10 Weird But Extremely Useful Beauty Tools You Should Try

Great innovations have always been achieved by using the simplest of ideas. Today, the cosmetic and beauty industry is flooded with innumerable, simple-to-use products, which can make life easier and happier.

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Top 10 Weird But Useful Beauty Tools:

Today, we bring to you such weird beauty tools which you would have never imagined could make your life so easy. Check them out right here:

1. Facial Spring:

Unwanted facial hair can be really annoying, though there are solutions, such as laser treatments, waxing and threading. This facial spring tool works to remove the facial hair from the roots. It is simple to use and painless too! What more would you expect for hair removal? Created with a simple design, this beauty tool includes two rubber handles fitted with a tight coiled metal spring. The spring removes hair effectively on any part of your face, be it the tiniest hairs on your upper lip area, cheeks, chin or forehead.

The usage of this beauty tool is simple. Start by grabbing both the ends of the spring. Then bend it gently into an inverted U-like form. Then, gently roll it over the hairy area in an outward motion, slowly along the skin surface. It leaves a soft prickling sensation on the skin while removing the hair. It is simple to use and removes the hair completely without any pain.

2. Mascara Guard:

Don’t we do a fantabulous eye makeup with so much of hard work, only to ruin it at the end with the application of mascara? Yes, it has happened a million times with me too. We always accidentally get some mascara liquid on our eyelids, don’t we? But, is it really possible to get away with mascara application? After all, it makes a lot of difference to the eye makeup. Now, to reduce the risk of the product on your eye area, we suggest using the mascara guard.

The mascara guard is an amazing beauty tool that acts like a barrier between the skin and the lashes. This beauty tool has an oddly-shaped plastic piece, which fits the eye contour area. So, it helps one to easily apply mascara without the fear and risk of staining the eyelids or under-eye area. Now, you don’t have to be extremely careful, and it also effectively reduces the time you take to apply the mascara.

3. Hair And Fringe Velcro:

Bobbi pins, clips or hair band – which one do you use? Application of makeup becomes easy if all our hair is pinned up neatly. Isn’t it? What do you do to pin up your hair for the application of makeup, makeup removal or even for cleansing your face to avoid wetting your hair or fringes?

This amazing beauty tool is light-weight, and helps in holding the hair away from our face. The accessory is made of Velcro on one side to gently hold the hair. It firmly keeps the hair in place without leaving any mark or disturbance. Now, you can say bye-bye to all your fringes and bangs. All you need to do is to “stick it on your hair.”

4. Eyeliner Sticker:

Don’t have a steady hand for doing your eye liner? Are you a beginner at makeup and struggling to get things perfect? Now, no more trials and errors! These eyeliner stickers are easy to use. All you need to do is to just stick them firmly, and then peel them off later at the end of the day. It works fairly easy, and doesn’t take any time to dry!

5. Finger Silicon Blackhead Cleanser:

Wish to get rid of your makeup from deep within the pores or eliminate dead skin and blackheads? Then, this beauty tool works like a pore massager and cleaner without hurting the skin. Who would otherwise have thought of removing those nasty blackheads and other impurities by comfortably using the fingers? Yes, the design of this tool fits your finger perfectly to exfoliate the skin. It works smarter than any facial exfoliating brush!

6. Spill Proof Nail Polish Holder:

Love doing nail art? Then, this beauty tool is a must-have for you. It is a simple device that is designed to hold nail polish bottles of every size and shape. Now, you can paint your nails without the fear of spillage. The toll has a flat runner stopper, which holds the bottle steadily and firmly.

7. Nail Polish Protection Clips:

Don’t we all feel annoyed while waiting for our nail polishes to dry? This beauty tool is perfect for nail art maniacs. Now, you can protect your nail polish while typing on your PC or texting your friend on your phone.

This nail art beauty tool is smartly designed to protect your nail polish from smudging. Made of plastic, this tool is suitable for professional and home use. Now, get beautiful nails with no worry or fear of smudging.

8. Beauty Spoon:

Wish to keep your makeup products clean and free from bacteria? Then, this beauty tool is for you!

This beauty spoon tool helps one to easily scoop out the favorite creams, serums or lotions from your containers. Now, you needn’t throw away your expensive creams or lotions, for not being able to reach the corners or bottom. It scrapes and scoops out along the sides and bottom of your containers.

9. Lip Plumping Tool:

Wish to look like Angelina Jolie? Now, it is super easy to achieve the same plumped out lips without any surgery! The tool is designed to increase blood flow to your lip area through suction. This gives you a beautiful plumped-up lips look. People with thin lips will adore this. The results with this suction tool last for a good 3 hours. Don’t expect it to provide you a permanent lip fix, but this will work perfectly for a date or party. Isn’t it?

10. Eyelid Tape:

Do you have droopy and closed eyes? Wish to outline your crease better for a stronger definition of your eyelids? Here is some good news. Eyelid tapes are helpful in lifting your eye lids and providing good artificial space. Now you can easily fake deeper eye sockets. You can also make your eyes appear symmetrical without a surgery. Just push the tape on your eye socket to define it strongly, and make your eye area appear lifted.

Now, here’s a question in your mind. Does it look obvious and is it possible to wear eye makeup with the eyelid tape? Yes, of course you can! Makeup can be easily tweaked to hide the tape.

This was our list of weird, but helpful beauty tools. Hope you find the list useful. Leave us your feedback below in the comments section.

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