16 Simple Steps To Practice Reiki Meditation

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In today’s fast paced world, we are forever on the lookout for ways to lead a calm and happy life. Meditation is one of the most popular ways to beat stress. But meditation is not one size fit all! What works for you need not work for me. Fortunately, there are a number of meditation techniques one can choose from. One of the more offbeat ways to meditate is Reiki!

Reiki is an energy workout that offers complete healing and absolute relaxation. Doing it perfectly on the ‘chakras’ (wheel-like energy centers of body) can lead you to a meditative state, allowing the universal life force energy to flow all through your body.

How To Practice Reiki Meditation

Here are the steps that you need to follow to practice the basic Reiki meditation:

1. Lie down on a flat surface by keeping your backside straight (sitting upright comfortably will also do). Inhale deeply for quite a few times and imagine how the warm and curative energy is flowing into your body in its purest form. While exhaling, imagine just the opposite i.e., all sorts of negative energies (irritation, anxiety, dejection, pain, disappointment, etc.) are flowing away from your body completely.

2. Now, when your body is positioned perfectly for performing the meditation, get in tune with it. For this, you have to put your hands on the vital ‘chakras’ present on the frontal part of your body one by one. Do not remove hands unless and until you feel to hold the chakras for longer or shorter duration. However, it should not be less than 3 minutes.

3. While resting your hands over your chakras, try to imagine that the life force energy is going into your body. You should feel it surging throughout your body starting from your hands and this would ensure the maximum goodness for all your concerns. As a result, you will get a feel of deep relaxation, ultimate peace and great vivacity.

4. Now, place your palms over your head along with your fingers and hold it. Pay attention to your body by inhaling and exhaling gently, yet deeply. You need to follow the very first step this time and focus on the positive flow of energy entering your body. Let all those negative energies leave you slowly.

5. Move your hands gently towards your forehead and place them on it. You may also cover your eyes with your palms, if you find it comfortable enough. Hold the position and relax.

6. Take your hands to the rear of your head gradually. Try to figure out the most comfy area and place the hands over that. Hold the position and relax.

7. Then, move your hands very slowly to keep them on the throat. Be gentle as you need to breathe comfortably. In case you find it problematic to rest both of your hands on the frontage of your throat, just take one towards the rear side of the neck and place there. Hold the position and relax.

8. Shift your hands over to your shoulders. Make sure that the palms are at your back and the fingers are pointing down. Hold the position and relax.

9. Take your hands to your chest very gently. Place them on it in such a manner that the heart is covered completely. Hold the position and relax.

10. After that, go slightly down along your body to reach your lower chest. Place your hands there while keeping in proximity to the bottom ribs. Hold the position and relax.

11. Go a little more down to your stomach and place your hands over it. Hold the position and relax.

12. Next, reach your lower abdomen gradually and put your palms over it. Make sure that you touch only your pubic area and that too very gently. Hold the position and relax.

13. Shift your hands to your hips now. Be as gentle as possible. Hold the position and relax.

14. Take your hands to your knees. Keep each palm on each knee in a slow manner. Hold the position and relax.

15. Move towards your feet. Place the palms either at the top or the bottom of them one by one.
Focus on your comfort level while doing it. Hold the position and relax.

16. Finally, form a praying position by drawing both of your hands together. Continue natural breathing and feel the flow of energy running throughout your body. This position must be hold at least for 3 minutes.
At the end of your practice session, you will find yourself filled with love, health and happiness.

Different Techniques Of Reiki Meditation:

The foundation of the Reiki system is made of 3 traditional techniques. These include:

  1. Kenyoku Hô (cleansing method)
  2. Jôshin Kokyû Hô (focus breathing method)
  3. Seishin Toitsu (mind unification method)

Practicing these techniques can help in generating a greater amount of spiritual energy, redirecting the energy from the heart towards the hands, especially the palms, and purifying the mind as well as the soul.

So, are your ready to meditate in the Reiki way? Do you practice Reiki meditation? Share your experience with us.

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