10 Effective Ways To Relax In Just 5 Minutes


The hundreds of mails in your inbox can wait for your reply; your laundry can also wait to be done, and tell your friend that you will call her back later. Just 5 minutes – that is what you need to de-stress and unwind yourself. Right from a simple cup of antioxidant packed tea to simple mediation, there are countless ways you can do to get rid of stress.

10 Simple And Easy Ways To Relax In 5 Minutes:

It is not as ridiculous as it sounds. It does work. Still not convinced? That is why we have handpicked 10 of the simplest tricks to relax in 5 minutes. Now, put that confused look in the trash and start reading…

1. Sip A Cup Of Your Favorite Drink:

It could be a cup of calorie-free green tea or your favorite double strong cappuccino. Both do wonders. Sit back and let the aroma fill your senses as you sip it. The caffeine does the job here by stimulating your senses and kicking stress out of your life temporarily.

2. Eat Chocolate:

Chocolate might not be good for that trim waist, but it is a proven mood lifting agent. Opt for a dark chocolate as it is a powerful storehouse of antioxidant rich cocoa. The darker the chocolate is, the better the benefits will be.

3. Take A Walk:

Get out, preferably into a space where you can get some fresh air. Or, just walking out of your cabin to the nearest coffee desk might also help. A surge in the circulation actually leads to a relaxed mind.

4. Munch A Crunch:

Keeping crunchy fruits, such as apple could come handy in this situation. While salty munchies are more sought after as a de-stress tool, apples and pears are healthy variants. Or, you could even keep 20 non-salted, roasted peanuts or a handful or roasted, non-salted almonds to help you overcome the anxiety.

5. Wash Your Face:

Water cools you down – both your soul and body. Just rush to your washroom and splash the cold water on your face. Just twice – that’s what you need to thrash away that uninvited tension.

6. Listen To Your Favorite Song:

With advanced technology, you now have access to music anywhere and everywhere. Just grab your headphones, plug it into your ears, and switch on your favorite music. Allow it to creep into your mind and mellow down that stress. Let go of all other thoughts. And you will feel the tension washing away. This is the best way to relax your mind.

7. Talk To Your Friend:

You can talk to anyone you want with just a touch now. Just dial the number of your best friend and talk to her for a minute or two. You will feel yourself completely at ease. You can even talk to your mom. She is unarguably the best person to talk to.

8. Do A Short Spot Jog:

It gives that much wanted burst of energy. Physical exercise is known to have a terrific effect on beating stress. Just get up from the seat and close those curtains.If you are in your cabin, lock the door and start spot jogging. A marvelous cardiovascular exercise, it instantly peps up the circulation levels, leaving you fresh and rejuvenated.

9. Do Shavasana:

The corpse pose is the ultimate way of relaxing. The most peaceful of the yoga poses, its tranquilizing and calming effects are well-known. No wonder it is one of the most popular yoga asanas for beating stress and anxiety.

Savasana – Corpse Pose:

How To Do:

  1.  Lie on a yoga mat, allowing your back to rest on the mat.
  2.  Spread out your feet as much as possible at the maximum comfortable distance.
  3.  Allow your hands to rest beside your body on either side. Let the palms face the ceiling.
  4.  Now, close the eyes and take deep inhalations and exhalations.
  5.  With each breath, let your body relax.
  6.  Breathe naturally and as deep as possible.
  7.  Let your focus be restricted only on the breathing pattern.
  8.  Lie down like this for 2 to 3 minutes for complete relaxation.
  9.  To exit, take a deep inhalation and then as you exhale, slowly move the toes and fingers.

10. Take Deep Breaths:

You do not have to do pranayamas, but just indulge in deep breathing. As each inhalation oxygen fills in your lungs, it empowers the circulation. And as I mentioned above, a better circulation is quintessential to relax and freshen up.

How To Do?

  1.  Sit in a place and position in which you are comfortable. It could be on your office chair or on the floor in Padmasana, Sukhasana, or even Vajrasana. The basic rule is to keep your back, spine, and neck erect while indulging in this.
  2.  Close your eyes and relax.
  3.  Now inhale deeply and let the air fill in your lungs completely.
  4.  Once done, exhale completely.
  5.  You will find yourself relaxed.
  6.  This makes one round. Do at least 5 to 8 rounds.

Along with these instant tricks, here are a few tips that you can incorporate in your life to put yourself at peace in times of unprecedented stress:

  1.  Eat a balanced diet rich in veggies and fruits.
  2.  Say no to alcohol and smoking.
  3.  Enjoy a piece of dark chocolate once a week [Choose for the darkest variant with hardly any sugar].
  4.  Cut down sugar and sodium intake.
  5.  Say bye to refined food products, including all purpose flour and your favorite biscuits.
  6.  Bid adieu to deep fried delicacies –chips and all other crunchy munches.
  7.  Maintain a positive notes dairy. Read it when you are under stress. It does wonders [I have tried this].
  8.  Think positive and be positive. This helps in cutting down the occurrences of the uninvited stress episodes.
  9.  Workout – Physical exercise is a must.
  10.  Walk, walk, and walk. Take a stroll in your nearby park for 30 minutes.
  11.  Have plenty of sex. It helps.
  12.  Practice Hatha yoga.
  13.  Do Pranayama.
  14.  Practice meditation.
  15.  Laugh as much as possible. Laughing has therapeutic benefits on stress. No wonder, laughter clubs are so popular.

These are just a handful of ways you can relax in 5 minutes. So the next time you come under the siege of an unwanted panic attack, try to use one of the above mentioned mechanisms and say good bye to stress. And, see the difference? Ready to go?

So what are your ways of relaxing in 5 minutes? Are there any other good ways to relax that I can try too? Why don’t you scribble below and share your stress busting secrets with us?

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