20 Reasons Why You Should Practice Yoga Every Single Day

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How often should you practice yoga? Is it enough to do it once in a while? Is there anything like too much yoga? I am not sick, then why should I do yoga? I am not flexible so I can’t do yoga.

Sounds familiar? One of these questions might have popped up in your mind, or might have been preventing you from practicing yoga. Yoga is one thing that can never be over-hyped or over-rated. Ever heard the saying that ‘too much of a good thing can be bad’? Well, it does not apply to yoga! It can never be enough or too much. It doesn’t matter if you are not flexible enough; it doesn’t matter if you are not ‘sick’. You should definitely practice yoga and you should do it every day.

20 Reasons To Practice Yoga Every Day:

Here are the 20 reasons why yoga should be right at the top of your daily schedule! Read on to know more:

1. Physical Purity:

Yoga is the healthiest way to give your body a complete detox. It helps in the elimination of toxins and balances the vaat, kapha and pitta doshas from the body.

2. Cures And Prevents Diseases:

Yoga is therapeutic and provides holistic healing. The regular practice of yoga can cure or prevented many diseases.

3. Reduces Mental Tension:

Yoga reduces stress, anxiety and heals depression. Doing yoga daily ensures that those deadlines, workload, exam pressure, peer pressure, family pressure, that constant struggle to survive, doesn’t result in any kind of mental illness for you.

4. For A Strong And Fit Body:

Oh yes, yoga will keep that weight in check and strengthen the muscles all over your body. It will sculpt you into a Greek-goddess. Yoga is the complete package for your whole body.

5. Provides Great Cardio:

Yoga done on a fast pace is a great cardio workout with the added benefits of yoga!

6. Strength Training:

Practicing yoga everyday strengthens and builds the muscles. You will get those lean muscles that everybody will drool over. Yoga utilizes your own bodyweight to train your muscles through isometric conditioning.

7. Corrects Posture Of The Body:

Yoga poses help in the better alignment of the body and correct any posture related issues. Daily practice helps to cure and prevent stooping and hunching related problems. Daily practice of yoga also straightens the spine.

8. Cardiovascular Benefits:

Daily yoga will keep those lungs and that little heart strong and healthy. Yoga helps in breath regulation. It also heals many heart related illnesses like high blood pressure.

9. Amazing Flexibility:

It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes when you start. Regular practice will improve your flexibility and at the same time help you stand tall, lean, and limber.

10. Improved Cognitive Functions:

Yoga enhances your concentration power and at the same time provides you mental calmness. This results in enhanced memory and sharper brain.

11. Improves The Immune System:

Yoga practice will improve your immunity power and help you fight many diseases away. Better immunity will also mean lesser injuries.

12. Boosts Metabolism:

Yoga is a great metabolism booster. Better metabolism means increased healing power, better recovery and faster fat burn.

13. Helps In Weight Loss:

Yoga gives strength and great metabolism. This means it lessens your fat and calories. It also boosts your weight loss journey.

14. Better Balance And Coordination:

Daily yoga helps for better balance and coordination of your body. It stabilizes your body and gives you better control over your body.

15. Better Sleep:

Sleep like a cat after you stretch like a cat! Yoga practice treats insomnia and other sleep disorders.

16. Rejuvenates The Body:

What is better than a good stretch and relaxation session after a long day at work? Yoga is a great way to unwind after a long busy day by stretching your muscles and rejuvenating your body.

17. Better Sex Life:

Yoga not only heals sexual illnesses, but also is a great sex booster. It makes you more flexible, calms your mind, energizes your body, and balances your hormones. All these points lead to a better sex life. Also, yoga has this inherent sensuality to it. So, go yogini!

18. Anti-aging Effect:

Yes, you really shouldn’t waste your money in over-the-counter anti-aging cosmetics. Daily yoga will keep you agile and young. Not only this, it will help you age gracefully when you really do age. No back pain or knee problems or immobility or diabetes!

19. Glowing Skin And Beautiful Hair:

No cream or serum can give you such a beautiful and lasting glow like yoga! It treats hormonal imbalances. So, practicing yoga daily brings gorgeous skin, beautiful body, and strong, shining hair.

20. Spiritual Benefits:

Yoga is meditative. It introduces you to yourself. Yoga also leads to union of mind, body and soul, of the physical and the spiritual, of the almighty and the being. In the process you can find God, and you definitely find yourself!

Yoga is an inside-out pathway to optimum health. It is easy and convenient. You set your own limits and you push them at your own pace. No matter your level, your physical capabilities, your age or gender, no matter if you are sick or not, no matter what your fitness goals are—you should do yoga and you should do it every single day. Trust me, your mind, body and soul will thank you!

Do you practice yoga? How often? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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