10 Top Secret Backstage Makeup Tips

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A model walks down the ramp. Leggy and gorgeous. What you feel then is called envy.

They look so perfect that they blow us away. The perfectly done face, clothes and accessories are a cause of jealousy. If we could get our hands on some of the professional makeup tips and products, then glamour would be a part of our lives too!

It has happened! The curtain is off on some well-kept beauty secrets, right from designers and stylists backstage.

10 Secret Backstage Make up Tips:

1. Foundation for Younger Looking Skin: 

Applying your foundation the right way can make your skin look younger and natural.

  • Apply foundation on the centre of your face
  • Next, blend it outwards
  • Make sure you keep blending with feather strokes, dabbing lightly.
  • Select a pink-based concealer to brighten up the face.

2. Natural Looking Healthy Glowing Skin: 

Makeup can surely give your skin the illusion of looking healthier and having that all natural glow to it.

  • For natural glowing skin that does not look too shiny overall, apply shimmer only on the cheekbones
  • Also dab a bit at the inner corners of your eyes.
  • The trick is to make your skin look healthy and glowing, not oily.

3. Wearing Dark Lipstick Perfectly: 

Wearing a dark lipstick is always tricky, and most of us end up wearing it the wrong way, making us look more mature than our age.

  • If you’re going to wear a dark lipstick, avoid using a lip liner.
  • Instead, apply your lip colour with a brush
  • Use the brush along the edges of your lips, where you would have used the liner.
  • After application, blot it out to give it a stain-like look.

4. Wearing The Classic Red Lips: 

Red lips always look classy and high fashion, but it is important to get the look right.

  • For the classic red lips look, apply concealer around your lip line
  • Next, lightly colour your lips with two shades of rich red.
  • On the center of the lips, apply a darker red and on the outside, a medium red.

5. Matching The Rest of Your Face With a Smokey Eye Look: 

Smokey eye is surely one of the most glamorous makeup trends that you see on the runway.

  • If you’re going for the smokey eye look, you need to match the rest of your makeup around it.
  • Keep the makeup on the rest of your face natural. This will help all the focus to be on your eyes.
  • Keep the makeup matte and go for a nude lip colour.

6. Wearing Matte Makeup That Does Not Frequent Re-touching: 

Sometimes, touching up your makeup can be quite difficult, as you may not get the chance to slip out and fix it. Matte makeup comes in handy for days like these.

  • Applying matte makeup is a good idea if you don’t want to constantly touch up your makeup.
  • Cream-based makeups need more re-touching because they settle in the crease of the skin.

7. Creating The Nude or Pale Lips Look: 

Nude lips are a rage, but if you don’t know how to do it right, it can make you look washed out!

  • If you want to get a nude or pastel or pale look on your lips, your bright blush may come in handy!
  • Apply your bright cream blush on your lips
  • Next, blend it with a nude shade lip lining pencil to get a lighter lip shade.

8. Statement Eye Lashes: 

Creating the right look on your eye lash will speak a lot for the entire face.

  • For gorgeous eye lashes in an instant, curl your lashes with your eye lash curler.
  • Next, add two coats of volumising mascara from the roots upward.

9. The Perfect Shade of Coral: 

You can create your very own coral lip shade if the ones you see in stores do not match your skin tone.

  • To make your own bright shade of coral lips, mix your orange and red lipstick for a bright coral twist!
  • Or you can also try ombre lips, which is very much in vogue. This is the trend of wearing two shades of lip colours together, making sure there is a definite distinction and both can be seen separately.

10. Make Your Chapped Lips Look Gorgeous: 

We all get chapped lips, but that should not stop you from looking gorgeous, right?

  • If you’ve got chapped lips, apply a coat of lip balm and let it rest for a while.
  • Now mix some of the lip balm with your lipstick and pat it on the lips with your finger.
  • Let it slowly get absorbed in the lips.
  • Keep patting till the colour is properly blended.

These simple tips and tricks are used regularly by professionals to create the gorgeous looks we see on the ramp.

Try them out to bring out the diva in you, and do let us know which tip worked best for you. Comment below.

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