25 Stunning Hair Styles That You Can Do In Just 5 Minutes

A little change in our hairstyle redefines us. How about getting wonderful hair styles by spending only 5mins? Yeah, that’s true.. just 5mins.

Image : © Mqdee

Check out the 25 Hairstyles with demonstrations.

Your lustrous hair needs the style to be envied. 25 easy styles for the gorgeous you.

1. Crown Braid:


This is to give a crown to your hair.

2. Headband Braid:

The hair stays long and you get a band decorating you like a crown

 3. Scarf Style:

Use the scarf for the magic

4. The Pampador Style:

 5. Twins Pony Tail:

 6. The Five Minute Updo:

Get that dignified, simple look.

7. Braided bun:

Get the classic look and bangs following it.

8. Braid in Braid:

See how beautiful and simple it is!

9. A Milkmaid Braid:

Aah!! Yeah, this look is possible too.

10. Hairband Updo:

Making the bun will take hardly 3mins and the hair band decoration doubles the beauty

11. Simple pony:

No need of even any bands or elastic, it just goes with your hair knot.

12. Back Braided-crown:

Separate the hair into two, braid them and pin them up at the back.

13. Side-chignon:

Yes, side buns will look good on you too.. Use a little hair spray for it to stay.

14. Easy Twisted Buns:

Make the hair into two, twist them separately and just pin them together.

15. Three twisted buns:

Just do this with 3 separations to get the crown look behind

16. Bow style:

Make a simple bow for the tidy look

17. Tease&Tie:

Make it as simple as that

18. Crazy Long Ponytail:

Though the hair is not so long, this style will give you length.

19. Fake bangs:

You need not cut the hair for the bangs. There are simple ways of getting them

20. Knot-so-braided:

Make a braid, roll it back, use a pin and make a bun!

21. Tie back Style:

22. The Brisk Braid Wrap:

23. Twist and Knot:

24. Bun in the top:

This style gives you more height

25. Tuck and Cover:

This is to tuck the hair inside in style.

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