25 Effective Home Remedies For Gastritis

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Gastritis is common yet the problems that come with it can ruin your day. Gastritis can keep you awake the whole night with nausea, stomach pain, bloating, acid reflux etc. This irritating health condition can cause severe discomfort and swear you off of your favourite food. But do you need to suffer endlessly? Definitely not! Once you understand what this condition entails and make a few lifestyle changes, gastritis can be a thing of the past. But if you do become a victim of gastritis, this list of gastritis home remedies can offer relief.

But before we go on in the search of the perfect home remedy for gastritis, let’s understand what gastritis is!

What is Gastritis?

Gastritis is essentially an inflammation of the stomach’s inner lining. The symptoms can range from mild irritation in the abdomen that we can easily ignore to severe pain that could be indicative of perforations in the lining. The inner lining of the stomach can get eroded away due to a bacterial onslaught or anaemia, leading to ulcers. In some acute cases, these may even lead to cancer. But the picture is not nearly as gloomy. If you don’t actively ignore the signs your body is giving you about the battered stomach lining, you should be able to combat the problem quite well.


The most common symptoms of a troubled stomach and gastritis include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Tarry stools
  • Incessant hiccups
  • Abdominal pain and bloating

What Causes a Bad Case of Gastritis?

Unhealthy eating habit is the biggest culprit behind gastritis. Habits like excessive smoking, drinking and unchecked popping of pain killer pills can also lead to gastritis. Instead of resorting to over the counter medicines when gastritis rears its ugly head, try these time tested home remedies that can fight gastritis effectively.

Home Remedies for Gastritis

1. Drink Water:

Affected by this problem or not, you should always drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Gastritis is not an irreversible condition, at least not in milder cases. It is easy to reduce concentration of acid in your stomach by drinking lots of water. Water keeps the pH value inside the stomach balanced. However, avoid drinking water during meals because this dilutes the digestive juices and inhibits easy digestion. Also, carbonated drinks can never be a replacement for water and the dissolved carbon dioxide actually makes the water acidic and aggravates the condition. Did you know that even caffeine can irritate the stomach? Steer clear of caffeinated drinks and drink water and fruit juices instead.

2. Tender Green Coconut Water: 

Drinking the sweet water of tender, green coconut is said to be very beneficial for those suffering from gastritis. It is chock full of vitamins and minerals, which help the stomach function better. Try to drink a glass of this water three to four times a day. Also, be sure that the coconut water is not slightly tangy as that can cause acid reflux.

3. Ginger: 

This is a super herb that will treat most of the cases of gastritis, unless it has aggravated so much that it requires urgent medical attention. Ginger either ingested as a pinch of powder or as an infusion in tea, can immensely benefit patients suffering from gastritis. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce irritation of the oesophagus and the inner lining of the stomach. It also kills bacteria that may be the root of your gastric problem.

For best results, you can just chew a thumb of ginger and wash it down with water. You can also boil milk and water in 1:5 ratio with ginger and drink this liquid. Another Ayurvedic remedy for gastritis is a cocktail of ginger powder, rock salt and asafoetida- a pinch of each- in a cup of warm water. Drink this concoction and find immediate relief from gastritis.

4. Fennel Seeds: 

These little seeds are great in relieving various gastritis related discomfort. You can roast a handful of fennel seeds and chew them after a heavy meal. You can also add a teaspoon of fennel seeds in a cup of water and bring it to a boil. Simmer it for a couple of minutes and let the seeds steep in the water. After it has cooled completely, drink the infusion. If you feel like the infusion tastes a little sharp, you can add half a teaspoon of jaggery or honey into it before drinking.

5. Papaya: 

Papaya is full of beta carotene, which has digestive properties and helps in regenerating the inner mucous lining of the stomach. It also contains a unique enzyme called papain that helps in easy digestion of food. Now you know why Indian cuisine uses chunks of papaya in its mutton and lamb dishes!

6. Pineapple: 

Like papaya, pineapple too contains digestive enzymes that help in digesting food without causing irritation. If you suffer from gastritis, try and consume alkaline food. Pineapple is an alkaline fruit so including it in your diet will help combat gastritis. But be sure to eat very ripe pineapples because unripe pineapples sometimes aggravate the problem in some patients.

7. Artichoke:

If you suffer from repeated bouts of gastritis, it maybe because of allowed digestion. With our increasingly protein based diet and the vanishing vegetables from our menu, the digestion process has taken a trip to the south. Lack of fibre has led to a slower digestion process, which in turn leads to over secretion of acidic juices in the stomach. Artichokes are rich in fibre and also are a good alkaline dietary source. Not only does it help in mobilizing food in your stomach, but also keeps the pH level of your pyloric juices balanced.

8. Potato Juice: 

This is possibly the weirdest remedy in the list, but is actually a cocktail of nutrients that help you digest properly and reduce gastritis related problems. It is a rich source of alkaline salts, which react with excessive acid present in the stomach. But the juice must be obtained from raw potatoes, not boiled ones. You can peel and grate the potatoes and squeeze the juice out of them. Drink a glass of this juice mixed with warm water to treat digestive problems like gastritis. It also reduces constipation and cleanses the liver.

9. Licorice: 

Licorice, especially its root, protects your stomach’s inner lining and reduces chances of ulcer from gastritis. DGL licorice is required for best results. You can add a teaspoon of DGL powder to a glass of hot water, leave it to steep for fifteen minutes and drink it after straining.

10. Marshmallow: 

No, by marshmallow we don’t mean the gooey sweet treat, but the herb Athena Officinalis. Marshmallow is beneficial in soothing the inner lining of the digestive tract and stomach. This herb contains a lot of mucilage, which makes the tract slippery and allows easy passage of food and treats reflux and heartburn as well.

11. Goldenseal: 

This herbal remedy for gastritis is good in cases where the reason behind the inflammation of digestive mucosa is most likely a bacterial interference. Goldenseal contains a chemical named berberine, which has adverse effects on bacteria and fungi, which reduces the possibility of gastritis, duodenal ulcers, colitis and liver inflammation.

12. Peppermint: 

If your stomach is churning acidic secretions overtime, you can benefit from the Peppermint. The menthol present in this herb can reduce nausea, indigestion and acid reflux. You can chew a couple of peppermint leaves or crush a few green leaves into your tea, steep them and drink away.

13. Long Pepper Powder: 

Although spicy food should be cut down, having half a gram of long pepper powder with a tablespoon of honey can help relieve gastritis related problems.

14. Boiled Ash Gourd: 

Gourds of all varieties are great for cooling down your system, but ash gourd, especially helps in reducing gastritis related problems. You can boil it with jaggery to reduce bloating and acid reflux.

15. Holy Basil: 

Medicinal properties of holy basil have been eulogized in the Ayurvedic texts, but chewing a handful of leaves every day actually relieves acid reflux to a great extent. You can also crush the leaves, dried or green, make infusions with tea and drink it. This is another good herbal remedy for gastritis.

16. Buttermilk: 

Replace your alcoholic nightcap with a concoction of buttermilk, asafoetida, turmeric, fenugreek to relieve gastritis related problems. You can also treat acid reflux with a glass of buttermilk topped with a pinch of black pepper.

17. Chamomile Tea: 

The fragrant Chamomile has a chemical named chamazulene, which is anti-inflammatory in nature. So, if your gastritis is triggered by an infection or allergy, chamomile tea will mitigate it. You can steep chamomile tea in warm water and drink it, but never boil the teabags because they will destroy the active substances present in it.

18. Rosemary: 

Rosemary is bursting with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-septic properties all of which worls together to manage the symptoms of gastritis. It can be infused in tea or consumed in the form of capsules or tincture and essential oils.

19. Cumin: 

Although it has not been scientifically proven yet, but cumin has been found to relieve inflammation of the stomach mucosa and other symptoms of gastritis. You can roast and grind them into a chunky powder. Mix this with water and drink with every meal of the day.

20. Turmeric: 

Turmeric contains curcumin, an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial polyphenol, which soothes the gastric mucosa and reduces irritation in the gastro-intestinal tract. You can make a paste of turmeric and have a tablespoon with banana and yoghurt every day.

21. Cloves: 

This is another spice that works wonders on gastritis patients. You can simply chew the cloves to get relief from nausea, heartburn and acid reflux. You can have a mix clove powder and honey or drink it with water to relieve nausea and vomiting.

22. Vitamin Supplements: 

Vitamin E is associated with anti-inflammatory property in our body. That is why people suffering from gastritis often take over the counter vitamin E supplements. This not only helps in reducing acid reflux but also helps in regenerating the digestive mucosa.

23. Iron Supplements: 

Sometimes anaemia is the reason behind gastritis related problems. If you are suffering from anaemia, try taking iron supplements. Apart from that, sticking to a healthy diet consisting of plenty of fibre, vitamins, minerals and lean proteins is also crucial. Chlorophyll supplements are also recommended to patients with gastritis.

24. Yoga: 

There are some Yoga poses that you can practice every morning for relieving gastrointestinal stress. The Pavanamukt asana helps in releasing gases that are trapped in your body. The Viparit Karani yoga pose strengthens the back and abdominal muscles and helps pass accumulated gases. Ulcers and aggravated gastritis can also be alleviated by Ardha Sirsana.

25. Food to Avoid: 

There are some food groups that increase the secretion of acids in your stomach and these must be consumed in small amounts or better still, avoided altogether. Some of these foods include red meat, oily food, pickles, sugary treats, carbonated drinks and citric fruits. Smoking and alcohol consumption also aggravate gastritis. Be careful and restrain your eating habits to lead a healthy gastritis-free life.

If you are careful about your diet and follow a healthy lifestyle, you are less likely to encounter gastritis. But with stress becoming synonymous with urban life, gastritis has become a common grievance. But you can try resolving the issue with some of the home remedies for gastritis presented here. They are less invasive and have no side effects. A lot of people have found relief by adhering to these remedies, with discipline and healthy eating habits, you will too.

Have you tried any of these gastritis home remedies? Or have you benefited from some concoction of your own? Tell us your success story of beating gastritis with home remedies!

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