10 Effective Home Remedies To Alleviate TMJ Pain

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There are many people who suffer from TMJ pain and are not even aware of it! Stiff jaw, difficulty while opening the mouth wide etc. are all symptoms of of this disorder. TMJ is nothing but Temporomandibular Disorder, which needs the help of a skilled dentist. The disorder is called TMJ because it joins the mandible or lower jaw to the temporal bone at the side of the head.

The TMJ or Temporomandibular joint are the adjacent network of muscles which makes it possible to open and close your mouth, eat, and chew food. Anything that disturbs the normal function of this network may cause pain or an irritating exploding and cracking sound. TMJ is noticeable by discomfort in your joints, a popping noise when using your mouth, and tenderness in your neck and shoulders.

Home Remedies for TMJ Pain Relief:

A visit to the dentist can be scary. But you can try these home remedies for TMJ syndrome to get relief from TMJ pain:

1. Avoid Overuse of Jaw Muscles:

Avoiding hard crunchy foods like carrots, celery sticks, nuts, and hard chocolates. A soft diet can provide relief, try soups, pastas, and other easy-to-eat foods. Also, avoid chewing gum.

2. Cold and Warm Compress:

Alternating hot and cold packs for about 15-20 minutes can help ease the pain. This home remedy for TMJ pain has been in use for years to treat a number of health issues and the pain that comes with them. These compresses boost blood circulation to the area and relax the jaw muscles.

3. Stretching and Massage:

When you are working out, do you ever think about your jaw muscles? Most do not. An exercise program can also include stretching the facial muscles and relaxation techniques, as some pain is caused by tight muscles that spasm, causing pain.

4. Rub it on the Jaw:

Massage is almost always thereputic. Rubbing your jaws can help relax muscle tightness and improve blood flow to the required area. Open the mouth and then scrub the muscles near your temporomandibular joints. Do this several times a day to get relief from TMJ pain.

5. Put Your Protector Up:

Many people grind their teeth while asleep. This too can lead to severe TMJ pain. To prevent it, try to wear a low-cost mouth guard, which you can find at any sports store. Follow the instructions given with the product to ensure that it works perfectly for you.

6. Watch your Posture:

When you are sitting in a chair at work or otherwise, it is important to sit up straight .Make sure that your jaw does not project out in front. Your back should be erect and relaxed. If you are angled forward, your neck and back tend to tense up, which can lead to jaw pain.

7. Give Your Mouth a Rest:

Many of us tend to uncoinciously chew on our nails or other things like a pencil or a pen. Become concious of what your mouth is up to and avoid these impulsive actions. If you do need a way to use up your nervous energy, use stress balls or try winding a pin instead.

8. A Yawning Trick:

If are suffering from TMJ, a big yawn is sure to cause pain. Now, if we aks you to not yawn, that’ll be a little unrealistic. If you can, try to open your mouth as less as possible while yawning to avoid the pain.
Stress is major contributor to TMJ. How you manage your stress levels and reduce it can go a long way in providing relief.

9. Use the Phone Correctly:

If you are like a majority of the urban population, the phone is definitely your constant companion. If you do use the telephone on a regular basis, then it is better for you to get a headset. Holding the mobile between your shoulder and cheek puts a lot of tension on your neck and jaw while you try to multi-task!

10. Exercise May Help:

Get 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least 3-4 times a week to give your whole body, including the jaws, a workout.

Tip: Avoid tea and coffee because caffeine can increase muscle tension. Change to decaffeinated drinks if you cannot do without your daily cuppa.

Most importantly, don’t challenge TMJ alone. Before trying any of these home remedies, please consult your dentist. Some of these home remedies  for TMJ pain may cause more harm and actually make your TMJ pain worse.

Hope you found this article helpful. Do leave us your feedback in the comments section below.

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