10 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Turkey

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word Thanksgiving? Turkey? Turkey burgers, turkey roast- these have become staple foods at barbeques or dinner parties. But, there are several reasons why you should refrain from eating these finger licking turkey dishes.

10 Reasons to Stop Eating Turkey:

So, why should you give up eating your favorite meat? Here are the top 10 reasons:

1. Cruelty to Animal:

Meat-eating supports cruelty to animals. And especially, turkeys are subjected to unimaginable cruelty. Because of the pumping of hormones in their bodies, they become very large in size. Due to their large size, they cannot mate naturally. So the animals are ‘artificially inseminated’. And this is just one example of the cruelty they are subjected to! The filthy living conditions, the amount of hormones pumped into their bodies should be enough to turn you away from eating turkey meat.

2. Not Too Healthy:

If you consider yourself to be at the top of the food chain and don’t really mind the cruelty, then consider your health! Turkey meat does not provide the heart healthy, lean protein to the body. It contains high amount of fat. A cooked turkey contains 244mg of cholesterol. Apart from that, the unhygienic rearing of turkeys often results in meat spiked with campylobacter, salmonella and other contaminants.

3. Pandemic Scare:

There is much concern about the way turkeys are fattened up quickly in the farm. Pumped up with drugs, these turkeys become the breeding ground for diseases like bird flu. Cooking kills bird flu virus, but the same cannot be said for the chopping board or knife, which are used to cut up the turkey.

4. An Environmental Issue:

The farms raise animals for meat, including turkeys. It produces 130 times the feces as humans in the US. Imagine the situation without a proper waste treatment system. Turkey farms send foul smells wafting for miles.

5. Inhumane Living Conditions:

Turkeys are forced to live in crammed sheds, in their own urine and feces with ammonia burning their eyes. In the sheds they do not even get to stretch their wings. For birds that can fly 55 miles an hour and run 25 miles an hour, this is a sheer torture.

6. Inhuman Slaughtering:

Not only are they forced to live in sad conditions, turkeys are even killed for meat in gruesome ways. Their throats are slashed while they are conscious. Some turkeys that miss the automated knife die in boiling water of the de-feathering tank.

7. Ineffective Recall Process:

The US government does not have the power to recall animal products that are contaminated. So, consumers have to depend on the industry to call back the meat, eggs or dairy items that may have been contaminated. According to the Center for Science in Public Interest, up to 28% of fresh turkeys are infected with many dangerous bacteria.

8. Drugged Birds:

Turkeys are fed with drugs and antibiotics to boost their growth. So, the eating of turkey meat can pose risks to your health. It also spreads antibiotic resistant ‘super germs’.

9. Dangerous Farming:

Turkeys are not the only one at risk in a turkey farm. The workers who work on these farms are ever given the appropriate safety gear because it involves a significant amount of investment.

10. Other Alternatives:

There are many tasty vegetarian and vegan alternative to turkey meat, which are a lot healthier too. The tofurky roast, celebration roast, tofurky deli slices, veggie turkey breast with wild rice and cranberry stuffing are savory dishes made out of soy and wheat-based animal-friendly foods.

Yes, we agree that turkey is no less than a delicacy and nothing can come close to a roast turkey on thanksgiving! But, the reasons stated above are compelling enough to find an alternative to this meat!
Do you think these reasons are good enough to swear off turkey meat? Do you know of any other side effect of eating turkey? Share with us in the comments section below.

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