10 Effective Home Remedies For Rosacea

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Rosacea! Most people are unaware of its very existence. But if you have ever woken up to see an outbreak of acne on your forehead, chin, and even cheeks, you, dear reader, had a close encounter with Rosacea. Thinking what is that? Rosacea is an acute skin condition that is characterized by both a spray of pimples and facial erythema (red patches accompanied by itching). This condition can be caused due to several factors such as exposure to harsh sunlight, stress, wind, and even anxiety, not to forget eating habits. Whatever the reason, we bring to you the best home remedies for rosacea that can remove the scars before that special occasion knocks on the door.

Best Home Remedies for Rosacea

1. Calm it with Chamomile:

When those red patches plague you, it is time to soak half a dozen chamomile tea bags in three cups of boiling water. Once this concoction becomes tepid, use it on the affected areas. Chamomile contains anti-inflammatory properties. By applying cloth compresses of this concoction to the affected areas, you can not only reduce the redness or inflammation, but also allow ingredients such as terpenoid and flavonoid to soothe the skin, giving it the glow you’ve always wanted.

2. Go Green Tea:

Green tea is a rage today. Be it weight loss or a glowing skin, the goodness of green tea is undoubted. The anti-carcinogenic antioxidant, present in an aromatic cup of green tea, not only reduces the harm caused by Rosacea, but also flushes out toxins from the body. Indulging in this remedy is the ultimate detoxifying tool and the most effective way to treat a bad bout of Rosacea. Similarly, cold tea compresses can prevent pustules from emerging and cools the skin from within!

3. Oxidizing Oatmeal:

Add a whole cup of powdered oatmeal into a quarter cup of water and apply it generously onto affected areas. This will bring down the itching in no time. Do take care that you don’t rub the mixture too harshly on your skin and irritate it even further. The softer the mixture, the better!

4. Latch on to Licorice:

If the redness does not abate with any medication, it is time you try licorice. This extract not only works as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, but also creates new and healthy cells. A mixture of licorice powder, aloe vera gel, and honey might just be the thing you’re looking for. Leave this mixture on for 15 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water for instant relief.

5. Lather on some Lavender Oil:

If you thought lavender oil is just suited for aromatherapy, think again! This oil is also classified as medicated oil and can cure even a nasty attack of Rosacea. Use a cotton ball to gently massage therapeutic grade oil into the skin for immediate relief from symptoms such as dryness and burning sensation. You can also try mixing almond oil and a drop of lavender oil and leave it overnight on the affected area. This will work on the infection while leaving your skin soft and supple.

6. Honey at Home:

Honey has antimicrobial properties that can curb just about any skin infection. It acts as a natural moisturizer and hydrates the skin. Use organic or raw honey for best results. Gently massaging honey onto the affected areas and letting it stay for a good one hour, in tandem with the use of an all natural moisturizer, promises to heal a bad bout of Rosacea.

7. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar:

This is an ever popular home remedy for rosacea.  It acts on almost all skin conditions helps maintain the skin’s pH level, and also acts as a natural disinfectant. It promotes good skin health by killing the microbes on your face and helps treat Rosacea. You can either apply a diluted version of ACV to the affected area or drink it twice daily by mixing it with equal quantities of water.

8. Magical Aloe Vera:

Application of fresh aloe vera gel or drinking its juice–both can be great remedies for Rosacea. Simply apply fresh aloe gel diligently for significant improvement and a detox effect!

9. Turn to Turmeric:

This herb is an antiseptic with therapeutic properties, making it yet another sure shot remedy to treat Rosacea. Making a face pack with yoghurt or honey and turmeric and its application for 20 minutes can heal your skin in no time!

10. Flaxseed for the Future:

This anti-inflammatory ingredient also contains fatty acids. They help soothe irritated skin. Intake of flaxseed oil three times a day and including it in your diet can be the best decision you take to treat Rosacea. Yes, flaxseed is no culinary delight but you will need to gulp down the oil if you want your beautiful face pack!

These were but a few of the best home remedies to treat Rosacea and the inflammation, burning sensation, and acne that accompany it. Several hundreds across the globe have benefited from these remedies, now it’s your turn!

Did you know about Rosacea? Have you ever been inflicted with it? What did you do to cure yourself?

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