13 Miraculous Benefits Of Pyramid Meditation On Your Body

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When we think of the term meditation, the first image that comes to our mind is that of monks seated in deep thought in the middle of a dark cave. But the fact is that meditation is something we all can practice and that too in our daily lives.

There are different ways and types of meditation, but one of the most powerful techniques is the pyramid meditation. It basically means to practice meditation under a pyramid. This shape is often regarded as a storehouse of energy. It is a scientific fact that the structure and shape of the pyramid collect as well as radiate the energy. So, when one usually meditates under a pyramid, his/her power and energy gradually starts to increase. According to several researches, pyramid meditation helps us to experience the beauty of life and understand the art of travelling. Self realization and self awareness are some of the basic benefits one can derive from pyramid meditation. It has the ability to cure and heal your body from all kinds of ailments as well.

In today’s world, where stress and tension rule the roost, there are thousands of people who have turned towards pyramid meditation to find some relief. The Pyramid Spiritual Society has built near 14 pyramids in India. The largest 1000-person capacity pyramid was built in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantpur.

You should definitely try it out as pyramid meditation is helpful for both the body and mind. Simply follow the procedure and techniques listed here and become a master at pyramid meditation.

Steps For Practicing Pyramid Meditation:

There are two important steps you need to follow to practice pyramid meditation:

1. Posture:

The first and most important thing you need to keep in mind while practicing pyramid meditation is posture. All you have to do is to sit in a comfortable position. Your spine should be erect and back straight. Now gently clasp your fingers with both the hands. You could also do the Gyana Mudra by joining both the thumb as well as the index fingers. Now, make yourself relaxed and, then close your eyes. If you would like some added impact, let some good and relaxing music play in the background. You can also listen to some Indian classical music.

2. Meditation Technique:

One of the profound and deep ways to meditate is by observing the flow of one’s own breath. All you have to do is inhale deeply and then exhale. As you do so, notice your breath. Science has stated that when the mind is with the breath, it tends to become empty. Gently all the thoughts become zero and your breath tends to become shorter. By observing this closely, you will finally reach the ‘No Thought No Breath’ state. This happens to be a state of bliss where you will find cosmic energy in abundance.

How Should You Practice Pyramid Meditation?

Once you have stepped inside the pyramid, there shouldn’t be any kind of inner and outer communication. You should sit in a relaxing position. One powerful position according to our recommendation would be an uptight sitting position with your hands and feet gently clasped together. This will help you find a good amount of cosmic energy. The energy shall be entering from Pannero and you will be receiving cosmic energy through the , which is known as Shock-rah.

When you are seated in the pyramid, close your eyes and focus on the rhythm of your breathing. You should be completely relaxed at this point. As you keep noticing your breath, you will soon reach a state that is totally meditative. Always remember that breathing is not a part of the body; it is the body. As you continue with this stage, your mind will become empty of thoughts.

Now, when your breath has reached a state of thoughtlessness, you will be in an almost sleep like state. Sleep has often been regarded as an unconscious meditative state. Through all these states, we receive cosmic energy. The ground points found inside the pyramid allows the cosmic energy to flow and then circulate to the crown to the entire self.

Benefits Of Pyramid Meditation:

Pyramid Meditation offers a horde of benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Improves Eyesight:

Pyramid meditation can help you improve and correct your vision. There are courses available on this, which helps in strengthening the eye muscles as well as shaping the eyes.

2. Improves Hearing:

There are a couple of hearing problems, which can be improved and sharpened by using the energy derived from pyramid meditation.

3. High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is often called hypertension. This can be significantly lowered if pyramid meditation is practiced every day. You can get relief from all kinds of stress and enjoy life to the fullest by practicing this form of meditation.

4. Treats Insomnia:

There are millions of people all over the world who suffer from insomnia. Pyramid meditation can help in soothing the brain and relaxing the legs. People who have slept in the pyramids have seen a significant level of improvement in their sleeping habits.

5. Offers Relief From Arthritis:

Pyramid meditation is an ideal remedy for all those who suffer from arthritis. Even back pain can be eased if you practice this meditation every day.

6. Heals Sores And Broken Bones:

One of the most unique and amazing benefits of pyramid meditation is the healing of sore and broken bones. Those who have a strenuous lifestyle can definitely opt for pyramid meditation.

7. Removes Acne And Zits:

You can get rid of all kinds of acne and skin problems with pyramid meditation. Keep a jar of Vaseline inside a small pyramid and allow it to be energized. Just rub it all over the pimple or white head and watch it vanishing.

8. Pyramids For Students:

Pyramid meditation is very popular among students and teachers. It helps sharpen their memory and increase the confidence level as well. One can easily prepare for their exams without feeling extra stress and anxiety.

9. Offers Energy:

Drinking water that has been charged with pyramid energy is a better source of energy.

10. Provides Relief From Headaches:

If you suffer from migraines or headaches, you can definitely consider practicing pyramid meditation. This will help you find quick healing.

11. Offers Relief From Irregular Periods:

Women who have slept in the pyramids have reported improvement in their menstruation cycles.

12. Improves Cognitive Abilities:

Pyramid meditation improves the functions of the mind. It increases intelligence and concentration level. It also maintains emotional equilibrium.

13. Balances Hormone Levels:

Pyramid meditation improves the functions of the thyroid gland, which produce hormones. Thus, it balances the hormonal level in the body.

Pyramid meditation is an interesting, beautiful and simple way of bidding farewell to all your health problems. Once you make this a part of your life, you will start seeing a difference sooner than you imagined.

If you have views, questions and comments to make about pyramid meditation, feel free to comment below.

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