10 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Hip Bursitis

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Our body is a complex machine. Till all its parts work in tandem, all is good. But the moment one part breaks down or needs repair the rest of the body gets affected.

Bursitis means irritation of bursa. Bursa is the fluid-filled sac that helps to protect the muscles, ligaments, tendons or skins that get rubbed across the bone. There are 150 bursa in the entire body. But the bursa, which are near to heels, knees, elbows, shoulder and hips get inflamed frequently than the other ones.

Hip Bursitis is the inflammation of bursa in the hip region. This occurs due to the vigorous activities that inflict pressure on the bones or the bursa. Incorrect posture at work or home can also cause bursitis. Bursitis is not serious in nature. It can be easily cured with proper care of the injured or inflamed area. Home remedies are enough to cure the ailment, but if it is recurring frequently, you should surely consult your doctor. The common home remedies to cure the ailment are given below.

Top 10 Home Remedies For Hip Bursitis:

If the following home remedies are properly followed, one can find relief from the irritation and inflammation within four to five days.

1. Rest The Hurting Body Part:

To find relief from the inflammation or the irritation of the bursa, it is necessary that such parts of the body are relaxed properly. If it is in continuous friction, the irritation may increase. It may severely damage the bursa when home remedies may not work.

2. Avoid Pain Aggravating Activities:

It is necessary that the activities that cause hip bursitis should be avoided to give relief to the inflamed bursa. Simple things like sitting in an uncomfortable chair can also lead to pain in the hips. So, try and avoid all such activities that worsen your pain.

3. Hot And Cold, That’s The Way To Go:

This is a common treatment when it comes to treating muscular pains. To find relief, cover the inflamed parts with ice. This should be done for the initial two days to bring down the swelling. Then, apply heat pack to ease the pain and stimulate blood circulation. This should be applied alternatively – ice and heat, one after the other for some time.

4. Use Pain Relievers:

Use pain relievers to reduce the pain. One can take medicines, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen to relive the pain. But these will only shut out the pain for a short time and would do nothing to cure the actual problem.

5. Do Not Push It:

Do not push your body—hip bursitis is a sign that you need to slow down! Allow the hip to rest. If you are engaged in physical labor, take frequent breaks. If you are planning to start a new workout regime or sport, make sure you start slow and steady. And the moment you feel pain, stop exercising.

6. Undergo Physical Therapy:

Physical therapies help to make the muscles and joints strong. This in turn prevents hip bursitis from getting worse. But make sure that the therapist you go to is certified and has a good reputation!

7. Skip Liniments:

Liniments or balms are of no use in treating the pain of hip bursitis. Liniments do not penetrate deep enough to treat the pain in the bursa. They can only make the skin warm and distract you from the pain in the bursa.

8. Maintain A Good Shape:

Flexibility and stretching exercises for hip bursitis help in increasing joint mobility. It tones the muscles that support the bones and helps keep problems like hip bursitis at bay.

9. Wear The Right Kind Of Shoes:

Wearing the right kind of shoes is also important. It is necessary for providing proper support to the feet and knees. If the shoes are not proper and are used for long, it leads to pain in the knees and heels. This in turn results in hip pain. Wearing high heel shoes should be avoided because they can cause pressure on the knees and that result in pain on the heel and the hip region. The tendons and bursa in the hip region get excessive strain because of such shoes. Never wear shoes that are tight and narrow.

10. Avoid Staying In One Position For Long:

One should avoid staying in the same position, such as sitting in the same position for a prolonged period of time. One must get up and walk for a while or must change positions at regular intervals.
You can practice these simple tips to prevent and heal hip bursitis. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us through the comments section.

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