36 Suprising Junk Food Facts That You Didn’t Know

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Almost everyone loves to eat junk food. We love our health and healthy food choices, but junk food will always be a tough temptation to get over. Due to the taste, the ease of availability and also the ease of creation, junk food is a hot favorite in all homes.

36 Junk Food

Here are 36 facts about the junk food that we all love so much. Out of that, some of the facts are related to health. Keep them in mind the next time you reach for that cheese burger and a can of coke.

1. Each can of coke contain 10 spoons of sugar. It accounts for 100% of your daily recommended intake of sugar. Coco Cola contains phosphoric acid to handle this extreme level of sweetness. Otherwise, this amount of sugar will result in immediate vomiting.

2. Processed cheese is a cheese-like substance. The processing adds chemicals to the cheese. It means that, around 49% of the product is just chemicals!

3. Chicken McNuggets contain beef. This is not listed in the ingredients because it is swept under ‘extracts’ or ‘essences’.

4. The soda machines that store our beloved soda drinks are the perfect breeding grounds for fecal bacteria.

5. Hash browns contain more fat and calories than the cheese burgers and Big Macs.

6. Strawberry milkshakes are more like cocktails with over 50 chemicals. Strawberries are seasonal and aren’t easily available. So, the food industries create the flavor artificially, which comes with a cost.
7. All of the store bought ‘100% fruit juices’ are 100% artificially flavored.

8. Shellac, a product used to make jelly beans shiner and glossier, is obtained from the extracts of an insect called kerria lacca.

9. To get the golden glistening finish, companies dip the fries in sugar. Sugar is one of the easiest ways to obtain a fresh finish. This also means that you are consuming extra calories just like that.

10. FDA allows bugs and rodent hair in peanut butter.

11. Propelene glycerol that is used to keep the salads crispy, causes skin and eye irritation.

12. About one third of bottled water contains arsenic, synthetic organic chemicals and bacteria.

13. Worcestershire sauce is prepared by dissolving the anchovies in vinegar. The fish and the bones are melted in the vinegar.

14. Pink grapefruit juice might contain bugs. The insects are in the shape of artificial food coloring called carmine.

15. Mass produced ice creams contain seaweed in them. This seaweed extract is added for flavor and to keep the ice cream crystal free.

16. Yogurts might contain beef or pork gelatin. Most of the popular brands use gelatin, which is sourced from pork or beef.

17. The fat from junk food can trigger the brain to want more food. The effect lasts over several days.

18. Corn dextrin, a thickener, which is commonly used in junk foods, is also used as glue on envelopes and postage stamps.

19. Young women, who regularly consume junk food are usually at a higher risk of Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD).

20. Most soft drinks contain some amount of alcohol. This is because of the fermentation of the sugars in a non-sterile environment.

21. Pringles aren’t really potato chips. Only 42% of the chips is actually potato, the rest of the product is various kinds of flavors.

22. All the egg-based junk food dishes contain egg and premium egg blend. The blends contains the chemicals, such as propylene glycol (also found in antifreeze), tertiary butylhydroquinone (used in varnish) and calcium silicate (commonly used as a sealant for roads).

23. Chicken is getting unhealthier day by day. Compared to 40 years ago, today’s chicken contains 33% less protein, and 266% more fat.

24. In Ireland and Great Britain, pig meat and horse meat was found in what was supposed to be ground beef.

25. Carminic acid, mostly used in sausages and bakery products and also pies, is obtained from the crushed bodies of beetles.

26. The FDA approves the usage of bacteriophages on hot dogs and lunch meat.

27. McDonalds’s hamburgers don’t rot. The low moisture content leaves them dehydrated, turning them into jerky.

28. Ketchup was sold in the 1830s as medicine.

29. On an average, the estimated calories in restaurant food have 100 more calories than they claim.

30. Babies would need to eat double the amount of manufactured baby food to get the same nutrients as a homemade meal offers.

31. Meat is treated with carbon monoxide to make it look fresh.

32. Bread may contain an ingredient derived from human hair. The amino acid, L-cysteine, used in various bakery products is mostly obtained from human hair or duck feathers.

34. Salad dressings are known to contain titanium dioxide in them. This is done to make food look more appealing and fresh.

35. Meat is put through ammonia gas bath to make it ‘safer’, but it more often leads to adverse health effects.

36. Ammonium sulfate is used to feed yeast in the baking process.

Did this list provide some food for thought! So, the next time you get a craving for some junk food, remember this article!

Were you aware of these junk food facts? Are they enough to deter you from indulging in them? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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