10 Reasons Why You Should Not Eat Salmon

Salmons are one the most popular fish consumed for health benefits, thanks to the omega 3s that the fish contain. Omega 3s supposedly boost the functioning of the brain. Salmons are rated high on the health scale, but recent researches have provided some light on the harmful effects of these fish.

Why You Should Stay Away From Salmon?

So, is there a reason why you should stop eating salmon? Actually, we can give you 10 reasons to stop eating your favorite fish, and they are:

1. Half Fat:

Salmon contains half fat, and half fat is one of the causes of obesity and type 2 diabetes. The tag half fat comes from the high content of cholesterol in it. The consumption of this fish also increases blood sugar levels and aggravate diabetes. The flesh of salmon leads to calcium loss, which causes osteoporosis and kidney stones.

2. Arsenic And Old Waste:

Salmon has extremely high levels of toxins – arsenic, mercury, PCBs, DDT, dioxins and more. The chemical residue found in salmon is higher than the residue found in the water they live in. You really don’t want a plate of poison now, do you?

3. Sea Lice:

Sea lice are typically parasites that live in the oceans, and infest in the bones of the fish’s face. Salmon are commonly found to be infested by sea lice. That is not so healthy to consume now, is it?

4. Sores And Injuries:

When grown in farms, almost 27 fish are put in a space like a bath tub. This leads to collisions, which in turn leads to injuries and sores. When left untreated, these sores and lesions become infectious and harmful as they contain pus, which is the perfect breeding place for the bacteria and virus.

5. Sewage:

The salmons from the oceans are more susceptible to this as oceans, mostly serve as large scale dumping grounds. So, your salmon was probably bred on the rotting ocean floor with your city’s sewage, dead bodies of other fish and what not!

6. Cancer Scare:

According to an estimate by the Environmental Working Group, 800000 people in the US face cancer risk due to the consumption of farm salmon. This can be attributed to the sewage and the toxin factor. You don’t really want to eat fish and invite cancer now, do you?

7. Risk To Infants:

Infants of mothers that consume salmon, either during pregnancy or lactation, are also at a risk of slower growth rate—they are more likely to walk late and face other developmental delays. Such kids also show weaker memories and shorter attention span.

8. Artificial Coloring:

Farmed salmons are colored as pink to make them look like wild salmon. Artificial food colors lead to health hazards and are also carcinogenic.

9. Pesticide Scare:

Endosulphan is a banned pesticide, as it is extremely dangerous to human health as well the environment. But in April 2013, Norway got the European Union to allow 10X more of the endosulphan in farmed salmon feed. This is the one pesticide that we are aware of. What about all the other pesticides that we aren’t even aware of? We seriously don’t need more harmful chemicals in our food!

10. PCBs:

People who consume salmon regularly experience forgetfulness, which leads to serious memory loss if left untreated. PCBs are the synthetic chemicals that pollute water and are far more dangerous than toxins themselves. They act like hormones in the body of the fish bodies and lead to abnormalities.
Shouldn’t we all consider these pointers before consuming salmon? Next time you feel like eating salmon, keep these in mind.

Do you know of any health hazards or concerns about eating salmon? Shoot a comment and let us know

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