18 Simple Steps To Practice Third Eye Meditation

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People often believe that meditation is for those who seek spiritual or religious fulfilment. They believe that it is meant for the monks. However, that is not the case. Today, the chaotic world has put so much of stress and pressure on an individual that he finds it difficult to think straight and find a solution to all his problems. His concentration level, creative thinking, happiness, and health take back seats in such an environment. In such situations, meditation is the key that helps one to come out of such pressures and change the life for the better. It helps to heal the body and mind through the deliberation of thought and consideration. There are various kinds of meditation and the Third Eye meditation is one of them.

Third Eye:

The third eye signifies an enlightened state of consciousness in which one can observe the world in an almost paranormal way. It gives you greater control over your mind and emotions, and a deeper sense of intuition about the things around you. The third eye refers to the gateway that shows the way to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. The third eye is associated with the pineal glands.

Our body has seven points of consciousness or Chakras, which are situated in different parts of the body. Among these Chakras, the sixth Chakra is known as ‘Aagya Chakra’, and it is located between the eyebrows. This is said to be the seat of the mystical “third eye”. There is no physical third eye, but it is a spiritual plane where a stimulating centre of consciousness exists.

Third Eye Meditation:

The Third Eye meditation revolves around the six Chakra of consciousness. This meditation will help you to see things much more clearly. It will help you to be free from attachments and detachments. The third eye acts as an energy receiver. It helps to intensify the ability of the third eye to tune into the energy of others, spirit guides, psychic abilities, angels and the universal brain or combined consciousness.

Method Of Third Eye Meditation:

Let us learn the procedure to practice Third Eye meditation properly:

  1. Choose a quiet place where you can sit to meditate.
  2. Sit comfortably on the ground with your legs crossed and back upright.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Relax the body and let loose the tension filled in it by deliberation, concentrating on each part of the body, letting go of tension, becoming heavy and relaxing.
  5. Concentrate on your breathing. Feel that with each inhalation you are becoming lighter and lighter, and while exhaling, your body is letting go of all your stress and tension.
  6. Now concentrate on the point on the forehead, between your eyes.
  7. Imagine a triangle with a golden reflection appearance, opening up like a window into your mind.
  8. Then slowly imagine that you can bend over in your head and see all your thoughts, experiences and problems hiding in the darkness.
  9. Deliberate that on the side, you see a switch and without hesitation, you flick it on.
  10. Bright light fills up every part of the mind cells.
  11. You imagine the bright light streaming out of the golden triangular window.
  12. All the thoughts flow out of the window – the negatives ones, the problems, anger, worries, trauma, sadness etc., without any consideration.
  13. When you are satisfied that you have cleared your mind, you can close the window.
  14. You then see yourself doing the Third Eye Meditation and the light growing brighter, flooding your whole body.
  15. You feel free from the burden of unwanted thoughts and problems.
  16. Slowly come back to the present and feel the world around you.
  17. Move your fingers and toes.
  18. Open your eyes.

Third Eye meditation is enriching, healing and relaxing. This experience will change your life for the better. Enroll for Third Eye meditation today, and trust us when we say that you will be recommending it to others.

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