10 Surprising Reasons For Facial Breakout You Must Be Aware Of

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Do you develop facial breakouts often as a surprise without any apparent reason? Did you ever try to analyze the cause behind such breakouts? Breakouts usually happen due to constant touching of clogged pores. It even happens during periods. This article will let you know the surprising reasons you would have never even thought of.

10 Surprising Reasons For Facial Breakout

Let’s have a look at the top 10 reasons of facial breakouts:

Reason 1: Phone

Had a long conversation with your bestie, then it might be a cause of those hurting chin breakouts. Yes, you heard it right! Why? The reason is that you have been pressing the phone against the cheek and chin continuously. And this results in oil accumulation in that area.There are also germs, which have traveled from your phone case to your cheek, thereby giving you the pesky pimples. It is best to try using headset for long phone conversations or use just put your phone in speaker mode. Otherwise, you can also sanitize your phone with an anti-bacterial wipe before you plan for a long conversation.

Reason 2: Shower

Shower can cause breakouts ─water can cause acne. Yes, it is absolutely true! Hard water contains high concentration of minerals, which doesn’t wash all the soap and any other products properly from your skin. This therefore leaves residue, which can clog your pores and result in severe breakouts. So, it is best to check your water and also try adding water softeners to your water.

Reason 3: Dairy Product

Many researchers have found a connection between dairy products and breakouts. Though, it is really not possible to stop consuming dairy products as they are important sources of calcium and Vitamin D for your bones. But, lowering the amounts of dairy products can help your skin clear up faster, thereby cutting down the chances of breakouts. You can also try different dairy products, such as non-sweetened yogurt or dairy products from animals like goat. Try replacing the calcium by taking calcium supplements and also including green leafy vegetables in your diet.

Reason 4: Conditioner

This is a common mistake, which many of us regularly make. We usually wash our face first before having a shower. Then, we wash our hair, apply conditioner, and again wash it. If you wash your face first, there are high chances of conditioner residue sitting on your face while washing it will result in clogging your pores thereby leading to breakouts! So, make sure to wash your face after you have your shower, especially after shampooing and conditioning. This reason can also be a cause of body acne.

Reason 5: Toothpaste

Getting breakouts around your mouth frequently? Then, your toothpaste has to be blamed. The ingredients in the toothpaste like fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate irritate the skin and can also lead to breakouts. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this problem. The only way to lower the risk of these breakouts can be made by switching the formula to a light and gentle one. Also try avoiding non-whitening formulas. Make sure to cleanse your face properly after every time you brush your teeth.

Reason 6: Workout

You must have heard a million times that sweating of the skin while working out will provide you with glowing and radiant skin, isn’t it? Yes, it is true, but if you forget to cleanse your skin after a workout there can be excess sebum that gets solidified within your pores. And it leads to breakouts. So, it is highly recommended to wash your face after workout. If you don’t find time, at least use a clean makeup wipe preferably with salicylic acid to cleanse your skin for the time being.

Reason 7: Sweet Tooth

There is a strong link between chocolates and acne. Researchers have found that consuming chocolates would increase inflammation in your body which can contribute to acne. This doesn’t mean to stay away from chocolates! But, according to the researches, it may exacerbate acne. It is safe to avoid eating chocolates before any important events or a special date!

Reason #8: Pillowcase

Waking up with a pimple can leave you in utter confusion for the reason behind it! But the next time make sure to check your pillowcase—yes! Just like your phone, even pillowcase causes acne. Mechanica is a type of acne which occurs as a result of touching your face frequently. It is also caused due to clogged pores. Dirt, oil or even your skin’s own oils can easily build up on your favorite pillowcases and lead to breakouts. Make sure to cleanse your face before having your beauty sleep and also start washing pillowcases every few days to keep your skin healthy.

Reason 9: Makeup Brushes

Just like your phone and pillow cases, makeup brushes too can increase bacterial accumulation when left unwashed for several days. And when you use the same brush again, it will transfer all the germs and bacteria into the skin thereby leading to severe breakouts. So, always remember to clean and sanitize your brushes at least once in every week if you apply makeup frequently.

Reason #10: Beauty Products

Breaking out after a party or wedding? Then, you should check your beauty products. Yes, beauty products can contain ingredients, which might not suit you and irritate your skin. For instance, wheat germ oil can be great for its moisturizing properties, but if you are prone to acne, it will cause and aggravate acne as it is highly comedogenic! So, it is best to choose beauty products depending upon your skin type.

So, here are the top 10 surprising reasons why you may get breakouts. Did you find this article useful? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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