25 Effective Home Remedies for Whooping Cough

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Incessant coughing with no let up – does that describe what you are going through right now?
Whooping cough or pertussis can wreck your body and mind, making the easiest of tasks difficult. But don’t be alarmed, this harmless cough can easily be tackled using home remedies.

Whooping cough is a common problem. But this kind of feverish illness accompanied with tremendous coughing can also be indicative of a more serious underlying illness, so do see a doctor to rule out a serious health concern.

Source and Cause of Whooping Cough:

To know how to battle whooping cough, it is first important to know the source and the cause of it. Whooping cough is medically known as Pertussis and is caused by bacteria. The bacteria can be transmitted very easily. So, any contact with a patient with whooping cough can leave you infected. But if you are vaccinated then the chances are that you will not get infected by the bacteria.

For adults, whooping cough might not be a major cause for anxiety. Apart from being a major bother for days, whooping cough seldom poses serious danger for adults. Children, on the other hand, are more at risk from the life threatening effects of the cough. Babies are more at risk since their immunity is not as strong as that of adults and since they might not have received the vaccine. Today you can start protecting your baby from whooping cough even before birth, by taking the vaccine during the third trimester. If you do get all the vaccines, then the chances of your child getting the infection are very little.

But does a missed vaccination mean a death sentence? It certainly does not! Whooping cough today is not considered life threatening unless the patient has other medical problems.

Top 25 Home Remedies for Whooping Cough:

There are many kinds of antibiotics that are prescribed by doctors when a patient is diagnosed with whooping cough. But unless the patient has other medical complications, there is little need for pumping the patient full of antibiotics. It is best to allow the infection to run its course and treat the symptoms with these whooping cough home remedies:

1. Vitamin C:

No matter the kind of cold and cough you are inflicted with, there is nothing better than a dose of Vitamin C to help you recover. Generally doctors prescribe Vitamin C tablets as a treatment for whooping cough. Even if you have any other medical complication, it is sure to not be affected by the intake of Vitamin C. There are disputes regarding the form in which Vitamin C should be ingested but the best bet is to pop a Vitamin C tablet as it gets assimilated easily and can offer the correct dose too.

2. Garlic:

Garlic can not only make things taste better, it can boost your immunity as well. You can add a little extra garlic to your meals to help the patient ingest it easily But if you want a speedier way of getting the garlic assimilated, make garlic syrup. Garlic, apple cider vinegar, water and honey can be used to make the syrup.

3. Ginger:

When you are inflicted with a cold, you need warmth. Ginger offers a palatable hit of warmth that can relive your coughing bouts. You can keep julienne garlic soaked in lemon and a pinch of rock salt. This can help reduce the pungent kick of ginger, at the same time it allow the warmth to treat your throat.

4. Turmeric:

There are few things that can help boost your immunity like Turmeric. Spoonfuls of turmeric powder are not the solution. Raw turmeric is another perfect remedy for whooping cough. You can crush raw turmeric and mix it with milk and honey to create a tasty drink. This offers a more palatable remedy than garlic, but offers similar, if not better, effects.

5. Honey:

No matter the kind of cough you have, the addition of honey to any cold and cough syrup can make you breath easy. Honey helps boost immunity and is a must have for your pantry.

6. Pine Needles:

Not everyone has easy access to exotic spices. Pine needles or bark can be boiled to create a concoction that can be highly beneficial during coughs and colds. You need to boil the needles or bark, with honey and water, till it has formed a thick liquid. This liquid can be used as a cough syrup.

7. Elderberry:

Some remedies can be sourced from highly common ingredients. One of the best examples is Elderberry. There are many people that do not believe in using this berry as a remedy. But many still use syrups made from Elderberry for respiratory problems, flu and cold.

8. Brandy:

If it is warmth you need, then brandy can be your best friend. For children, a tablespoon of brandy with milk is sufficient. But for adults brandy can be had more generously.

9. Tea:

If you are a teetotaller, brandy can be replaced with warm tea. Ginger tea, chamomile tea and green tea are all great remedies for coughs and cold. No matter the kind of tea you are drinking, it is sure to relieve your throat and provide relief from coughing bouts.

10. Salt Water:

Prolonged coughing can cause minute rips on the throat. It is important to keep these cuts clean and the best way to do that is to gargle with warm salt water. It can also keep your throat clear and reduce discomfort.

11. Water:

Hydration is a necessity during all kinds of infection. By keeping your body hydrated you keep replenishing the fluid that is lost during an illness. The fluid you intake also helps flush out the infection from your body. Drink water and allow your body your to heal.

12. Vegetables:

Eating vegetables is vital to keep your body healthy and your immune system thriving. Several vegetables like carrots and leafy vegetables can help restore your body to its healthy state after a bout of whooping cough. It is best to have vegetables stews and soups since this offers the added benefit of a warm meal.

13. Proper Diet:

While recuperating, it is important to have a proper diet. Whooping cough can kill your appetite but DO NOT starve your body. Force feed yourself, if the need be, but remember your body needs two square meals a day to deal with the illness.

14. Minerals:

When your body is under attack from any foreign microbe, you need to keep your immune system working properly. Your body needs a proper supply of minerals. Make sure that your diet includes the right dose of minerals.

15. Humidifier:

When you are down with a cold and cough, your body needs humidity to feel better. So, it is a good idea to install a humidifier and control the humidity of the room that the patient is generally in. Adding essential oils to the humidifier can also be of added benefit.

16. Eucalyptus:

There are many essential oils like Eucalyptus that can help clear mucus from the nasal cavity and even from the lungs. You can use the oil in humidifiers or can put in on a piece of cloth and sniff it at intervals. However you decide to use it, be sure that you’ll find relief from uncontrollable coughing!

17. Peppermint:

Having coughed for hours, your throat demands relief! Peppermint can offer you the respite you require. You can inhale peppermint oil by adding it to the humidifier. Or you can use it the same way you would use eucalyptus oil. You can also use peppermint to make tea. One of the sure shot home remedies for whooping cough.

18. Proper Oxygen Supply:

For patients with breathing problems, whooping cough can be even more problematic. The cough can rob the lungs of air. Prolonged oxygen starvation can cause irreversible damage. This is why patients might need to be given oxygen supply.

19. Breathing Exercises:

The best way to ensure that your lung functions properly is by performing breathing exercises. Do not try the exercises right after a bout of coughing. Give your lungs some time to relax, and then perform simple breathing exercises to keep your lungs functioning at their optimum.

20. Homoeopathy:

Even though most people trust antibiotics, there are many homeopathic remedies for whooping cough. Even if you are skeptical of homeopathic remedies it is a good idea to give it a shot since homeopathic medicines do not have side effects.

21. Keep Warm:

Whooping cough makes the body more susceptible to pneumonia. This is why it is important to keep your body warm. The combination of pneumonia and whooping cough can be fatal so stay dry and stay warm.

22. Regulate Other Medication:

Since whooping cough lasts for a long period, it weakens the body over time. When your body is weak, high doses of regular medication can be harmful as well. So, it is wise to consult a doctor and reduce the dosages of any medication that you are on.

23. Keep the Nose Clear:

Breathing problems can be aggravated due to the accumulation of mucus. It is important to keep your nose and throat clear. Keep blowing your nose and if necessary, keep coughing out the mucus from your throat.

24. Stay Away From Allergens:

Today, most people are allergic to some allergen or the other. When your body is weakened by Pertussis, you are more likely to have more severe reactions to allergens. So, it is best to stay away from allergens during the infection.

25. Rest:

Many people still believe that this infection does not have a cure and must be allowed to run its course. This can be the best option. You can take steps to relax your body, and allow the remedies to help your body recover over time.

Whooping cough is an infection that can be prevented with proper vaccination. If you do not want your child or yourself to undergo the trauma of the 100 day cough, it is best to get vaccinated. Even if you do see symptoms of the cough, then you can relieve it using the remedies listed here.

Have you ever tried any of these home remedies for whooping cough? Did they work for you? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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