12 Effective Home Remedies To Cure Tooth Decay

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Most of us grow up with the idea that tooth decay will set in if we consume more sweets. Well, sweet does aggravate the problem, but is not the only cause of tooth decay. Since our childhood, we are advised to keep our teeth healthy. But once tooth decay sets in, is there a way to treat the painful condition without going to the dentist? There sure is! Apart from the usual removal or filling of the affected tooth, there are a number of home remedies that you can try to get some relief from tooth decay.

How Do You Know That Tooth Decay Has Set In?

While elders can observe about the changes happening with their teeth, children and young kids may not be able to understand or notice it. So, as parents you need to keep checking their teeth often and ensure regular visits to the dentist. Besides the cavities in the teeth becoming prominent, the onset of tooth decay is also characterized by:

Sticky deposits on teeth that are usually of a darker color (towards black).
There is also an increased presence of plaque, which causes bad breath.

Top 12 Home Remedies For Tooth Decay:

However, sometimes despite all efforts, precautions and care, one might get affected by tooth decay. In that case you can try these home remedies to keep tooth decay at bay and keep your oral health at its best.

1. Rock It With Mustard:

Rock salt and mustard oil occupy an integral part in Indian kitchens. These ingredients are used in our day-to-day cooking and kitchen preparations. Mix 2 spoons each of rock salt and mustard oil. You should use this to massage your teeth properly. Leave it for 3 to 5 minutes and then gargle. Gargle properly to get rid of the salty after taste in your mouth.

2. Mouth Spa Before You Sleep:

Bacteria become highly active at night as you go to sleep after your meals. It becomes important and crucial to ensure that your mouth is free from any trouble causing agents. So, try this age old remedial measure every night to gargle your mouth with lukewarm water mixed with salt.

3. Lemony Remedy:

Lemons are a rich source of Vitamin C. You can chew a slice of lemon to kill the germs to help ease the pain, which is caused due to cavities. This is one of the best natural remedy for tooth decay.

4. Wheatgrass:

With anti-bacterial properties, Wheatgrass keeps the growth of bacteria in check. One can have wheatgrass juice to kill the bacteria in the mouth. Wheatgrass can also help alleviate the pain that comes with tooth decay.

5. Garlic:

We all love garlic in our daily food, but if we are asked to eat a raw garlic clove, we are sure to find that repulsive. But garlic is a wonderful spice and herb found in every kitchen. It is rich in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and at the same time helps relieve pain by working as a pain killer.

6. Tea:

Considered as an effective way to kill germs, tea keeps the teeth healthy, reduce production of plaque and keep bacterial growth in check. But it is not just any tea that can be used to treat tooth decay! You need black or green tea for best results.

7. Tea Tree Oil:

Many of us use tea tree oil to treat pain. It is also a good way to keep the tooth decay away. Massage your teeth and gums properly and thoroughly with tea tree oil. Rinse with warm water. Do this twice a day to keep the mouth healthy, gums strong, and the teeth decay free!

8. Chew That Gum:

Chewing gum is not just about making a statement—it is also an amazing way to keep your teeth healthy. While it makes teeth and gums stronger, its sticky nature also helps to remove those stubborn food particles out of their hiding place. At the same time, it leads to the production of saliva in the mouth, which further works to keep the mouth clean and healthy.

9. Get More Fiber:

Foods rich in fiber like all those vegetables that are served in salads, are a good way to reduce plaque that leads to tooth decay over time. Eat food that contains a good amount of fiber to keep tooth decay at bay. Include foods like cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, cauliflower, tomatoes, lettuce, radish, etc., to your daily meals.

10. Oregano Oil:

Few studies suggest that oregano oil can work as a good home remedy for tooth decay. To avoid and keep tooth decay in check, you should use oregano oil as toothpaste by mixing it with little salt. You need to brush at least once a day with this mixture to keep your teeth healthy. Few might take some time to getused to the taste and flavor of the oil though.

11. Neem:

The good old neem datun may seem like an outdated way to keep teeth clean but it is definitely an effective way to healthier teeth! While chewing the hard neem branch makes the teeth and gums stronger, the powerful plant oils and compounds released in the mouth are highly effective against the bacteria that cause tooth decay. They also have high fiber content that makes them highly effective in keeping plaques away.

12. Use Extracts:

One of the few expensive ways to treat tooth decay is to use some rare extracts. As common as vanilla is, its extract is expensive. Practitioners of alternative medicine recommend using vanilla and almond extract to help heal tooth decay.

How To Prevent Tooth Decay:

First of all, as has been rightly said, prevention is better than cure, here are a few must to do things to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

  • Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and do it properly with the time and attention it deserves for the beautiful smile on your face.
  • Do not forget to gargle with normal water after each meal to get rid of any tit bits of food left in your mouth, which can give way to bacteria.
  • Chewing your food properly can also help keep tooth decay at bay as it helps produce enzymes that kill decay causing bacteria.
  • To keep your teeth healthy, massage your teeth with clove oil as often as possible.
  • Alternately, if it is not possible to massage with clove oil, chew one after meals to keep your mouth and teeth clean and pain free.
  • If you are averse to having onions in your salad, you just might want to reconsider them. Onions are good for your mouth and oral health as they effectively kill bacteria and germs in the mouth.
  • Visit the dentist regularly to ensure that your mouth is healthy and oral hygiene is not compromised.
  • Ensure to use floss often to get rid of food particles and components that could possibly be hiding in your mouth and the gaps in the teeth. If not possible, make sure you floss before you hit the bed at night.
  • A mouthwash is an amazing way to clean your mouth and teeth. Use a good mouthwash with fluoride to get effective protection from bacteria and plaque.

Should You See Your Dentist?

These are a few simple ways to keep tooth decay in check, but when all these fail, it is important to visit your dental expert. These are home remedies to cure tooth decay that should be practiced, adopted and diligently followed to keep good oral health and dental hygiene.

However, in certain cases it might take far too long for these home remedies to work and you may be forced to see your dentist.

If you go to a dentist, you can expect to go through one of the following methods to treat tooth decay:


If the damage is only at the top, the dentist might go ahead and use capping to treat it. This would mean food precautions for a few days to let the tooth recover and then fill it with silver based component. However, this needs care and proper oral hygiene as well.

Remove the Affected Tooth:

If the tooth decay has caused more damage to the tooth or teeth and destroyed them beyond repair, the doctor might extract the tooth to prevent the decay from spreading. Tooth extraction is rather a painful process, so we hope no one ever has to go through that!

Root Canal Treatment:

If the tooth can be saved by the doctor, he/she might propose an RCT or root canal treatment and help to get rid of a decayed tooth.

Many of us try to be experts but please remember that your teeth are irreplaceable. Once they are damaged, not much can be done about it except a regular visit to the dentist to get dentures!

So, keep that smile alive with these simple home remedies. Remember, your smile can light up a room!
Hope you found this article on home remedies for tooth decay was helpful. Do share your feedback with us in the comments section.

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