18 Amazing Benefits Of Betony For Skin, Hair And Health

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If you ever visit New York, you can try a meal at a famous restaurant called Betony. But this is not a restaurant review! The restaurant is named after an edible herb. So, let’s get to know Betony — the herb!

Betony, known scientifically as Stachys betonica or Betonica officinalis, is an edible herb, packed with countless medicinal properties. Its use as an aphrodisiac and expectorant has been known for centuries. Loaded with a bunch of active ingredients such as alkaloids, saponins, and tannins, Wood Betony, as it is also called, is a fabulous sedating, relaxing, stimulating, and calming agent. No wonder that it is widely used to cure health conditions, such as diarrhea, bronchitis, kidney stones, palpitations, menstrual pains, and asthma.

Well-admired for its nervous system and cardiovascular system stimulating properties, the herb has been a part of traditional medicine across the world and works as a neurasthenic, liver tonic, emmenagogue, antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent, febrifuge, antiseptic, antacid, and anthelmintic, to name a few.

Wood Betony Benefits for Skin:

1. Heals Cuts and Bruises:

The antiseptic properties of this herb enable it to be used as a natural remedy for cuts and bruises. Along with keeping infections away from the affected site, it also ensures faster healing and eases pain.

2. Eases Skin Inflammatory Conditions:

The anti-inflammatory action of this herb is a blessing for various inflammatory conditions affecting the skin, including eczema. Along with calming down the inflammation, this herb also reduces redness and flare-ups. If you are suffering from itching, betony herb can be the answer to your prayers.

3. Rich in Antioxidants:

Betony is a potential source of antioxidants, which means one can make use of it to scavenge the free radicals from the body. The lesser the free radical damages, the younger you will look.

Wood Betony Benefits for Hair:

4. Helps with Scabies and Dermatitis:

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of this herb provide faster relief from scabies and dermatitis affecting the scalp. But do use a strong decoction to wash off your hair.

5. Natural Cure For Head Lice:

Being a parasticide, it can be applied topically on your scalp to get rid of head lice. The infections caused by the lice also heal, thanks to the antiseptic nature of this herb.

6. Color Your Gray Hair:

Betony rinse is a well-recommended remedy to remove the yellow hues from your gray hair.

Wood Betony Health Benefits:

7. Highly Effective Anti-pyretic Agent:

Wood betony is an effective solution for high grade fever and associated headaches. It improves the circulation of blood, gives your metabolism a little kick up, relaxes your muscles, and eases fever.

8. Powerful Pain Easer:

It helps to combat pain by interacting with the nerves at the affected region and improving the blood flow to that part. The herb acts as an analgesic as well as anodyne, which means it can be applied topically at the affected area in the form of a poultice or ointment.

9. Helps to Overcome Hangover and Hysteria:

A fabulous herbal sedating agent, betony is an effective cure for hangover and hysteria. It soothes and calms irritated nerves and muscles, eases hyperactivity, stress, and tension. In a nutshell, this amazing herb offers immense relief from palpitations, convulsions, and panic attacks.

10. Helps with Sleep Disorders and Depression:

Being a naturally mild tranquilizing agent, Betony can be used to help you relax completely. Once your mind and body calms down, sleep will slowly step in. It is also used as a mood enhancing agent and eases pessimism and associated anxiety. Instead of popping anti-depression medication, it is always better to go natural with Betony.

11. Keeps Spasms at Bay:

Blessed abundantly with antispasmodic properties, this herb is a good way to keep muscles relaxed. That is why it is even been used in cases of facial neuralgia and cerebral palsy.

12. Natural Remedy for Different Headaches:

Betony offers cure for various types of headaches—that should be music for everyone who suffers from reoccurring headaches! This herb can provide relief from all kinds of headaches, even the ones that were triggered due to anxiety or nervous disorders. Studies conducted by herbalists suggest that regular use of this herb can bring down instances of headaches caused by migraines and sinusitis too.

13. Strengthens and Stimulates Your Digestive System:

Wood betony has been used for centuries to improve the health of the digestive system. Along with keeping your gut healthy, this herb also offers relief from various gastric disorders, including gastritis, poor digestion, heartburns, constipation, bloating, and flatulence. It has the potential to stimulate your appetite levels too. The stomachic property of this herb strengthens your stomach and eases various distresses experienced by your tummy, including colic pain.

The laxative and anti-helmintic properties of this herb help in detoxifying the body while expelling worms from intestines and guts. Being a mild laxative, it also acts as a cure for constipation.

14. Eases Respiratory Conditions and Strengthens Respiratory System:

A natural expectorant, betony helps in clearing the upper respiratory tract clogged with mucus due to common cold, cough, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, and/or influenza. The antispasmodic action eases the tensed muscles and relaxes the spasm experienced during chronic conditions. It also helps in improving the overall health of respiratory system.

15. Good for Cardiovascular Health:

Betony has the potential to lower the blood pressure levels of the body and keep it under control. Plus, it also stimulates and improves the functioning of the heart and strengthens it. It shields the heart from the attack of various health conditions, including thrombosis and atherosclerosis.

16. Good for Renal Health:

This edible herb is a natural diuretic. It triggers the production and excretion of urine and is ideal to be used as a natural remedy for assorted kidney disorders, including stones.

17. Good for Women:

Women can make use of this herb to ease premenstrual disorders. Being a natural relaxant, it calms your nervous system and muscles, which gets irritated during the premenstrual period. The anti-spasmodic property of this herb is beneficial to relax the muscles and lower the spasms experienced during your menstrual cycles. Its natural sedative property enables you to sleep peacefully, easing tiredness.

18. Natural Aphrodisiac:

The root of this plant is a well-appreciated aphrodisiac. Just grate them finely and add it to your food to get in the ‘mood’!

Wood Betony Uses:

You can use betony as tea, capsules, infusion, or tinctures.

  • For infusion or tea, you need to mix in 2 tsp dried Betony leaves in 200 ml hot water. Keep aside and sip after 10 minutes.
  • If you are using as a capsule, then the suggested dose is 2 capsules with 200 ml water two times daily after meals.
  • For tinctures, the dose is 4 ml thrice a day. 

A Word of Caution:

There are no enough scientific evidences to support the benefits of betony. However, there are few conditions during which you should avoid the use of this herb.

  • Being an anti-hypertensive agent, it is advisable not to use this with blood pressure lowering medications.
  • No studies are available on the impact of this herb on pregnant and breastfeeding women. To be on the safer side, avoid using this herb if you are pregnant or are lactating.

Even though this herb comes with a bundle of benefits, it is always advisable to check with your doctor before you use betony herb. Did you find this article useful? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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