10 Stunning Twist Hairstyles For Short Hair

Image : © Mqdee

No other hairstyle is as elegant, ageless and comfortable as the French twist! Twists can be modern, classy, funky or slightly refined, sophisticated and neat. You can go with this hairdo from morning till evening with very minimal effort. In fact, twists look better when you keep them longer! There are various types of twists that you can try. For example, you can twist your bangs and give them a high school look!

It is not very easy to do twisted hairstyles for short hair but here is a list of twists that you can sport even if you have short hair!

Twist Hairstyles for Short Hair

1. Hair Twist Crown Hairdo:

hair twist crown hairdo
                                                Image : © Mqdee

We girls are our daddy’s little princesses! Why not wear a hairstyle that will put a pseudo crown on your head? This hair twist crown hairdo is easy to wear and looks beautiful. Neat, beautiful and gorgeous hair is what is needed to make this look your own!

2. Pretty Little Hair Twist:

pretty little hair twist
                                            Image : © Mqdee

This little twist on the bang is a very cute hairstyle. And with a wavy touch to your hair, you will simply enhance the beauty of this hairstyle. And undoubtedly, you will look lovely with this hairdo.

3. Rain Fall Twists:

rain fall twists
                                              Image : © Mqdee

This pretty hair twist for short hair is very simple to do and is very girly. This trendy hairstyle can be worn on a casual day out or on a romantic dinner or even on weddings. It is a very elegant and lovely hairstyle, which will make you look pretty and beautiful for sure.

4. Cute Twist Braids:

cute twist braids
                                             Image : © Mqdee

This cute twisted braid is very pretty and getting it just right might take a little practice. But it is not impossible to accomplish. You can wear it to school, college or on a day out with friends!

5. Edgy Hair Twists:

Edgy Hair twists
                                          Image : © Mqdee

If punk and funky defines you, then this hairstyle will surely add character to your whole persona! This edgy hairstyle is a little messy. This is a punk and a modern hairstyle. Pair this with leather jackets and boots to get a biker look!

6. Cute Twisted Buns:

Cute Twisted Buns
                                          Image : © Mqdee

These buns look really cute, don’t they? The hair is twisted and pinned into buns. It looks very pretty and will surely make you look sweet and adorable.

7. Preppy Twisted Bun:

Preppy Twisted Bun
                                                   Image : © Mqdee

This low preppy twisted bun is an easy do-it yourself hairstyle. It is a little messy hairstyle, which will definitely crank up your cool quotient! Team it with jeans and top or with funky beachwear – this twist styles for short natural hair will surely make heads turn!

8. Pretty Breadsticks:

Pretty Breadsticks
                                             Image : © Mqdee

Well, this is not a breadstick but this sure looks like one! This is a beautiful hairstyle to wear on a day out or even on a romantic date. The speciality of this twist is that you can wear it to your work place because it has a slightly formal look if teamed with formal wear. But the same hairdo can look casual if paired with everyday clothing.

9. Plenty Of Twists:

Plenty Of Twists
                                                Image : © Mqdee

Doesn’t this hairstyle look like a river of twists? It is simply mind boggling. You will need a little practice to get this look right. But once you know how to do it, you will want to sport it all the time! It is that amazing! It is a messy updo. Thus, it is best for casual outings, colleges and more.

10. Side Hair Twist Pony Tail:

Side Hair Twist Pony Tail
                                              Image : © Mqdee

This side twist pony tail hairstyle gives you a fresh look. You can easily create it by twisting your hair and tying it into a pony. You can choose this kind of twist hairstyles for short hair to the beach or any other casual occasion.

The best part about twist hairstyles for short hair is that you can always experiment with it. These hairstyles are a guide to your daily look. Why wear the same hairstyle every day? It’s plain boring. Experiment with your hair and bring some excitement to your wonderful life. After all, looking good always brings a smile.

What did you think about these hairstyles? Which one is your favourite? Do leave us a comment!

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