25 Effective Home Remedies For Stomach Ulcers

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Are you suffering from stomach ulcers? This is a problem that inflicts many of us, causing pain and trouble. While in extreme cases a doctor’s advice is needed, there are always few Indian home remedies to treat stomach ulcer when it is in its initial stage and the damage is not extreme.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure:

Prevention is always better than cure. Check out some of the precautions listed below to avoid stomach ulcers.

1. Know Your Stomach:

We know it well what our stomach can stand, digest and assimilate. If the stomach or digestive system reacts in an adverse manner to any food, it is best to avoid it to prevent the occurrence of stomach ulcers. Also, if one is sensitive to spicy and fried foods, it is best to avoid them.

2. Know Your Allergens:

Some of us get ulcers due to allergic reaction to certain foods. It is best to know the type of food that cause allergic reactions, and avoid or eliminate them from the daily diet. It is also necessary to understand the extent of allergic reaction you might have to one of the allergens.

3. Eat Well And On Time:

It is important to eat properly and at proper time to avoid the stomach lining from getting corroded by the gastric juices that are supposed to digest the food. Do not keep your stomach empty to prevent the gastric juices to have any negative impact on your stomach.

4. Increase Fiber Intake:

It is important to increase the fiber intake to make your bowel movements proper. Fiber helps clean your digestive tract, which helps to get rid of anything that clings to the tract.

5. Avoid Alcohol And Smoking:

It is necessary to stop consuming alcohol and smoking, to avoid stomach ulcers. Smoking gives way to increased acid production in the stomach. It reduces the production of stomach substances that balance the acid and prevent the lining of the stomach from being corroded.

6. Balance Milk In Your Diet:

While milk is a source of calcium and protein for the bones, it could have adverse effects if you are sensitive to milk. Avoid milk if it has much impact on your stomach or reduce it to a bare minimum level to avoid stomach ulcers.

Home Remedies for Stomach Ulcers:

Given below are few simple ways to treat ulcers at home with the help of ingredients from your kitchen itself.

7. Bananas:

Many documents, studies and non-allopathic treatments swear by the power of banana when it comes to stomach and digestive problems. The sitoindosides enzyme in bananas increases the mucus in the stomach and in the digestive tract. This mucus provides a powerful protective coating to help heal the ulcers faster. Bananas also help to speed up the healing process by promoting healthy cell growth in the intestines. Banana powder and unripe bananas work best for stomach ulcers.

8. Vitamin E:

It is advised to have foods and vegetables with a Vitamin E content to promote the healing of stomach ulcer. They also help to keep weight gain in check, and at the same time work to repair the intestinal walls and damages caused due to ulcers.

9. Honey:

Including powerful healing capabilities, honey is another recommended remedy for treating stomach ulcers. Honey is rich in glucose oxidase enzyme which helps to produce hydrogen peroxide that kills bacteria responsible for the development of ulcers. Secondly, honey contains antibacterial properties from the countless flowers that are used by bees to collect honey. Two spoons of honey should be taken early in the morning in empty stomach to cleanse the bowel, and to prevent and treat stomach ulcers.

10. Garlic:

Many people are put off by the smell of garlic. Yet, garlic is a powerful anti-bacterial agent that can help to check the growth of H. pylori bacterium in the body, which is responsible for causing ulcers. Garlic helps to treat stomach ulcers.

11. Cabbage:

Rich in Vitamin C, cabbage juice is recommended to treat stomach ulcers. Vitamin C aids in the healing of ulcers. Some studies promote the use of fermented cabbage juice for better results as it increases the level of Vitamin C.

12. Milk Products:

While consumption of milk causes and increases the symptoms of stomach ulcers in many people, adding fermented lactic products to the diet can help to treat stomach ulcers. Foods and drinks like yoghurt and buttermilk help maintain proper levels of good bacteria in the digestive tract, which helps to heal stomach ulcers.

13. Licorice:

It is known to help heal stomach ulcers and peptic ulcers by making the intestine and stomach produce more mucus. Licorice has cimetidine, which helps to produce mucus in the digestive tract. Depending on the extent of ulcers and their spread, one might have to take different dosages. The dosages can be increased to fasten the healing process.

14. Capsaicin:

Chillies contain a substance called capsaicin, which promotes the growth and production of enzymes and substances that help protect the lining of the stomach. Peppers help produce secretions that are protective when it comes to the stomach; they act as anti-acids. It also works wonders to heal ulcers, caused due to any medicinal effects. If the stomach ulcer is increasing, you should try increasing the consumption of chillies in your diet and see it work wonders for you. Avoid chillies if you are allergic to them.

15. Cayenne Pepper:

Cayenne pepper helps to heal stomach ulcers, and at the same time reduces the pain it causes. It has a very strong taste that one might not be comfortable with. But if one tries, one can get used to it. One can have a spoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of water, twice a day, to heal ulcers. Apart from that it is also available in capsule form. One can take one cayenne pepper capsule after each meal to treat stomach ulcers.

16. Slippery Elm:

The bark of slippery elm is known to soothe and calm the intestinal walls and mucus membranes of the stomach. The bark is available in powdered form in the market, and one can take it 3 times a day to treat ulcers.

17. Collidol Silver:

As weird and strange as it may sound, colloidal silver provides powerful treatment for stomach ulcers. The silver works to kill the ulcer-causing bacteria H. pylori, helping to reduce the ulcers in the stomach.

18. Plums And Other Reds:

Plum and other red fruits are rich in substances that prevent and inhibit the growth of H. plylori bacteria that causes stomach and digestive tract ulcers. Eating raw fruits will help heal ulcers by removing the harmful bacteria.

19. Coconut:

Coconut is known for its many uses and applications across the Indian subcontinent. From being a food ingredient to a medicinal plant, its uses are well-known. Coconut oil is also known to treat stomach ulcers by killing the bacteria that cause ulcers and gas.

20. Fenugreek Leaves:

Fenugreek is rich in mucilaginous compound which protects the stomach’s lining by coating it, much like mucus. This helps to fasten the healing process. One can boil the fenugreek leaves in water, reduce the solution and consume it on an empty stomach to heal stomach ulcers.

21. Wood Apple:

Wood apple is also known for its effectiveness in curing stomach ulcers. Soak the wood apple in water overnight and drink the water after straining it properly to treat stomach ulcers.

22. Raw Goat Milk:

Raw goat milk is also known to fasten the healing process of stomach ulcers. Ensure that the milk is raw, or else it would not work as expected. If one has a recurring case of stomach ulcers, it is necessary to consume raw goat milk regularly.

23. Drumsticks:

While most of us would see this little vegetable as a part of our sambar treats, this provides effective treatment for stomach ulcers. To treat ulcers, you need to take 10 grams of drumstick leaves, make a paste with water, add a little yoghurt for flavor and then consume this mix.

24. Dandelion Tea:

This tea occupies an important place in Indian diets. While milk tea could form gas in some people, dandelion tea is known for its effectiveness in curing ulcers. The tea helps clean the digestive tract and removes the trouble-causing bacteria. To cure stomach ulcer, take this tea regularly. It also provides other health benefits.

25. Aloe Vera Juice:

Aloe Vera is known for its powerful healing properties and health benefits. Though the little desert plant could put off many people with its smell and taste, it provides powerful and effective treatment for stomach ulcers, thanks to its own mucus-like substance. To cure stomach ulcers, take aloe juice in empty stomach in the morning. Else, one can have a spoon full of saturated aloe vera juice, available in the market, on an empty stomach every day morning.

Know Your Problem:

It is of utmost importance to know your exact problem before starting off with stomach ulcer home remedies. Make sure it is an ulcer you have in the stomach that is the root cause of your troubles. Though many antibiotics and medicines exist, some people can experience extreme side effects. Home remedies would work best for them. It is also important to reach out to a doctor if the symptoms still persist. Home remedies work effectively by removing the root cause, the bacterium, responsible for causing ulcers.

Sometimes, if the home remedies do not seem to work, the reason could be that the person is combining two or more home remedies. These could work against each other, doing more damage than good. It is important to experiment with one stomach ulcer home remedy at a time and see how effectively it works for the person. If the home remedies do not work, it is important to reach out to a physician to seek medical and professional advice. The root cause could be something else as well.

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