20 Amazing Benefits Of Mung Beans

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Mung beans are popularly known as green grams. However, they are also famous with various other names like golden gram and Moong beans. Mung beans, native to Asia, Europe and the US, are used for a variety of purposes. From being a famous main-course dish in India to being a part of many a skin care regimens, mung beans offer multipurpose benefits for sure!

Top 20 Benefits Of Mung Beans:

Mung bean, which is used to make multiple popular cuisines, is extremely nutritious. It offers various health and skin benefits. We have made a list of top 20 health benefits for which you should look up to consuming mung beans.

1. Anti-Aging Benefits:

Mung bean is a powerful anti-aging agent. Copper, the secret behind mung bean’s anti-aging property, reduces the presence of wrinkles, age spots and age lines from the skin easily. Its regular usage can make you look 10 years younger than your original age. Ageing seems as a matter of concern for women who love their skin, hair and nails. If you love your youthful look, you must switch to some mouth-tempting mung beans breakfast recipe for sure.

2. Provides Radiance:

Yes, this popular cuisine is the god of all food items. It adds shine and radiance to human skin. The presence of copper increases its use in various face packs and face creams. Using mung bean as a scrub is also a good option. It is very easy to make a natural exfoliating face pack using mung beans at home.

How To Make Mung Bean Natural Face Pack?

  1. Grind mung beans to form fine powder.
  2. Add lukewarm water to the powder to make a paste.
  3. Apply the paste on your face and leave to dry for 10 minutes.
  4. Scrub for next 10 minutes.

At the end, you will be left with cleaner and reduced pores. This deep exfoliating face scrub is an ultimate killer of tan, blackheads, excessive oil and unnatural glare. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best natural scrubs you can use to make your skin radiant!

3. Bestows Shine To Hair:

Copper, which is present in mung beans in traces, is an essential mineral for maintaining scalp health. Copper ensures the proper utilization of iron, calcium and magnesium in human body. Consumption of mung beans replenishes the body with required amounts of copper. This ensures that iron does its work efficiently. Proper supply of oxygen to the brain maintains the health of scalp, giving you shiny, long, strong and thick hair! You can also make amazing natural hair masks at home with mung bean as the main ingredient.

How To Make Mung Bean Natural Hair Mask?

  1. Grind mung beans to fine powder.
  2. Add green tea water to the powder to make a paste with thick consistency.
  3. Add olive oil and almond oil to the paste and beat well.
  4. Add about 2/3rd tsp of curd to the mixture and mix well.

This amazing hair mask is an ultimate rescue for dry hair those are damaged, frizzy, tangled and dandruff hit. This amazing hair mask offers deep nourishment to dry and damaged hair and scalp. It restores the normal PH of scalp; and thus, bestows shine to hair.

4. Metabolic Regulator:

Many people with poor metabolism suffer from indigestion and acidity. Mung beans are rich in fiber and increase the digestive rate of the human body. They are responsible for increasing the overall metabolic rate in humans as well. Fiber eases motion by making feces soft. This makes motion easier and reduces indigestion and acidity to quite an extent.

5. Cholesterol Controller:

Heart diseases are very common these days. Poor lifestyle is one of the major causes that add to numerous heart problems on a daily basis. Mung beans increase the digestive and metabolic rate of human body, which in turn decreases the formation and accumulation of cholesterol in the arterial walls and capillaries. Incorporating mung beans in your diet will keep cholesterol based heart diseases at bay.

6. Light Meal:

People suffering from fever, stomach ache and diarrhea find it difficult to digest food. Moreover, the taste buds puncture in sickness and it becomes even more difficult to eat food. Mung bean is one food item that can be digested very easily (since it is rich in fiber) and can also be molded to make a few mouth-tempting light recipes. This often plays a very important part of recovery.

7. Bone Strengthener:

Mung bean can be used as a natural calcium supplement. It maintains bone health and can keep you safe from fractures as well.

8. Slimming Food:

A 100 gram serving of mung beans offers only 330 calories, making it one of the healthiest ways to lose weight. People who are looking to lose weight can include mung beans in their diet to stay healthy while shedding the extra pounds.

9. Maintains Gum Health:

Other than calcium, mung bean is also rich in sodium. Sodium is needed for the health of our gums and teeth. Gum problems like pain, reddening, foul odor, gum bleeding and weakness can be prevented with the consumption of this sodium rich food item.

10. Regulates Blood Pressure:

It is a proven fact that mung beans are fat controllers and regulators. Moreover, the presence of large amount of magnesium makes it a very potent BP regulator. It maintains the level of magnesium in the blood. Magnesium eases blood vessels and lowers hypertension. This, in turn, keeps the blood pressure of the body under control.

11. Increases Mental Focus And Alertness:

People who suffer from concentration problems and weak memory should certainly consume mung beans. Mung beans are rich in Iron, which carries oxygen in blood and supplies the same to all organs and tissues. Intake of Mung beans ensures optimum supply of oxygen to all the parts of body, including the human brain. This increases focus and sharpens your memory as well.

12. Increases Immunity:

Iron in mung beans helps in increasing the immunity power in the human body. This immunity booster eases muscles and tissues, which in turn makes the WBC’s in the blood more active. This gives our body the natural strength to fight off infections

13. Anti-Toxic Benefits:

Toxicity is a serious problem and can have long lasting side-effects including ulcers and cancer. You can keep your body free of toxins by the consumption of mung beans. It maintains the circulatory health of the body as well. It flushes out toxins from the body easily and keeps the formation of free radicals under check.

14. Anti-Cancerous Benefits:

As mentioned above, mung beans keep free radicals under control. These free radicals can be an outcome of anything like pollution, stress, unhealthy snacking and toxicity in body. They have the ill-fate of interfering with normal cell growth. Abnormal cell growth can even lead to cancer. Mung bean, which is a natural suppressor of free radicals, is a good option to keep cancer at bay.

15. Sugar Controller:

Mung beans increase the formation of friendly sugars and discourage the formation of bad sugars in the human body. Friendly sugar or fruit sugar is easily digestible and does not circulate in blood. It is easily convertible to ATP. Consumption of mung beans is a very efficient way to regulate sugar metabolism in the body and can even prevent diabetes.

16. Maintains Eye Health:

Mung beans are loaded with the eye- friendly vitamin i.e., Vitamin C. A natural anti-oxidant, Vitamin C helps the retina maintain its flexibility. Mung beans are good options when it comes to promoting eye health.

17. Anti-Viral Agent:

Vitamin C makes mung bean a very powerful anti-viral agent. Vitamin C increases the production of WBC’s under a viral attack. The increased WBC count destroys viruses and keeps the body safe. Iron in mung beans increases the potency of WBC and Vitamin C increases their count. All in all, mung bean is a good way to keep immunodeficiency disorders at bay.

18. Promotes Growth:

Stunted growth in children is a cause of concern for mothers. Mung bean promotes and ensures proper growth in humans. It contains a natural blend of all vitamins and minerals necessary to trigger the growth hormones in the body. Instead of trying artificial growth supplements, one can consume mung bean as a growth controller and promoter.

19. Blood Clotting.

Whenever you suffer from an injury, it leads to bleeding. Fortunately, our blood clots quickly and ensures that no further blood is lost. However, irregular and insufficient amount of Vitamin K upsets the process of clotting. This can be a life-threatening situation too. Mung beans are natural sources of Vitamin K and can help your body in times of need.

20. Liver Protection:

Proteins are not just essential for bone and muscle health, they also protect the liver against damage. Mung beans are one the best sources of proteins for vegetarians. You must consume mung beans everyday to keep your liver safe. Proteins ensure the proper functioning of bilirubin and biliverdin in liver and keep the liver safe from jaundice.

All the above-listed benefits make mung bean the superheroe of nutritional food items. They not only offer various health benefits upon ingestion, but also make revolutionary face packs and hair packs.

So, make sure you consume ample amounts of mung beans to stay healthy and beautiful from within.

Use their iconic hair and face masks for maintaining hair sheen and adding glow and radiance to your face.

How do you like your mung bean? Do you have a favorite recipe? Share with us in the comment section.

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