11 Amazing Effects Of One Day Relaxing On Your Physical And Emotional Health

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So, you are a complete fitness-freak, who doesn’t miss her workout even for a single day. Well, you are actually ‘harming’ yourself. Surprised? Well, whether you are a beginner in the fitness world or have enough experience about exercising, you should try relaxing at least for one whole day by taking a break from your workout. Otherwise, your body won’t get its recovery time and will stop cooperating with you.

Why Should You Take One Whole Day Break From Workout?

Let us dig deeper and find out why everyone should enjoy a ‘rest day’ by skipping exercise:

1. To Maintain Physical Health:

  1. Repair, Growth and Strengthening of Muscles: Exercising actually means breaking down the muscles. You probably don’t know that your muscle fibers develop tiny wear and tear during workouts. When you take rest for a whole day, the process of muscle building starts. This stimulation allows your muscle fibers to recuperate, grow and get stronger for the subsequent workout sessions.
  2. Restoration of Glycogen (Glycogenesis): Your body stores glucose (a certain type of carbohydrate) as glycogen in your liver and your muscle fibers. This stored glycogen is broken down (glycogenolysis) and used up during workout as the primary source of energy. It is crucial to let your body replenish this source of carbohydrate by relaxing an entire day instead of consuming lots of carb-rich foods. It will help immensely in the restoration of glycogen (glycogenesis).
  3. Prevention of Injury: If you do not relax at least one day in a week, you will end up overtraining yourself. It will put excessive stress on your body and weaken your immune system, increasing the risks of developing severe injuries and that too quite frequently.
  4. Upholding Joint Health: While rest of your body manages to survive the injuries caused by over exercising, the bone joints, including the tendons and ligaments, find it extremely difficult to deal with the trauma as they do not have enough ‘padding’. If you do not give yourself breaks, the joints will not get the time to recover, which may lead to aching and swelling.
  5. Cure of Amenorrhea: Excessive working out can cause a huge drop in the amount of estrogen present in the body, which results into abnormal menses and sometimes even no period at all. This condition is extremely bad for your body and you can also lead to infertility.
  6. Treating Insomnia: Troubled sleeping is another common reason to take a break from your workout. Remember, exercising eats up your energy to a great extent. And if you do not give yourself enough time to recover, you will become exhausted gradually. It will take a toll on your lifestyle as you will remain tired the whole day, but still can’t have a good night’s sleep.
  7. Reduction of Soreness: Incessant working out can make your whole body hurt. You can understand it easily as there are certain signals for it, such as body soreness, especially in the neck and waist; heavy limbs (arms and legs); comparatively higher heart rates during resting time; etc. If you are suffering from these for the last few days, it is definitely time to take a break.

2. To Maintain Emotional Health:

Apart from the aforementioned physical issues, there are certain mental or emotional factors that you need to consider when it comes to relaxing one whole day without workout. Take a look:

  1. Over exercising may make you feel mentally drained out. As your health gets affected day by day, you start feeling lack of energy to do work.
  2. You may find yourself extremely de-motivated. It has been seen that exercising without taking proper breaks influences the performances as well as the outcomes, which can gradually lead to disinterest and frustration.
  3. It will cause irritability and restlessness in you. Your stress level and anxiety will go up significantly. You will also experience difficulty in concentration as well as frequent mood swings.
  4. As you reach the state of burnout through overtraining, it becomes almost impossible for you to balance your health and work, which can mess with your life.

Aren’t these factors providing enough reasons for you to give yourself a one-day break from scheduled workout and relax?

How do you enjoy your rest day? Share with us and comment below.

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