10 Pregnancy Personal Care Tips

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Pregnancy care tips:

Who doesn’t love kids? I do: D those cutesy clothes, tin little fingers, toothless smiles aawh! Pregnancy is a wonderful part of a woman’s life. The feel of a new life being inside her gives her a sense of love and fulfillment.

But it isn’t an easy job, with the hormonal imbalances, nauseas, dizziness and puking?! We also see many women developing aversion to many of their favorite food and also healthy ones. When ones diet gets affected, it obviously shows on her skin and hair. The better part is the glowing skin! Who doesn’t know about the glow a woman gets in her pregnancy? No amount of blush and bronzer can get one that ;)

But still, due to the hormones, some women undergo a phase of acne bouts and hair fall.

Pregnant women care:

Here I’ll list down the common concerns and their remedies during pregnant care:

  1. If you are prone to acne, be sure to be ready. Arm yourself with a good skin care and anti blemish agents. Be aware that retinol and such chemicals are to be avoided during pregnancy. So consult your derma before you use any new product.
  2. Some women are known to suffer from dry skin though it’s not a part of their regular skin type. Use a lot of thick moisturizers and also increase your fluid intake. Reapply them all through the day. Body oils are also a wonderful option as they provide a massage too.
  3. Facial moisturizers shouldn’t be forgotten. Use your HG moisturizer to keep your skin supple and glowing and maintaining this skin care during pregnancy.
  4. Avoid stress as much possible. It’s not good for your health or the baby’s. Indulge in meditation for its calming effects. Practice sitting silent for some time of the day.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep. A sleep is when your body changes the most and repairs itself. Give it adequate time to heal itself.
  6. A very popular skin care routine pregnant women are recommended is usage of no boiled milk. Dip some cotton into non boiled milk and run it slowly across your face. Your skin will be hydrated, tan reduced and a glow added.
  7. A paste of corn flour and honey definitely helps handle blemishes and dead skin. Scrub it away and moisturize.
  8. Use sliced cucumber to give relief to strained eyes. Freeze them for better cooling effects.
  9. If you are suffering from major hair loss, opt for a shorter hair cut. Now is the time to experiment with all the newness.
  10. Don’t forget your sunscreen. Sun protection is always on the top of the priority list.
  11. Avoid using soap. Soaps dry your skin maximum and give you blotchy spots. Use hydrating cleansing milk.

All of your regular skin and hair care during pregnancy too. Stick by them and see yourself glow. Be careful and consult your doctor before you start on any new regimen – the chemicals in them have the potential to seep through skin and affect you and your baby. Also, take supplements and multivitamins for better health and control.

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