10 Smart Beauty Rules Every Girl Should Follow

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Looking beautiful takes effort and hard work. But with smart thinking, you can manage to look your best without spending hours!

Top 10 Smart Beauty Rules For Girls:

So here are the top 10 smart beauty rules that every girl should follow to look beautiful, gorgeous and flawless, always!

Smart Rule 1: I Shall Not Squeeze My Pimples

It feels horrible when you notice a new pimple or acne eruption on your face. It can be worse when it appears just when you have a special occasion coming up! But, pressing them out is not the solution. Doing so will only lead to more bacterial infections and scars on your face as the epidermal tissue will be completely damaged. So, it is best to avoid even touching your pimples.

Smart Rule 2: I Shall Moisturize Skin Daily

This rule is universal whether you are 18 or 65! It is really important to moisturize your skin regularly. It will help your skin appear fresh, hydrated and soft. Moisturizing regularly helps to retain the elasticity of your skin, which will keep you look young! It is best to choose a suitable moisturizer. Apply your moisturizer after shower and before your beauty sleep.

Smart Rule 3: I Shall Always Apply SPF

Do you wish to have wrinkles and freckles early in life? I am sure you don’t! Then, it is best to take preventive measures. So, include a sun block lotion in your skin care regime. You can choose a moisturizer with SPF content or invest in a separate SPF lotion to save you from the harmful effect of sun rays.

Smart Rule 4: I Shall Not Wear Flaked And Chipped Nail Polish

Flaked and chipped nail polish is a big turn-off for all of us. So, remove your nail polish immediately as soon as you notice the first chip. Rehydrating your cuticles with a good cuticle cream or a natural olive oil will add life to dull nails. It is also a good habit to massage your palms and cuticles with a good moisturizer to avoid that dry and chapped feeling when you wake up.

Smart Rule 5: I Shall Go Matte

It is annoying to notice a shine and greasiness on the face as soon as you have reached a wedding or party—all that time spend doing makeup flushed down the drain! But, if you follow this particular beauty commandment, you’ll never have to worry about this problem again!

Start by blotting off all the excess oil from your skin with an oil absorbing sheet. Then, apply your favorite pressed or translucent powder to lock your makeup. You will notice fresh and flawless skin in no time.

Smart Rule 6: I Shall Not Use My Neighbor’s Cosmetics

Never share or borrow cosmetics from your friends or neighbors. Exchanging makeup is the same as exchanging germs! Yes, you absolutely heard it right. Your mascara wand is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria! Germs breeding in your favorite kajal can give you a severe red eye infection. So, make sure to sanitize your makeup frequently and avoid borrowing to stay safe and beautiful.

Smart Rule 7: I Shall Not Sleep With Makeup

This rule can be really tough to follow, but it is worthy. You should always let your skin breathe before going to sleep. Sleeping with makeup can lead to breakouts, allergy and premature aging! No matter how tired you are, take off all that grease paint before you go to sleep!

Smart Rule 8: I Shall Wash My Makeup Brushes More Often

If you love wearing makeup, then make a habit of sanitizing your makeup brushes. Unclean dirty brushes transfer bacteria and germs to your skin, leading to breakouts. So, next time you notice a pimple popping out for no reason, make sure to check your brushes! It is important to invest in a good makeup brush cleaner. You can even use a gentle baby shampoo mixed with olive oil. Clean your brushes every week, if you apply makeup frequently.

Smart Rule 9: I Shall Not Match Makeup With Outfit

Matching-matching was never in trend! Matching makeup with outfit can make you look boring and tacky. So, it is best to choose complimentary colors or monochromes of the same color to get a vibrant and eye catchy eye makeup look.

Smart Rule 10: I Shall Not Glitter-Up Too Much

We all love to sport attractive makeup to create a glam and sexy look, don’t we? But, using too much glitter can make you look tacky and boring. There is a huge difference between wearing a hint of shimmer and overdoing it! So avoid adding loads of glitter to your eye lids. You can opt for a shimmery pencil to add a pop of glam and sexiness to your eyes or just tweak your matte lipstick with a shiny lip gloss to dazzle without overdoing it.

If you follow these makeup commandments religiously, you can commit no beauty sin! So, stay true to your beautiful self and follow these tips!

Did you find these beauty rules helpful? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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