3 Easy Steps To Prevent Lipstick On Teeth – Tutorial With Detailed Steps And Pictures

Image : © Mqdee

One makeup issue that has plagued women for decades is lipstick on the teeth. Obviously, none of us like to smile and get caught with bright pink or red color along our beautiful pearly whites. But not all of us understand the ins and outs of makeup either. So this issue has been with us for ages! But, you needn’t worry anymore. Here at StyleCraze we have always loved to crack up all the beauty and makeup tricks to look great. Today’s makeup lesson is very simple and it will remind you of your childhood days! Yes, you heard it right! Remember, we made those popping noises while playing?

That’s exactly what we will be doing for today’s tutorial!

Makeup Hack To Prevent Lipstick On Teeth Tutorial:

Grab your lipstick and lip liner. Let’s go ahead and do the DIY hack to prevent lipstick on the teeth together.

Step 1:

3 steps to prevent lipstick on teeth tutorial
Image : © Mqdee

Let’s start the makeup by preparing your lips. If you apply your lipstick on dry, flaky or cracked lips, it will not appear even, smooth and flattering. So, apply a hydrating lip balm on your lips to soften and moisturize them. If you wish for a flawless and smooth finish, then you should apply a lip scrub prior to the application of the lip balm. Allow the lip balm to sit for a good 5 to 10 minutes to get absorbed into the skin.

Then, pick a lip liner which matches your lipstick. Start applying it from the highest point of your cupids bow and outline your lips by following the natural curvy lip shape. Then, use the same lip liner and fill the entire lip as shown in the image. As I picked a bright pink lipstick, I layered a pink lip liner all over my lips. If you are not comfortable with wearing a lip liner as it might dry out your lips, then you can apply a good coverage concealer outside and on the lip area. It will prevent the feathering or smudging of your lip liner. But, it is important to moisturize before you use this rick as it will dry your lips and give a very flaky look to the lipstick otherwise.

Step 2:

3 steps to prevent lipstick on teeth tutorial (2)
Image : © Mqdee

Let’s move ahead to lipstick application. Start by applying the lipstick all over your lips with a lip brush or directly use the lipstick bullet for application. If you feel the lip balm applied previously is slicking off your lipstick, then apply some translucent or tinted loose powder all over your lips to provide a good surface for your lipstick. Then, run a clean thin lip brush all over your lips to spread the lipstick to the creases and fine lines of the lips.

Step 3:

3 steps to prevent lipstick on teeth tutorial (3)
Image : © Mqdee

Now, the real point of this DIY hack is how to prevent lipstick from sticking to our teeth! Start by wiping your lips gently from inside to out. This will further spread the lipstick evenly and you will not be caught with bare lips on the inner rims of your lips while smiling or talking. Then, wash your hands and completely sanitize your fingers. Start by sliding your index or pointing finger between your lips. Then, pull out your finger and you will hear a popping sound.

3 steps to prevent lipstick on teeth tutorial (4)
Image : © Mqdee

The lipstick color that was all around lying on the innermost rim of your lips will easily come off on your finger, so now you can smile and show off your pearly whites confidently!

That’s it, now wasn’t that a great makeup trick? Try it every time you wear a lipstick to stay safe and beautiful! No more embarrassing moments when someone points out your lipstick infused teeth! So smile your way into people’s hearts!

Have you ever faced awkward situations where you were caught with lipstick on your teeth? How do you prevent this problem? Share your tricks with us in the comments section below.

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