10 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blood Blisters

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If you wake up one day to find a painful, scary looking bump on your body, don’t be alarmed! In all probability, it is a blood blister and a sign that your body is doing its best to heal itself. Blood blisters are red, fleshy-feeling bumps that are caused due to damage that affects the skin till its lowest derma layer. While smaller blisters can be cured at home, it is better to visit a doctor to professionally drain larger blood blisters. Given below are ten easy-to-do remedies for blood blisters to help your skin heal and to aid the bursting of the blister.

A word of caution: do not forcibly burst these blisters. It could lead to serious infections and discomfort. These suggested remedies are only to aid the body in bursting the blister by itself.

Home Remedies for Blood Blisters

1. Freeze:

Soon after the trauma has occurred and the blood blister begins to form, place an ice pack over the affected area. Remember to place the ice in a cloth first, as otherwise it could lead to a minor version of frostbite.

2. Elevated alleviation:

Keep the affected area slightly elevated through the day to ensure that the blood blister doesn’t grow too big and cause a bigger bursting of the skin, thus creating a larger area susceptible to infection.

3. Aloe Assuaging:

To relieve the pain, and some of the swelling, spread some fresh Aloe Vera juice on the blister and allow it to air. Store-bought Aloe should also do the trick.

4. Clean Convalescence:

Remember that blood blisters are easily susceptible to infections. So, ensure that your hands are always clean when dealing with them. Also, ensure that if the bandage covering the blood blister has become damp or dirty it is replaced immediately.

5. Mouthwash:

Mouthwash is also good in preventing infections on the skin. Some mouthwash splashed on the blister will not only leave it feeling cool, but it will also battle a variety of infections.

6. Air It Out:

If the blood blister is still intact, do not cover it. However, if it is in a place that will touch other surfaces constantly, such as the foot or the palms, tie a loose bandage around the area.

7. Cucumber Cure:

Cucumber works as a cooling agent and a skin tissue straightener and thus, helps lessen the swelling of the blisters. Place cucumber slices on the blisters several times a day for a couple of days until the swelling dies down completely. Alternatively, drink cucumber juice at least once every day to ease the swelling.

8. Splints:

If you are unfortunate enough to have a blood blister in an area on your body that folds frequently, such as the inside of your elbow or the back of your knee, then the best thing to do is to attach a splint to avoid bending and unintentional popping of the blister.

9. Tea Bag:

Place a cold, wet tea bag on the affected area and leave it there for a few minutes. Repeat this a few times a day for about twenty days. The tannic acid in the tea will prevent infections from forming and will assuage the swelling.

10. Sandalwood:

Mix sandalwood powder with water to create a paste, spread this on your blister and wait for it to dry. This paste will absorb the warmth from the blister and leave it cool. Wipe off with a cool, damp cloth and repeat a couple of times a day. One of the best ways for getting rid of blood blisters.

Remember, do not peel the skin! Leave it intact. After the blister pops, clean and wash with an antibacterial and cover the area to avoid infection.

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