3 Perfect Eyebrow Shape Ideas For Square Face Shapes

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We always want to look our best, and it begins with well-defined brows. The right eyebrow shape can make you look young and glamorous. It doesn’t really matter how full or thin your brows look. Not all the brow shapes look good on all the faces, and not all brow shapes work for one face. It is important to identify your face shape, and choose the brow shape that works best for your face. Generally, there are six face shapes. These include long, oval, round, heart, diamond and square. There are five types of brow shapes for different face shapes. They are flat, soft and hard angled, angled, curved, and round.

Tips To Identify A Square Face:

A square face has cheek bones and jaw line of same widths. The face has a square jaw line, which makes the face appear angular, which is an obvious feature. The forehead is quite high. The square jaw line also makes the face look broader than it usually is. All the features in the face are strong angled. The face also has a pointed chin. Celebrities, such as Kareena, Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock and Katie Holmes have square-shaped faces.

Eyebrow Shapes For Square-Shaped Face:

The following are some of the best eyebrow shapes for people with a square shaped face. These shapes would work great on them without making their face look broader:

1. Angled Eyebrow Shape:

There are two angled brow shapes ─ soft and hard angled. The soft angled shape has soft curves and peaks. The shape can have low, medium and high arches. High arches slim down the face. The hard angled brow shape would make your face appear young. This shape makes the face appear long. So, people with short faces can try them. Yet, this shape would create a harsh look on a few.

How To Achieve This Shape?

The soft and hard angled brow shapes make the face look delicate. The shape is straight and then curves gently around the top and down the corners of the eyebrows.

2. Curved Eyebrow Shape:

The curved eyebrow shape is also called S shaped. This shape is slightly similar to the soft angled brow shape. It generally makes the face look longer than usual. The shape begins with a slight curved line, and is rounded at the angle of the brow. It is a blend of a curve and an angle. The shape makes the brow resemble the alphabet letter ‘S’. So, the shape is called S shaped.

How To Achieve This Shape?

The S brow shape has a medium to high arch. A slight curve should be created for this shape. The brows should be kept straight towards the nose to create the curve. This shape goes perfectly well on a square-shaped face.

3. Soft Angled Eyebrow Shape:

The soft angled brow shape is a well-defined one, but it is kept rounded at the beginning. The angles are soft, and not too sharp. You can have low, medium and high arches, as per your preferences. You can also have a thin or thick angled brow shape. For a dramatic look, choose a high-angled brow shape. However, a soft angled shape with small arches is considered the best. This shape adds more femininity to your face. Choose a thick eyebrow shape, if you have strong cheek bones to complement your face structure. It is best to avoid high or sharp angles for your brows.

How To Achieve This Shape?

The soft angled shape makes the face look soft and delicate. It also tends to make your face appear long. The shape is straight with soft curves at the top and bottom of the brows. A light color brow pencil or a brow brush can help you to achieve this shape. The brow brush can make the sharp edges soft, and make the brows look natural. This shape would be flattering for square-faced people.

Brow Shapes Of Few Celebrities:

Let’s take a look at the brow shapes of few celebrities:

1. Demi Moore:

Demi Moore has a square face, so her face looks more strong and angular. She often chooses soft or sharp angled eyebrow shapes to balance her features and to even out her square jaw line. Demi Moore also chooses thick eyebrows.

2. Kareena Kapoor:

Often people get confused whether Kareena Kapoor has a long face or a square one. Well, she has a square face. Earlier she used to keep flat eyebrows. But of late, she often chooses to have curved brow shapes with high arched brows. This transformation has really helped her look more glamorous.

A Few Tips For Square-Shaped Faces:

Make sure to avoid too angular eyebrow shapes. This is necessary because a square face already has strong angled features. You should also avoid too rounded brow shapes, which would create rainbow shaped eyebrows. Also, avoid flat eyebrow shapes, which would make your face look broader than usual.

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