10 Effective Home Remedies To Fight Obesity

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Are you battling obesity? Then you are not alone in your struggle. Obesity is a disease that has crept into every corner of the world. The battle to eradicate obesity is a personal one. If your BMI is over 30, then you qualify as obese. But in some countries even those with lesser BMI are considered obese. So, the official obesity measurement varies from country to country.

Obesity is appreciated in many cultures, but today we have come to realize that it is a harmful disease. Obesity increases chances of heart disease and can in fact shorten your lifespan. Do you get tired easily? Then it might just be because of your weight. If you keep a check on your weight, then you do not have to worry about obesity stealing years of your life.

Top 10 Home Remedies for Obesity:

Fighting obesity can be a difficult task. You need not run to the gym or resort to more extreme treatments, like liposuction, to lose weight. Both of these options can mean shelling out a lot of money. You can instead resort to a few simple obesity home remedies to ensure a steady road to recovery. In fact resorting to extreme measures can have more drawbacks than advantages. So, it is best to adopt home remedies for obesity. There are many steps that you can take at home. The steps revolve around eating right and exercising. If you follow the following tips you are sure to have positive results.

1. Low Fat Recipes:

When trying to lose weight it is important to have a low fat cookbook that can direct you towards a healthy diet. Most nutritionists and diets tell you what kinds of produce you can consume. But the difficulty arises when the question of what to cook arises. This is why it is important to have a collection of recipes that are not calorific and good for your health.

2. Food Scale:

Many diets ask for well portioned meals. For a well portioned meal, it is important to have all the produce measured. But most people do not have the implements to measure the quantity of food. But if you want to seriously lose weight then get a scale to measure the produce when cooking.

3. Grills:

Grilled food can be both a delicious and healthy inclusion in your diet. Why step out to the nearby deli to feast on grilled delicacies. Instead, simply invest in an indoor grill. These grills can be used to grill all kinds of proteins. So, you can have a protein filled diet without having to use any kind of oil to cook it.

4. Steamer:

Steaming is a process that ensures that you get all the nutrition from all the produce that you want to eat. You can steam everything from rice to fish. Steaming can create a blander dish, but if you are ready to compromise on the flavor it is best to steam your food in a steamer.

5. Non Stick Cookware:

When one cooks using old pans and pots a lot of oil is required to keep the food from sticking to the cookware. This is why resorting to non stick pans are the best way to cut out the use of excess oil from your diet.

6. Healthy Oils:

If you do have to use oils in your recipe, then it is best to resort to healthy oils. The two kinds of oils that are considered healthy are canola oil and olive oil. Using these two in limited quantities can be good for health.

7. Healthy Produce:

What is more important than having the right implements and cookware is having the right produce. You need to have a pantry full of low fat produce to whip up salads and other healthy dishes with. So, stoking up is very necessary for losing weight.

8. Yoga:

There are number of exercise routines that you can try out at home. Yoga exercises can be very easy to do. Yoga has beneficial effects apart from just weight loss. So, trying out a few yoga postures can be good home remedies for obesity and weight loss.

9. Free Hand Exercises:

There are a number of simple free hand exercises that can help you lose weight. From abdomen crunches to side bends, you can do all these exercises at home. You can use home implements instead of gym implements to assist your weight loss efforts.

10. Home Chores:

One out of the ordinary way of keeping a check on your way is by doing home chores all by yourself regularly. You do not always have to trust the maid to come help you keep your home straight. Simple physical chores can help you reduce your weight as well.

These are a few simple remedies for obesity by which you can lose weight while staying in the comfort of your home. Don’t carry the extra weight around on your body. Yes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but a healthy body is within your reach!

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