15 Creative Lip Arts To Try Out Today

Lips are the one feature on our face that can make us look luscious and sexy. A beautiful sexy pout is enough to make a strong statement. For ages, women have been really fascinated about coloring their lips. Today, painting the lips has become an art! Yes, it is no less than painting on a canvas.

Top 15 Creative Lip Arts:

Today, I have complied 15 creative lip arts, which I hope will encourage you to try something different!

1. Animal Print Lip Art:

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Animal prints are classic, when it comes to fashion. Be it on a dress, accessories or nail art, animal print is loved by all fashion lovers. The inspiration behind this animal print lip art is the majestic cheetah. The use of orange brown and black combination is giving this design an amazing effect.

2. Pop Art Inspired Lip Art:


Inspired by the comic books and pop art, this lip art offers a strong definition to the lips with a darker outline, which creates a unique anime-like lip effect. The black details at the center of the lips add stunning dimension and depth to the lip makeup.

3. Textured Lip Art:


Look at this lip art, it is truly inspiring! The rich dark black color with the small studs on the lips creates an amazing texture.

4. Glass Inspired Lip Art:


This lip art is an amazing abstract design. The lower lip has small triangular pieces, which replicate glasses. The dark black upper lip creates a strong contrast to the hot pink toned lower lip.

5. Glossy Watermelon Inspired Lip Art:


Inspired by watermelon, this lip art is spectacularly done with a high glossy finish. It has a deep green tone at the outer corners of the lips with the center filled with a lighter color. The seed patterns drawn at the center of the lips clearly show where the inspiration for this design comes from!

6. Ombre Lips Art:


This lip art is currently the hottest trend among runway models and actors. The impact of ombre can be done with subtle to stronger variations. This lip art uses a gorgeous color combination of purple and yellow, balanced with pink.

7. Micro Granules Lip Art:


This lip art is super gorgeous! The micro granules, used in nail art, are used in a spectacular way for the lips here. The rich dark black color gives a classic and intense look to the lip art. It definitely requires power and determination to sport it!

8. Color Mélange Lip Art:


This lip art looks no less than a painting. The only difference is that the canvas here are your lips! The vibrant colors thrown and blended into a mesmerizing look. The colors bleed outside at one corner of the lips to give a true impact of the bright colors.

9. Eyes On Lips Art:


Now this is called true art! The highest level of replication is seen in this lip art─ the lower and upper lips are painted with white color to recreate the eyes. The false eye lashes attached to the upper lip gives a complete eye look. This look is obviously not for the faint hearted!

10. Glittery Lip Art:


All of us love glitter! It adds a dash of glamor to ones makeup. Here, it has been used for the lips. The classic red and gold combination looks pretty and bold.

11. Panda Lip Art:


This is cute, isn’t it? In fact, I think this lip art is amazing! You can easily create this by applying a white base all over your lips and finish it with 4 black circles for eyes and ears. It is really simple,but yet can turn anyone into a party animal!

12. Glossy Yellow And Orange Lip Art:


This lip art is really delectable! The orange splatter of color on the center of the lips creates a strong oomph factor for the lips, which is truly creative and inspiring. Perfect look for the runway!

13. Sparkly Textured Lip Art:


The high iridescent blue and turquoise micro sequins are used for creating this lip art. The color looks pretty and vibrant.

14. Colorful Granules Lip Art:


The texture created in this lip art is stunning. The colorful combination lifts the lip makeup to a high level of creativity.

15. Rhinestone Lip Art:


This lip art looks creative. It is designed with rhinestones of different sizes to create a glossy and attractive effect.

That was quite a journey, wasn’t it? For the uninitiated, these lip art designs may seem over the top, but they give the wearer a certain character! Try one and you’ll surely be the center of attention at the next party you attend!

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