25 Wonderful Benefits Of Noni For Skin, Hair And Health

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Noni, known scientifically as Morinda Citrifolia, is a kind of super fruit packed with pure goodness for mankind. An evergreen shrub that grows wildly in Australasia, Noni is gaining prominence as a nutritional supplement due to its much touted health benefits. However, what is astonishing is that noni juice had been used by the people of Polynesia as a natural cure for a wide range of health conditions.
Packed with uncountable essential minerals, vitamins, and other significant nutrients, noni contains proxeronine in lush amounts. So, when consumed on an empty stomach, these ingredients get transform into xeronine in your body. Xeronine are phytochemicals that play a significant role in the wellness of human body. Also known as the Indian Mulberry, this fruit has a vital place in Ayurvedic medications.

The 25 Best Reasons For Using Noni:

Benefits Of Noni For Skin

A soothing Ayurvedic remedy for fatigue and sleep disorders, noni contains powerful anti-cancerous, antihypertensive, and pro-weight loss agents. Read on to know what all this plant has to offer:

1. Natural Cure For Acne And Pimples:

Noni is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral agent. Plus, it is packed with loads of powerful antioxidants, including Vitamin C. The antioxidants fight against the free radicals that trigger oxidative damage and induce acne and pimples. Once the free radicals are tamed, the acne and pimples heal. The inflammations and redness come down, while the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of this juice ensure freedom from infections. Studies also suggest that the topical application of noni can even prevent the development of acne and pimple triggered scars on the skin.

2. Delays The Onset Of Premature Aging:

The continuous exposure to harsh weather, overuse of cosmetics, stress, and the current lifestyle contribute to the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, dry skin, and wrinkles. All these are visible signs of the skin aging. Along with Vitamin C, noni contains various phytochemicals that work as antioxidants. These elements also nourish the organs, tissues, and cells from within, reversing the signs of aging and healing the skin. Noni also contains selenium, which maintains the elasticity of the skin.

3. Cure For Inflammatory Skin Conditions:

The anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties of noni offers potential cure for the treatment of various skin conditions. Noni is a great treatment for allergic reactions, rosacea, psoriasis, herpes, and sun damages.

Benefits Of Noni For Hair

4. Combats Hair Loss:

There are various factors that trigger hair loss. Some of them include exposure to harsh weather conditions, heredity, aging process, nutrition deficiency, scalp infections, exposure to harsh chemicals and hair treatments, chemotherapy and other ailments.

Whatever be the reason, noni is known to be effective in combating unwanted hair loss effectively.
The presence of vitamins and minerals in abundance also ensures a better circulation to the scalp, triggering better hair growth. Regular intake of this juice can also help in curing the infections affecting the scalp. Once the infections are controlled, then hair fall automatically gets curbed. Noni juice also promotes hair growth by improving the blood circulation to the scalp.

5. Natural Cure For Lice And Dandruff:

Noni juice has been used since time immemorial as a topical treatment for various scalp conditions, such as lice and dandruff. Lice bites often trigger infections on the scalp. The antibacterial and antiviral nature of this juice combats the infections by forcing the lice to flee away.

A dry scalp is one of the primary causes of dandruff. Noni juice keeps the scalp conditioned by improving the blood circulation level to the scalp.

Benefits Of Noni For Health

6. Aids in Weight Loss:

Noni, when used as a juice, aids in weight loss. The higher your metabolism levels are, the better your fat burning capacity will be. And, noni juice helps in boosting the metabolic rate by rendering nitric oxide. It lowers the triglycerides level in the fat cells, thus cutting down the weight of those cells.

7. Natural Antidote For High Blood Pressure:

Studies suggest that using the phyonutrients-rich noni can help in normalizing the high blood pressure level in the body. Some elements present in noni, such as scpoletin, proxeronine, and tryptophan, work together to keep the blood pressure level under control.

8. Helps In Lowering The Cholesterol Level:

High cholesterol levels in the blood increases the risk of various cardiovascular conditions. Studies suggest that noni fruit has the potential to curb the bad cholesterol level in the blood. Its consumption also safeguards you from the risks of high cholesterol induced heart conditions.

9. A Good Snack Option For Diabetics:

According to a study by Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine, noni has proven to be quite effective in preventing the spike of sugar in blood. Packed with dietary fiber, it makes a wonderful snack option for diabetics. The fiber keeps hunger pangs away by keeping you fuller for a longer time. The presence of saponins and triterpenes in noni works along with the fiber to keep the insulin levels under control.

10. Peps Up Your Memory:

The presence of phytosterols in this fruit helps in preventing the blood vessels from absorbing cholesterol in high amounts. This, in turn enables better circulation of blood along with adequate oxygenation. This keeps the brain healthier, paving the way for memory enhancement and concentrations. It also safeguards your brain from the risk of clogged arteries.

11. Good For Your Digestive System:

Noni contains high amounts of fiber that ensures proper digestion. The fiber also ensures proper movement of bowels by binding with the stools and softening them. Noni juice has been used since time unknown to ease various digestive problems including constipation and stomach aches. It also contains assorted vitamins and minerals that play a vital role in keeping your intestines healthy.

12. Shields You From The Risk Of Stroke:

With antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, noni is used as to prevent stroke. It controls the cholesterol and blood pressure levels in the body, thwarting the risk associated with the onset of stroke.

13. Beneficial For Arthritis:

Ayurvedic practitioners advise the use of noni juice for effective relief from the pain and inflammation experienced due to various inflammatory conditions including arthritis. One can also use a poultice made with crushed leaves for topical application on the affected part for immediate results.

14. Helps In Dealing Menstrual Issues:

Being an emmenagogue by nature, noni can be used regularly to regulate menstrual cycle. While noni’s analgesic properties helps in alleviating the pain experienced during PMA, the sedating nature of noni keeps you calm to face raging hormones.
This is one of the key reasons why doctors advise against using noni while pregnant as it can induce bleeding and even miscarriage.

14. Natural Remedy For Anxiety, Stress, And Depression:

Low levels of serotonin in the body can lead to mood swings, anxiety disorders, and depression. Melatonin is yet another hormone, which is quite essential to keep the balance of your circadian rhythm. Any change in its levels can leave you with a disturbed sleep, mood swings, and stress.
Studies suggest that the regular use of noni fruit or noni juice can be beneficial in easing stress, alleviating anxiety, and even offering relief from depression and sleep disorders.

15. Anti-Cancerous And Anti-Tumor Nature:

The use of noni to combat cancer is on the surge right now. Studies suggest that a particular polysaccharide infused ingredient in noni has the power to inhibit the growth of cancerous and tumor cells. The antioxidants present in this fruit eliminate the free radicals from the body and improve immunity. The immunomodulatory power of noni along with it anti-cancerous nature helps in empowering cancer treatments, while improving the body’s potential to thwart off infections.

16. Boosts Energy Levels:

Noni tea as well as noni juice are powerful energy drinks. Along with being a natural tonic to ease fatigue and tiredness, this fruit is also a storehouse of various nutrients. It also includes various minerals and vitamins, all of which contribute towards enhancing and stimulating the body’s immunity mechanism. A higher level of immunity power is essential to keeps your cells strengthened and ward off various infections and ailments.

17. Strengthens Vision And Prevents Visual Disorders:

People suffering from diabetes have a higher risk of cataracts. Research conducted on noni juice suggests that it possesses the potential to curb the sugar levels in blood and keep them under control. This, in turn, its consumption keeps your lens lucid, shielding you from vision disorders, including cataract.

18. Helps In Preventing And Healing Ulcers:

Ulcers aka gastric lesions are painful blister like spots that erupt on the walls of the intestines. Also known as peptic ulcers, these are caused by H. pylori bacteria or a sudden surge in the levels of gastric acids. Either way, your mucosal lining that shields the intestine is at risk. Noni is known to possess the power to bring down the level of stomach acids. Plus, it is a powerful antibacterial agent. These properties ensure that the lesions heal faster. Regular use of noni can also prevent the recurrence of gastric ulcers in future.

19. Prevents Liver Damage:

Diabetes is one of the major triggers of fatty liver disorder that actually damages the organ, leaving it scarred. Noni is one of the best natural antidotes to cut down the risk of sugar induced liver damages. This fruit also enables the breakdown of fat in the liver into micro fat globules. This, in turn, strengthens your liver, enabling it to function efficiently and prevent the hepatic damages.

20. A Natural Cure For Wounds:

People with diabetes have poor healing powers. Keeping the sugar levels under control is very essential to ensure faster wound healing. Noni is known to control the levels of blood glucose and pave the way for a faster and better healing of wounds. The antibacterial and antiviral nature of this fruit also prevents the wounds from getting infected.

21. Prevents Various Degenerative Diseases:

According to studies, noni fruit and noni juice, both possess the potential to prevent the onset and progression of various degenerative health conditions. Studies suggest that including a glass of noni juice in your diet regularly can help you cutting down the risk of these degenerative health issues.

22. Antibacterial Properties:

Noni, in its powdered form, had been used traditionally to cure various bacterial skin infections. Researchers used this cue and conducted a lab test on the effectiveness of noni extracts against variaous bacterial variants. And, the results showed a ray of hope. The research suggests that these extracts, in varied forms, have the potential to combat bacterial infections.

23. Eases Painful Conditions:

The leaves of noni can be mashed or ground and used as a poultice for easing the pain of broken bone. While drinking noni juice can aid in combating painful respiratory ailments, studies also suggest that this juice can be used to combat inflammatory conditions, such as asthma and gout.

24. Cure For Oral Infections:

Noni fruit, as well as other parts of the plant, is known to be a powerful antidote for various oral conditions, including gum inflammations, sore throat, tooth ache, and oral infections. Use a concoction made with noni juice and water. And use it as a mouth gargle to combat the infections. While the anti-inflammatory property eases the sore gum, the antibacterial nature eases the infections. You can include noni in your daily diet to avoid the onset of such oral conditions.

Indian Mulberries – A Nutritional Look:

So, what gives noni its health benefits? Well, noni is a powerhouse of nutrients. Loaded with vitamins such as Vitamin C, K, B, and riboflavin, it is also a good source of assorted minerals, including iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. Noni also contains a wide variety of antioxidants, such as zeaxanthin, resveratrol, and lutein in abundance. One can also locate beta carotene and alpha carotene in lesser levels in noni.

This fruit also contains a good quantity of phytochemicals. One can reap the goodness of alkaloids, flavanoids, oligo polysaccharides, fatty acids, lignans, scopoletin, beta-sitosterol, catechin, iridoids , and damnacanthal from noni fruit. The leavesof noni has about 18 essential amino acids.

A Word Of Caution:

There are no known major side effects of using noni. Only rare cases of subtle negative effects have been reported by people. These include bloating, upset tummy, loose stools and headaches
You experience the reported side effects on the initial days of using noni, which disappears once the body gets adjusted to this fruit.

However, pregnant and lactating women should avoid using noni due to its emmenagogue nature.
With so many health benefits of noni in place, it definitely makes sense to add this fruit in your regular diet. So, what are you waiting for? Start using noni today and reap its goodness.

Are you using noni? Have you experienced its advantages? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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