10 Effective Home Remedies To Treat White Hair

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One of the most vexing outcomes of modern lifestyle is white hair. They annoy you every time you look yourself in the mirror! And here, we are talking about premature graying. Occurrence of white hair with old age is obvious. But, when you notice them in your early 30’s and sometimes, even 20’s, it’s disheartening!

Causes Of White Hair:

White hair is caused due to many reasons. Firstly, let us know the major causes before going into the treatments.

1. Deficiency Of Melanin:

In most of the cases, a deficiency of melanin is the major cause behind hair whitening. The production of melanin depends upon appropriate nutrition and protein supplements. Lack of these nutrients causes melanin to fall below the acceptable levels.

2. Stress:

Stress caused by hectic schedules is again the major cause of premature graying along with excessive intake of alcohol and junk food.

3. Chemical Hair Products:

Sometimes, usage of chemical-based shampoos, soaps, hair dyes, etc. , may directly cause this problem. However, it can result from some allergic infections as well.

4. Genetic Disorders:

In some cases, premature whitening of hair can be attributed to genetic disorders.

10 Home Remedies To Treat White Hair:

Whatever be the cause of white hair, there are easy-to-do natural remedies available to curb it. Our list of the top 10 home remedies for white hair includes:

1. Wonderful Indian Gooseberry:

Indian gooseberry or amla is, probably, the most effective medicine to treat white hair. It has a rich reserve of Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant. You can use dried gooseberries in many ways as a remedy. Boil them with coconut oil to prepare a solution (oil). Massage your hair with this oil. You can also soak dried amla in water overnight to rinse your hair the next morning with this water. Mix dried gooseberry powder with lemon and almond oil to prepare a smooth mixture to be applied regularly on the scalp.

2. Carrot Seeds And Sesame Oil Therapy:

Half a teaspoon of carrot oil mixed with 4 teaspoons of sesame oil makes a great solution to rediscover natural hair color. Apply this solution to the hair roots. Wash it afterwards with warm water and mild shampoo for lustrous tresses.

3. Black Tea:

This is a simple, yet effective medicine for white hair. Boil 2 tbsp of black tea and sift it after cooling down to room temperature. Apply it on the scalp and rinse after minimum 1 hour. And remember not to use shampoo here!

4. Curry Leaves And Coconut Oil Therapy:

Boil some curry leaves in half a cup of coconut oil. After cooling this solution, strain it and massage gently on the scalp. Then wash it away using a mild shampoo. Follow this therapy for a few weeks and you will notice the change in your hair color.

5. Sage Leaves Therapy:

To restore your natural hair color, boil a few sage leaves with water. Cool the mixture and sprinkle it on your hair evenly. Leave it for 2 hours and then wash with a mild shampoo. Repeat the process for a few weeks and see the change!

6. Ridge Gourd Therapy:

Take half a cup of ridge gourd or ribbed gourd, cut and dried. Soak them in 1 cup of coconut oil for 3-4 days. Boil this mixture until it becomes black in color. Apply this stained oil twice every week to massage your scalp.

7. Buttermilk And Curry Leaves Therapy:    

This is an exceptionally effective treatment for oily hair. Mix half a cup of both curry leaves juice and buttermilk. Boil this mixture for a few minutes. Apply it lukewarm on your scalp and leave for half an hour. Then wash it away with lukewarm water and see how it works for your hair!

8. Fenugreek Seeds Therapy:

In South India, the use of fenugreek seeds is considered as a powerful remedy for white hair. You can consume fenugreek sprouts daily. Drink the water extracted from soaked fenugreek, or apply its paste on scalp for treatment of premature graying of hair.

9. Henna Therapy:

It is a well known fact that henna works effectively for hair problems in multiple ways. Mix henna powder with yoghurt, fenugreek, basil, and mint juice to make a smooth paste. Also, you can prepare a mixture of henna powder with 1 teaspoon each of curd, coffee, lemon, catechu, gooseberry powder, vinegar, and dried mint powder. After applying this mixture, leave them for at least 1 hour before washing away.
Image description: Henna powder as an effective ingredient for white hair medicines

10. Sesame Seed Oil And Almond Oil Therapy:

1 teaspoon of sesame oil should be mixed with 4 teaspoons of almond oil. Massage this oil for 20-25 minutes on the scalp and later wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Use these home remedies consistently for visible results. They may work gradually! But have patience and believe in their ability to stop the growth of white hair.

Are you also facing this white hair problem? Well, try these remedies and let us know your experiences in the comment section below.

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