10 Effective Home Remedies For Chilblains

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Chilblains is the condition where small blood vessels become painfully inflamed when they are exposed to warmth after prolonged exposure to cold temperature. It is characterized by itchiness and blistering on extremities like toes, ears, nose and fingers. They subside in a few weeks on treatment, but if left untreated, they may cause severe infection. Here are ten home remedies for chilblains that relieve its symptoms:

Chilblains Home Remedies

1. Onion:

Onions are great in treating the regular symptoms of chilblains. You can grate a few big onions and mash it to get the juice out. You can also chuck the onions into the blender with a few tablespoons of water and blitz it. Sieve the pulp to extract the juice. Dab the juice thoroughly all over the affected area to get immediate relief.

2. Cayenne Powder:

Although it seems quite unlikely that you could treat an inflammation with this fiery spice, cayenne pepper actually increases blood flow and relieves swelling, which is a symptom of chilblains. However, if the skin has ruptured, do not put cayenne pepper on it or you will regret it! Instead, you can use Calendula ointment.

3. Potato:

To use potatoes as a remedy for chilblains, cut a whole potato in half. Rub a little bit of sea salt on it and rub this salted surface on the affected area. You can also grate the potato to extract the juice or blend it and sieve the pulp. Applying the juice on the affected areas also works.

4. Turnip:

Turnip is the best remedy for chilblains when it comes to their healing. Chop some turnips and drop them in a big pot of boiling water. When slightly cooled, dip and soak the affected skin in this water. You can also rub freshly chopped turnips on the affected skin.

5. Lemon:

Using lemon for chilblains is very easy. You simply need to juice a few lemons and dab it onto the affected areas. You will be surprised at how soon you will heal.

6. Egg White:

Egg whites help in relieving chilblains symptoms quickly. Take the white of an egg and beat it with a little flour, honey, and glycerin. When it reaches a thick consistency, use it on the affected areas as a salve.

7. Herb Oil:

Different essential oils obtained from herbs and flowers help in relieving symptoms of chilblains. Peppermint oil is good for giving a fresh and cool sensation to the affected areas. Rosemary and eucalyptus oils can be massaged onto the swollen parts too. However, if the skin is abraded or ruptured, do not apply the oils directly on the skin.

8. Black Peppercorn:

You can fry about 50 grams of black peppercorn in sesame oil. When cooled, strain the oil and massage it all over the itchy, blistered skin for relief. Avoid this remedy if the skin is cracked or ruptured.

9. Horseradish Root:

This is an old remedy for chilblains. All you have to do is tie a bunch of roots to the areas that have itchiness or abrasions and wait for a few hours. I promise quick relief will be yours!

10. Diet:

What you eat when you are affected by this condition is crucial to the recovery process and its speed. As there is a lot of inflammation, eat plenty of vitamin C and A. You can eat food rich in these nutrients or take supplements. Spinach, millets, egg yolk, sesame seeds, almonds etc. are beneficial for chilblain patients.

Apart from this, you can buy over the counter drugs for relieving itchiness and pain. If you go out skiing or pursue any sporting activity in the snow, make sure you wear well fitting footwear and gloves.

Home remedies have been used for ages to treat chilblains, and these are a few selected that are said to always work. Try them today, and you will get instant relief! Do leave your feedback in the comments section below!

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