15 Effective Home Remedies For Eye Floaters

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As our body ages, it goes through changes that are sometimes hard to comprehend. The eyes are one of the first organs to be affected by aging. Dull vision, cataract, eye floaters etc., can make life more than a little difficult.

But what exactly are eye floaters? Eye floaters are described as the dark specks that come between our lines of vision and float around the eye every time you roll or move them. Eye floaters can happen to anyone at almost any age of life. But it is most commonly found in people in their advanced age. Eye floaters do not normally cause much trouble, but can become problematic when performing certain specific tasks, such as reading a book, driving a car or even working on a computer for long hours. You can get eye floaters permanently removed through surgery, but it is, without a doubt, extremely risky to undertake. In fact, most surgeons would advise against it. This is because there is no assurance that the surgery would be a success.

Practically, there is a greater chance of your eyes either being severely damaged or you completely losing your sight, in comparison to your getting used to living with your eye floaters.
Although, the condition cannot be reversed but there are some home remedies that you can try to overcome the irritation caused by the eye floaters.

Symptoms that Show You Have Eye Floaters:

Eye floaters are one of the most common eye ailments that affect most people today. There are some symptoms, which make it easy to conclude whether an individual is suffering from an eye floater. When you move your eye, if you feel that some dark specs are ruining and blurring your vision, then you are currently suffering from the problem of eye floaters. Once you have determined that, then you can start considering how to treat it. Here are the top remedies listed below:

Top 15 Home Remedies For Eye Floaters:

1. Gently Massage Your Temples:

Gently massaging the temples is a superb home remedy for eye floaters. Take a cloth drenched in warm water and place it over your closed eyes. Follow this action by gently massaging your temples. This act helps to reduce stress levels, which in turn aids in thwarting the eye floaters from occurring in the first place. As the saying goes, ‘prevention is always better than cure’!

2. Try and Focus Your Line of Vision:

Focusing your vision on any particular object can relax your eyes. Take a particular object, for example, a pencil or a coin. Train your eye sight to focus on the object. Now slowly draw the object near you. Bring it as close as six inches away from your face. Now, take the object back again. Keep repeating this process, at least ten times a day. This may bring some amount of relief to your eyes.

3. Do Some Eye Exercises:

Just like focusing relieves the eye from the problem of eye floaters, so do eye exercises. One of the most common eye exercises is to roll your eyes clockwise and ten repeating the same action in an anti-clockwise motion. This eye exercise is not restricted only to cure eye floaters. Any time you feel that your eyes are hurting, either due to having long working hours in front of a computer or for watching the television for long, you can perform this eye exercise to relieve some amount of stress from your eyes.

4. Do Yoga:

Often times, floaters in eyes are caused due to extra stress being put on your eyes. Yoga is the best way to alleviate stress. Performing yoga calms mind and body, which in turn relaxes the eyes and mitigates the discomfort related to the eye floater present in your eyes. Consult a yoga instructor before starting yoga.

5. Drink Lots of Water:

Sometimes eye floater can also happen due to an amalgamation of toxins in the body. One of the best ways to get rid of such toxins is by drinking more of water. Once the body is free of toxins, the chances of being affected by eye floaters become relatively low. Drinking water is one of the most effective home remedies for eye floaters.

6Try Bilberry:

Consuming bilberries is another way of preventing eye floaters. Bilberry is known to be a rich source of anti-oxidants and is also noted for the ability to toughen retinal tissue. Bilberry can definitely assist in improving eye function. Bilberries can either be eaten raw or can be consumed with juices and jams. This too falls in the list of the home remedies for eye floaters.

7. Increase Intake of Anti-oxidant Rich Food:

Just like bilberries, there are many other herbs, ingredients and food items that contain high levels of anti-oxidants. Eating such food is good for curing eye floaters. Some foods that belong to this category are kiwis, oranges, green leafy vegetables and strawberries. Green tea has also been known to possess anti-oxidants. It is safe to assume that anti-oxidants are extremely useful for avoiding, preventing or even curing the eye floaters. Hence, this too falls in the category of the remedies for eye floaters.

8. Increase the Intake of Taurine Consumption:

Taurine is a substance that is chiefly found in sea food and meats like scallops and shrimps. It is considered to be excellent in enhancing eye sight. Consuming foods that are rich in taurine improves vision and decreases the chance of eye floaters from occurring. This method is extremely effective as a home remedy for this condition.

9. Try Taking Ginko Biloba:

This herb has been known to successfully increase blood flow, which is an effective way of improving the quality of the vision. Ginko biloba is generally taken by the individuals suffering from glaucoma. So, it is assumed that if an herb is capable enough to prevent or avoid a serious eye condition such as glaucoma, then it can certainly deal with the issues of the eye floaters. It is also thought to be an efficient way of avoiding or preventing eye floaters.

10. Use Sunglasses:

Direct sun rays can be harmful to your eyes. So, protect them by wearing sunglasses whenever you are outside on a sunny day. Doing this reduces direct exposure of the sunlight to your eyes and makes the presence of the eye floaters less apparent.

11. Eat and Drink Organic Supplements:

Consumption of organic supplements is very useful for avoiding eye floaters. Drinking various types of fruits and vegetable juices is good for the improvement of your eye sight. Occasionally, food items such as apples, thyme, parsnip, raspberries, celery, beets and carrots are commonly consumed to avert eye floaters. This too is among the top home remedies for eye floaters.

12. Quit Drinking Alcohol and Coffee:

Caffeine and alcohol tend to have an adverse affect on the eyes. So, if you happen to be an avid consumer of coffee and alcohol, then you should either reduce your intake of both these beverages to prevent eye floaters.

13. Give Up Smoking:

Most people claim that they smoke because they find smoking to be a stress buster. But this is not true. Smoking does not alleviate stress. In fact, it tends to increase it, especially when you inhale the smoke. This is not good for your vision. So, quit smoking to escape from the clutches of the eye floaters. This is another top remedy for eye floaters treatment.

14. Sleep Well:

Most of the times, our eyes are stressed out due to lack of sleep. Our daily lives are so busy now-a-days that we do not even have the time to sleep adequately. Adding to the stress factor is spending a major portion of our time in front of the computer. With all these factors put together, it is not hard to see why so many of us suffer from eye ailments, eye floaters being on the top of the list. So, probably one of the easiest ways to deal with the issue of eye floaters is to make sure that you sleep properly and get the requisite amount of rest that your eyes need to function properly.

15. Do Nothing and Get used to it:

Probably, one of the most undesirable ways to deal with the issue of eye floaters is to simply let it be. Truth to be told, floaters in eye do not generally bother you on most of the occasions. So, if none of these home remedies for eye floaters work to help you get some sort of relief from your pain, then maybe you should consider just getting used to the fact that you have eye floaters.

Today, most of our time is spent working on the computer. Some tips can be followed to relieve the eyes from the excessive stress. The person can take frequent breaks; enlarge the document on the computer to read or work on; and if you feel that your eyes are hurting, then you could wash your eyes or do some of the earlier mentioned eye exercises. Doing all these on a regular basis can lessen the stress that your eyes are subjected to. Once your eyes are stress free or at least the cause of stress that is affecting your eyes has been done away with, you can be assured to get rid of the eye floaters.

Do you or someone you know suffer from eye floaters? What do you do to get relief? Share with us in the comments section below.

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