10 Effective Tips You Should Follow To Be Happy

With our lives becoming more and more complicated, we are forced to seek ‘guidance’ on how to be happy! Be it the help of a psychiatrist or self-help books, we are constantly driven to look for something that will make us satisfied and feel happy from inside. However, happiness does not require a lot of effort. It lies in small things done with care.

Top 10 Ways To Be Happy:

Here are 10 simple ways with which you can fill your life with joy and happiness:

1. Smile And Laugh:

A study has shown that customer service workers who project fake smiles all day, tend to have worse mood than those who smile through cultivation of positive thoughts. Smile with your entire face, eyes, and being. And laugh like you mean it! Laughing releases endorphins, which induce pleasure and stress levels in our body. So, every now and then, laugh out loud.

2. Follow Your Dream:

The biggest source of unhappiness, depression and spiritual dissatisfaction in the urban population is not doing the right kind of job. They do not like the job, but good pay and benefits lured them to take up the job. However, ask yourself, is the biggest paycheck worth many years of slavery? Doing your dream job would bring you more happiness and eventually greater success. At the same time, it will also bring financial affluence.

3. Tend To Your Garden:

Gardening is the perfect amalgamation of two things that make people happy. Going outside and getting in touch with nature brings utmost happiness. Watching seeds turning into beautiful little plants gives us immense joy and a sense of accomplishment. Gardening also involves mild physical workout, which releases stress reducing hormones that gives you another boost of happiness.

4. Set Aside Some ‘You’ Time:

With our work, family, and social engagements taking up all the time, we hardly find the much required time to spend alone. Take some time to recharge yourself. Go out on for a movie or a quiet lunch or spend an afternoon browsing in a bookstore.

5. Love And Be Loved:

Close relationships are the best antidote to stress. Many studies have shown that people who have a lot of supportive friends had lower levels of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol compared to people who had only a couple of such friends. Women get more benefit than men from a good relationship with spouses and parents. Isolated people are also 3 times more likely to fall sick and die prematurely than gregarious people.

6. Volunteer:

Being involved in charities and working to help others will boost your self esteem, health, and cure depression too. Making others happy is truly the best way to be happy.

7. Learn To Say No:

If you do not particularly want to do something, do not be afraid to say no. Sticking to such unnecessary activities can only increase your stress levels.

8. Listen To Music:

Music induces the same part of the brain, which gets stimulated by food or sex. It relaxes you too. Many studies show that music can lower the heart rate, cardiac workload and blood pressure.

9. Do One Thing At A Time:

Multitasking increases stress and blood pressure level in the body. So, instead of doing a lot of things together, do them one at a time and with care.

10. Go On Short Trips:

Once in a while, find time to unwind. And there is no way to unwind better than going on a trip. In fact, planning a trip is also a happiness booster, more than the actual vacation! According to studies, the effect of anticipation keeps you happy for up to 8 weeks while the happiness ebbs quickly after the actual vacation ended.

Happiness is a choice! Now, that may seem like a stretch, but it is true. Each moment of our life gives us the choice—be happy or choose to be sad. What will you choose today?

How do you stay happy? Please share your tips with us in the comments section below.

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