10 Effective Home Remedies on How to Get Rid of Boils on the Inner Thighs

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Boils on the inner thigh are not common, but if you belong to that tiny fraction of the population to have them, my sympathies are with you! These boils can be painful and irritating and make daily activities seem like an uphill task. They are formed because of an inflammation of the hair follicles under the skin due to bacterial infection. Any damaged skin area, due to scraping, shaving or scratching, can be susceptible to the formation of boils, especially the sensitive areas of the inner thighs. These ugly boils are itchy and are also known to release pus. But not to worry, this condition is easy enough to fix. Here are some easy-to-administer home remedies for boils that you can use to rid your body of these pesky boils:

Home Remedies for Boils on Inner Thigh

1. A Nice Warm Bath:

Relaxing and great for sore thighs, warm water aids blood circulation and helps the boils to erupt. Remember, do not use bath salts or scrub the affected area. After the bath, simply disinfect the area and you are good to go! Alternatively, a warm compress several times a day should also do the trick.

2. Tea Treatment:

Place a moist and tepid black tea bag on the inner thighs. The acid in the tea helps the boils pop faster. Remember to disinfect and cover the area after a rendezvous with tea!

3. The Veggie Remedy:

Onions, potatoes or even garlic can all help cure the boils in the inner thigh. Cut big slices of onions or potatoes and stick them to the affected area with surgical tape, replacing them every few hours. Also, simply apply crushed garlic juice on the inner-thigh. This will speed up the bursting of the boil.

4. The Vinegar Way:

Mix vinegar, honey, water, and lime juice to make a paste. This paste is very effective when applied on the boils. Wait about thirty to forty minutes after application and then wash away with warm water. Apply this paste about two times a day for optimum results and notice how this wonderful remedy for boils works.

5. Get Hydrated:

It’s so simple, and yet so effective home remedy for boils. Drinking about eight glasses of water a day helps your body’s blood circulation and so the infection of the hair follicles is also reduced. In a few days, the boil should burst on its own.

6. Bitter-Sweet Treatment:

Another inside job to healing boils on the thighs is to drink (bad tasting yet effective) bitter gourd juice. Drinking a mixture of bitter gourd, lime juice and salt to taste, twice daily, helps boils disappear! Honey always comes to the rescue to make the concoction drink-able!

7. Turmer-ific:

Turmeric behaves like a catalyst for healing boils. Mix crushed ginger extract with turmeric and apply the paste on the area to stop further infection. Or drink warm milk with turmeric, healing the boils from within. Also, a paste made of coconut oil and turmeric, spread on the affected area for a span of about four to six days, is very helpful.

8. Cornmeal Concoction:

Make a paste with equal parts cornmeal and water and apply it over the infected area every two hours. Cover it in between and in a few hours, the boils should burst. Let them heal naturally, or use some turmeric paste to fasten the healing. Turmeric is an antiseptic and is safe to use on open wounds!

9. Aloe Alleviation:

Aloe Vera, that magic plant that seems to heal everything dermatologically related, is another effective home remedy for boils. Apply Aloe gel on the affected area and watch the boils heal in the span of a few days. Snap a leaf in half and collect the sap and apply on those painful bumps for relief from pain and to quicken the healing process. Alternatively, simply use aloe gel bought at a drug store on the boils.

10. Toothpaste Treatment:

What? Toothpaste? Yes,you read it right Spread toothpaste on the boil and, every few hours, clean and reapply. The boil should burst within the day and will heal in the days to follow. Clean teeth and clean inner thighs-sounds about right!

Since, they can be cured easily enough, most of the time home remedies succeed in ridding your inner thighs of these boils. However, it is always better to see a doctor if the boils become worse. Remember, safe than sorry!

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