15 Simple Rules For Happiness

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Look at the picture above …this is what pure happiness is all about!

Have you ever noticed the cute smile spreading on the lips of the kids when they relish their favorite chocolate? They are not worried about anything else; they just indulge themselves in eating the chocolate, allowing everything else to move on at their own pace.

So, what is happiness? Is it having loads of money and a huge 5-bedroom villa with a private garden? Or is it as simple as spending a few minutes with your near and dear ones, even when there is a dearth of money? There is no exact way you can define happiness. It is a mental state of mind that arises when your needs are met the way you desire.

According to the Psychology of Happiness and psychologists, happiness is just yet another emotion, which arises from enjoying emotional contentment and well-being for a long duration. In simple words, happiness is a just a feeling that you are happy!

Looks quite simple, isn’t it? But if it is so simple then why can’t we always be happy? Humans, in general have a tendency to whimper over what they don’t have rather than appreciating what they possess. I will go with a real life example here.

A 30 year old woman, who had been overweight for over a decade, joined a fitness center with the aim of losing her flab. And, she did lose quite an appreciable amount in terms of scale and inches. However, instead of feeling happy about this, she cried foul. The reason – there was a little pouch that sagged. She knows she is doing the wrong stuff, yet she whines and whines and whines.

This experience shows that happiness indeed is a tough emotion to experience. It is unarguably a phenomenon that no one has understood properly, yet everyone is striving to achieve the same desperately.

There are various theories that attempt to unlock the mysteries of this gleeful emotion. According to the “What One Has Theory”, experiencing multiple positive instances in life can evoke this feeling, while “Born to be Happy Theory” hails the genes for endowing this emotion. Whatever be the cause or the theory, at the end of the day, it is our own efforts that will pave the way for us to be happy.

Top 15 Rules For Happiness

Here are 15 golden rules for happiness and positivity that you can actually try in your life to embark on a journey filled with happiness:

1. Always Remain Busy:

Keep yourself occupied with some or the other task. An idle mind is the workshop of the devil and you will always be prone to negative thoughts. Be it cooking or gardening or playing with kids, make sure you have your hands full. This will leave you with no time and space for negative thoughts.

2. Make A Dairy Of Happiness:

At the end of the day, before you hit the bed, just note down all those things – big or small – that made you smile that day. These will come handy and bring back that smile on your face when you are down or when you need a moral boost.

3. Keep In Touch With Your Friends:

Not all are good, I do agree! However, there are friends who will definitely make you smile. Talk to them. With technology, there are countless ways to keep in touch with the good old buddies. Be it the Facebook or Whatsapp, they are all now a touch away from you.

4. Be Thankful:

Be thankful for what you have today. Every time you smile – every time you feel happy – whisper a small prayer of thanks. If your scale shows a dip of 0.2 kgs from the previous measurement, immediately say ‘Wow’ and whisper a thank you. And see the difference it makes!

5. Celebrate Small Joys In A Wholesome Way:

Celebrating even the smallest and silliest of victories can keep you happy. And you will find yourself indulging and focusing only on good and not the bad. Learn to appreciate the small pleasures that you get from sipping your favorite drink at your favorite hangout or biting off that devilishly rich chocolate cake.

6. Forgiveness And Forgetting:

You need to forgive your friends, neighbors, and all others and forget their mistakes. A person who carries a grudge or complaint against another can never be happy in his life. Apologize to your near and dear ones if you have ever hurt them with your thoughts, words, or actions. By apologizing you will be letting go off all the negative thoughts that would otherwise fill and carve you from within.

7. Forgive Yourself And Love Yourself:

Once again, I would like to go by a weight loss example. You would have tortured your body by putting it through countless crap diets in an attempt to lose weight. Forgive yourself for doing so. Start loving your body.

8. The World Is Your Personal Ramp:

Studies conducted on psychology of happiness suggest that people who indulge in long walks with heads high and arms swinging are bound to be happier. Next time, you hit the road, try it for yourself.

9. Listen To Music:

Music is known to be an effective mood elevating home remedy. Music needs no language. If you are feeling low due to stress or any other reason, switch on your favorite song and listen to it. After few minutes you will find yourself happy and smiling again. Better still, hum along!

10. Eat An Ice Cream:

Good foods are mood boosters and your happiness quotient gets a bonus. It is okay even if you are trying to lose that extra weight. Sit in a corner and just enjoy that cone of chocolate ice cream.

11. Workout:

Be it yoga or gym or aerobics, physical exercise gives you a sense of well being, both physically and psychologically. I have experienced this myself. A 10 minute stride along with your partner or a few stretches is enough to break that stress and upsurge the energy levels, leaving you calm and peaceful.

12. Meditate To Be Happy:

Meditation is a powerful tool that can actually help you transform your thinking process. Start with 5 minutes a day and slowly increase the duration you spend with your inner self. It can take a few weeks before you actually experience the benefits, but it is well worth the wait!

13. Follow The Give And Take Policy:

The world works on give and take policy. If you give happiness, you will receive! Help your friends when they are in trouble. And see how your trouble automatically gets resolved. Various psychological studies conducted on happiness suggest that people, who spend money or time to keep others happy are happier than those who spend money or time on themselves.

14. Sleep:

Sleeping helps you calm down. Sleeping helps you unwind. A mind free of clutter is always essential to keep yourself happy.

15. You Are What You Think:

Yes! You have to attract happiness for you to be happy. Go out and meet the world! The world is a treasure trove of happiness. Meet like-minded people. Take a walk in the fresh air or just grab a cup of hot chocolate at your favorite coffee shop, relax, and sip as you unwind yourself.

This is what the psychology of happiness of all about. Follow these golden rules of happiness and lead an awesome life! After all, what is the meaning of life without happiness?

What is your perspective about being happy? Share with us your views on the comment section.

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