10 Effective Ways To Cope With Depression

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Depression is a constant companion in today’s world. Since people have to deal with highly stressful environment at work, school, and college and even at times at home, most of them are highly susceptible to depression. It is surprising how life has become totally mundane, with only work and no time to rest and rewind! The rise in the number of suicides around the world is attributed to the increase in depression in people’s lives.

While it is easy to say, that one should take a break every so often, at times it is rather impossible to do so. Add to it the fact that everyone cannot always surround themselves in a sterile stress free environment. This increases the chances of becoming depressed easily. This is why we all need to find simple ways of pausing, taking a break, relaxing and keeping depression at bay.

Top 10 Effective Ways to Cope with Depression:

Most people will agree that the best place to clear your head is in the comfort of your home. Away from the clutter and noise of a world that chooses to look away, home is a refuge where you can heal the invisible wounds that pushes you towards that gnawing hole called depression.

Do you want to know a few ways of clearing your mind in the comfort of your home? Then simply read on! You will be amazed at how you can let loose and relax in your very personal space. Here are 10 easy ways of battling depression in the comfort of your home:

1. Identify The Trigger:

When you are depressed, stop, ask yourself “Why am I depressed?” and then you can find ways of tackling your depression. Not knowing the trigger can lead you deeper into depression. So, sit down and think about what it is that has brought your spirits down.

2. Create Distance: 

Now that you know the depression trigger, what should be your next step? The next step is to create distance from the trigger. If the trigger is at work or at your place of education, then retreat to your home. If the trigger is at home, then retreat to your room. DO NOT let the trigger remain in your vicinity.

3. Safe Space: 

Insecurity can cause depression. This is why it is important to encompass yourself in a space that you consider “safe”. The safe space can help you create distance from the trigger and at the same time help you unravel your depression at your own comfort.

4. Address The Trigger:

If the depression is triggered by a person or a situation, then there are ways of resolving it. You can get closure and peace of mind by addressing the trigger. But do not address it with aggression. CALM DOWN before taking any steps.

5. Shut It Out:

There are many triggers that cannot be addressed. What should you do in such a case? When you feel confronted with a no-way-out situation, you need to find ways of shutting the trigger out of your mind.

6. Follow A Diet:

Generally, depression does cause one to binge on calorie rich food. Depression can coax you to throw your diet out of the window. But do not let this to become a trend. Not following your diet can cause weight gain, which can then become a major trigger for depression. So, do not over do your depression munchies.

7. Burn It Out:

By this I do not mean that you should become an arsonist! You need to burn the depression out of your system by exercising. Exercising helps create hormonal changes that can give you a happy feeling. It can be considered a kind of a high a healthy high! So, get up and exercise your dark clouds away.

8. Dear Diary:

You do not have to be a teenager to turn to your diary in times of need. Writing can be cathartic. Keeping a blog or journal, or even a diary can help you cope with depressive thoughts. Going back to read the past depressing accounts can in fact make you feel better. You never know, your diary may become a best seller one day!

9. Happy Faces:

It is best to not be alone when you have chronic depression. Being alone, when depressed, can make you feel more dejected. So, invite your closest friends over. Talk to them about the trigger. Share some wine and have a good time. And before you know, the cloud of depression will just drift away!

10. Furry Friend:

If you do not want to surround yourself with more complicated people, then you can find comfort in your pets. Having a pet can be highly reliving. Whether you have a dog, cat or even a bird as your pet, you are sure to find their company quite helpful in times of depression.

You do not have to resort to anti-depressants to help you cope with your depression. You can study your own psychology or just indulge yourself to battle depression. But if you think that you cannot manage yourself and if your thoughts turn negative bordering on the suicidal, don’t hesitate to seek professional help!

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