip type. Study your lips by standing in front of the mirror. Once you know the kind of lip you have, you can get to work. Effective makeup tips and tricks can easily make top or bottom heavy lips appear even and beautiful. I have a comparatively thin top lip area and fuller lower lip area. If you have the opposite, that is, thin lower lip and fuller top lip, then do the reverse of the trick mentioned here. The basic trick is to balance out the size of your lips and you can do that with lip makeup!

Step 1:

Start by applying lip balm to hydrate your lips. If you have dry and flaky lips, then I highly recommend using a lip scrub prior to the use of a lip balm. A lip scrub eliminates deep flakes, dryness and chapped bits of skin from the lips, making the application of lipstick easier. It also gives a flawless finish to the lips.

Step 2:

Now line your lips from the center to the outermost corner by following your natural lip shape. As my top lip is thinner, I started lining the top lip area slightly outside the natural line. Do not go overboard and create a line very far from the natural lip line as it might appear unflattering and unnatural.

Step 3:

This step can also be done as a first step in this makeup hack. Apply your favorite foundation in the entire lip area, leaving the line marked on the top most lip area. Then, set it with a compact to create a flawless makeup base. Now, to make the lower lip area appear thinner, use the same red lip liner and start outlining, slightly inside the natural lip line of your lower lip. This will give an illusion of thinner lips and make them appear even and perfect in shape.

Step 4:

Now, fill your new lip shape with a red lipstick to compete the lip makeup. Then, clean out the outline of your lips with a concealer to make your lips stand out and also hide the extra natural lower lip area. This step is important to get this trick right. Remember to conceal the edges with a heavy or a full coverage foundation or concealer, otherwise the natural lip line might stand out stark, ruining the whole look!

And you are done!

Who said you need Botox to have perfect lips? With this easy makeup trick, you can now flaunt your amazing lips and that too without emptying your pocket. And don’t forget to use your lips for their very basic purpose—Smiling!

What kind of lips do you have? What do you do to make them appear balanced? Share your tricks with us in the comments section below.

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