10 Super Effective Weight Loss Motivation Tips And Tricks

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Want to stay focused on getting slimmer and stay that way? Here are some tips to help you do this. To be motivated to lose weight, you need to maintain the exact same routine for several days or months. Weight loss motivation tips can be numerous – garnering compliments, rapid progress, wearing your dream outfits, feeling attractive, and having abundant energy. The biggest question is how to stay motivated to lose weight.

How To Keep The Motivation To Lose Weight

1. Think slim:

This first tip is the most important one. It helps you to overcome your imagination for eating any delicious food item, satisfaction of eating and the feeling post eating it. People following a weight loss program or dieting tend to imagine a lot about eating delicious food all the time. Hence, it is advised to eat something healthy when you’re tempted instead of imagining it. But, follow this only till you become habituate to cutting down on fatty food.

2. Surround yourself with slim people:

No, it’s not about you looking fat or ugly, but it is a proven fact that, most of the time your average body type, weight and size is same as the people with whom you normally hang out. Hence, start doing it the right away and go around with slimmer people at a jogging club, gym, office, etc.

3. Be fair to yourself:

Stop cheating on yourself when you are following weight loss. You can lose weight by 4-5kgs, but a slip or a weak moment that makes you drop down by wrong eating and you tend to lose the confidence. Stop being such a perfectionist! Start dieting sensibly and eat healthy most of the time. We all end up eating the wrong food or drinking the wrong things some times, which leads to weight fluctuation. Hence, don’t be very strict about your target weight. Being harsh on yourself can destroy your weight loss plan.

4. Weight loss is not a cure all:

A slim person can also have a bad day with friends, family, office, self-doubt, or feel undervalued. Being slim always doesn’t solve all the problems of a person. Don’t just keep concentrating on your weight alone. There are many other needs as well that has to be fulfilled in life. Being healthier is just a part of it.

5. Eat when you’re hungry:

This sounds weird, right? But don’t eat sugary foods that will crash your energy and be tempted for sweets. Eat foods that release energy slowly to keep your weight loss motivation awake. You can include proteins in meals with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans. This will reduce the sugar overdosing.

6. Join with like minded friends:

By this I don’t mean leave your friends and family, but join health conscious groups, raw food associations, meetings, gym groups, etc. You can also try to find them in forums or social websites online, if you can’t meet them personally. You can start with vegetarians, vegans or raw foodie’s blog. Attending a local club will help you to stay committed in your weight loss journey.

7. Hang your motivation by the mirror:

Hang your favourite pair of dress, bikini, skinny shorts or anything that you wish to fit in, on your wardrobe display that will keep you motivated daily. You can also hang it on your mirror to remind yourself of the goal of fitting in your special dress!

8. Steer clear of super skinny models:

Fill your rooms or wherever you sit most of the times with pictures of super thin models to be inspired. Staring at these photos will help you to lower your food intake and maintain your ideal weight.

9. Take a health quiz:

This acts as an instant dose of inspiration. Answering the health quiz questions can boost your motivation for starting a diet.

10. Clean your closet:

Clean your closet, pay all your debts, promising your friends, family, or co-workers will keep you stuck to your weight-loss intention.

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