15 Amazing Benefits & Uses Of Ginseng Tea

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Most of us have heard about ginseng and how good it is for our health. Many of us even include a bit of ginseng in our diet. But, not many know how ginseng really works! Ginseng tea is a great way to enjoy the benefits of this amazing herb.

There are basically 3 types of ginseng tea – Siberian, Asian and American ginseng. All of them are highly beneficial for maintaining good health and vitality.

15 Benefits Of Ginseng Tea:

Ginseng tea is considered as one of the best nutritious herbal supplements available in the world. The curative properties of this herbal tea are stated below in brief:

1. Weight Reduction:

If you worry constantly about your weight, then ginseng tea can be the solution for you. Include it in your daily diet to shed that extra fat. This herbal tea does not lead to any side effect. It helps to lose weight naturally. It boosts up body metabolism, burning fat at a rapid rate.

2. Brain Stimulating Agent:

Considered as an herbal drink, ginseng tea stimulates the brain cells. It improves the cognitive capabilities along with concentration of power of the brain.

3. Menstrual Problems:

American ginseng tea is popular for its cooling and soothing effects. This tea is highly recommended for women who suffer from PMS discomforts and menstrual cramps.

4. Good For People With Low Blood Pressure Level:

Asian ginseng tea is a strong beverage. It is effective for people suffering from low blood pressure. Ginseng tea also works as an energy drink and can help individuals remain active all day long.

5. Sexual Dysfunction:

If you are a male suffering from erectile dysfunction, then consume this tea to get the benefits. This tea can reduce the symptoms related to sexual dysfunction to a large extent.

6. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer:

According to studies, it has been found that people, who consume ginseng tea, are more likely to stay away from cancer. Nowadays, even medical practitioners recommend individuals to consume ginseng tea to be away from cancer.

7. Improves Digestion:

Ginseng tea helps in the easy digestion of food. It eases constipation, bloating, and flatulence. It can also reduce the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease.

8. Anti-Aging Properties:

Consumption of Ginseng tea can reduce the signs of premature aging. This tea is a rich source of antioxidants, which can halt free radical formation. It also halts the growth of the aging component, maltol, in the body.

9. Clears The Respiratory System:

This tea helps to clear blocked sinuses and air passageways. It offers effective treatment for patients suffering from severe cough, asthma, chest ailments, colds, and pneumonia.

10. Boosts The Immunity Power:

Ginseng tea helps in strengthening the immune system. It also enhances the efficacy of the stress adapters of the immune system, helping you stay clear of common ailments like cold and flu.

11. Stabilizes Sugar Level:

According to a research, ginsenosides help to control blood sugar level in the body. Studies have also shown that it helps in the proper functioning of the pancreas. It also enhances the response power of the body to insulin.

12. Reduces Chronic Pain:

Studies have revealed that ginseng tea has anti-inflammatory properties. Herbalists recommend its use to cure conditions related to inflammation like arthritis and other chronic pains.

13. Cure For Radiation:

Ginseng tea provides high protection against radiation. Patients undergoing radiation treatment can drink this tea as a complementary medicine.

14. Rehydration Of The Skin:

Drinking herbal ginseng tea can help in rehydrating and refining the skin. It also promotes regeneration of skin cells by increasing the supply of oxygen to the cells.

15. Blood Detoxification:

Ginseng tea helps in blood circulation and detoxifies the blood as well.

Preparation Of Ginseng Tea:

Now that you know how ginseng is good for you, it’s time to learn how to make some ginseng tea at home:

  • Use a sharp knife to cut the fresh ginseng roots into thin shavings.
  • Try to make them as thin as possible.
  • Use at least 1 teaspoon of the ginseng shavings for making the tea.
  • Put the shavings in a tea ball (available at the grocery stores easily) and boil the water.
  • Turn off the flame, when the water comes to a boil.
  • Cool down the water for 2 minutes and pour it into a cup.
  • Sink the tea ball into the cup and allow it to steep for 5 minutes.
  • For stronger tea, you need to steep it for more than 5 minutes.
  • Remove the tea ball and sip the drink to enjoy the taste and benefits as well.

Word Of Caution:

Consuming too much of this herbal beverage can lead to heart ailments as well as sleeplessness. So, consult a physician before you start drinking ginseng tea on a regular basis. Nursing and pregnant ladies should also consult their doctors before drinking this herbal tea. If, one is consuming high doses of medicines or suffering from critical health disorders, it is better to stay away from ginseng tea until you get a clear nod from your health care provider.

Ginseng has rightfully earned its way to the top of the ‘health herbs’ list! With so many amazing benefits, ginseng tea should definitely be a part of your healthy diet. Just make sure that you consume this tea not more than 2-3 times a week!

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