32 Striking DIY Nail Arts You Should Try This Summer

Image : © Mqdee

1. White Flower’s Tutorial:

White Flower's Tutorial
Image : © Mqdee

2. Krgyle Art:

Krgyle Art
Image : © Mqdee

Style your nails for the disco night

3. Leopard Nail Art:

Leopard Nail Art
Image : © Mqdee

This goes perfectly with either yellow, ed or black colors and on any dress

4. Splatter manicure:

Splatter manicure
Image : © Mqdee

Be colorful

5. Nail with Tape:

Nail with Tape
Image : © Mqdee

A small tape will make it both professional and trendy

6. Art with Sandwich Bag:

Art with Sandwich bag
Image : © Mqdee

Simple and very easy

7. Chevron Tape Manicure:

Chevron tape manicure
Image : © Mqdee

When you spread White color, spread it carefully on the spot

8. Music Chords:

Music cords
Image : © Mqdee

A brush and a bob pin, That’s it!

9. Red Rose Crown:

Red Rose Crown
Image : © Mqdee

Beautiful isn’t it?

10. Design With Mechanical Pencil:

Design with Mechanical Pencil
Image : © Mqdee

Sky and Stars on your finger tips ;)

11. Argyle Nails:

Argyle Nails
Image : © Mqdee

Flashy designs to perfection

12. Diagonal Art:

Diagonal Art
Image : © Mqdee
Just a Scotch tape is enough

13. Nail Art With Porous Sponge:

Nail Art with Porous Sponge
                                      Image : © Mqdee

14. The lime Shade:

The lime shade
Image : © Mqdee

A little artistic but worth the patience

15. Fish Tail Manicure:

Fish Tail Manicure
             Image : © Mqdee

Be sure you do this on only one finger, only that will make this unique

16. Liner Art:

Liner art
Image : © Mqdee

An eye liner brush will do the trick

17. Dot Grid Art:

Dot grid art
                                             Image : © Mqdee

The Zigzag pattern is easy, just try it once more

18. Feather Art:

Feather art
               Image : © Mqdee

Never seen anything this beautiful and that too so simple

19. Simple Craft:

Simple Craft
                                 Image : © Mqdee

Can make any design like this

20. Polka Dots:

Polka dots
                                                     Image : © Mqdee

Bob pin, yeah only a bon pin

21. Moustache Nails:

Moustache Nails
Image : © Mqdee

Funny look, people will look for your nails

22. Cartoon on Nails:

Cartoon on nails
Image : © Mqdee

Ever thought it’s this easy?

23. Minion Nail Art Design:

Minion Nail Art Design
Image : © Mqdee

You can customize the variations however you want

24. Turquoise And Gold Stone:

Turquoise and gold stone
Image : © Mqdee

A thin plastic cover for dusting the golden shade is required

25. News Print Paint Nails:

News Print Paint Nails
Image : © Mqdee


26. The Fun Top:

The Fun Top
Image : © Mqdee

One Nail to rule them all

27. Art with Hole Punch and Painters’ Tape:

Art with hole punch and painters’ tape
Image : © Mqdee

This can be done for all the nails too

28. Four in One:

Four in one
Image : © Mqdee

Use 2 different tapes, don’t mess using the same tape

29. Beads on Nails:

Beads on nails
Image : © Mqdee

Bold look is not difficult to get

30. Melts on Nails:

Melts on Nails
Image : © Mqdee

It depends on how thin brush you take and how you give the finishing, you can end it like a star as well to give a new look

31. Smart Art:

Smart Art
Image : © Mqdee

Take only a little cotton and press it subtly, not to mess

32. Cute Nail Art:

Cute Nail Art
Image : © Mqdee

Using a tooth pick will make it easy.

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