10 Effective Home Remedies For Nausea

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There are quite a few people who might not have experienced nausea. The overwhelming feeling of uneasiness and sickness is not pleasant. A feeling of nausea does not always need a visit to your doctor, let alone spending wads of money on expensive medications. A few home remedies are all you need to help battle the feeling of throwing up. Here are the top 10 home remedies for nausea that we have compiled for you.

Best 10 Home Remedies for Nausea

1. Suck On Some Frozen Fruit:

Stash a few slices of lemon, wrapped in a zip lock cover, into your freezer. This will come handy when you feel nauseated. Just the fragrance of this citrus fruits is enough to chase away the urge to puke. Suck on the frozen wedge, and this will help ward off that sick feeling. The tangy flavor of lemon will also make you feel less nauseated and sick.

2. Get Some Fresh Air:

Stepping out for a stroll is definitely an easy home remedy for nausea. The next time you begin to feel sick, just slip into a comfortable pair of footwear and go out for a walk. However, make sure you do not come across some overpowering scents as it could make you feel worse. Alternatively, sitting under a fan and allowing the cool breeze to blow gently against your face will also help alleviate the symptoms of nausea.

3. Brat Diet:

Follow a BRAT diet! What is a BRAT Diet? You ask! Many a times, nausea is a symptom of a bad tummy day. Set your stomach at ease by giving it food it can easily digest such as-
B – Bananas, A- Applesauce, R- Rice (cooked), T- Toast (whole grain bread sans butter).
You can also include some pasta cooked in just a few drops of oil, and potatoes preferably baked or boiled. This simple food is easy on the stomach and will nurture you back to health.

4. Drink Water:

There are times when the feeling hits without any warning. In such cases, start drinking water and that too, in plentiful quantities. If you are suffering from a bad stomach and frequenting the rest room, dehydration could actually aggravate nausea. The more your water intake is, the less queasy you will be! This is one of the best home remedies to cure nausea.

5. Lozenges or Peppermint:

A small piece of candy, peppermint or even lozenges, can go a long way in making you feel better. Simply place one in your mouth and suck on it for immediate relief from nausea. Alternatively, dip a cotton swab in peppermint oil and apply it to your gums. The fresh scent of peppermint is sure to tame your stomach in a jiffy!

6. Cool Compress:

Use a cold compress at the nape of your neck, when you are feeling way too lousy. For best results, sniff a lemon, alongside, to calm your senses. The synergic effect of these remedies is sure to help you fight a bout of nausea.

7. Ginger Ale:

A tall glass of ginger ale is all you need to abate the murky feeling of nausea. This wonder herb is said to help stimulate the secretion of digestive juices that will neutralize the stomachic acids – the actual culprits! Nibble on a slice of ginger, or add it to a steaming cauldron of soup. Or just sip plain ginger juice for instant relief! You can also prepare a concoction of ginger juice, lemon juice, and a little honey and suck it for easing your queasiness.

8. Aromatherapy:

While reaching out for a peppermint or a piece of ginger is certainly the best way to treat nausea, an equally effective way is to soak yourself in a bath of essential oils. Add a few drops of lavender into a warm bath and soak in it. Along with curbing that nauseating feeling, it will also refresh and rejuvenate you. You can also add a few drops of eucalyptus, peppermint, or lavender oil on a napkin and keep inhaling to abate nausea.

9. Munch on Crackers:

Contrary to the belief that one should not eat when feeling nauseous, munching on crackers, saltines, and digestives could in fact make you feel a lot better. Try this, for it does work!

10. Homemade Concoction:

Here is one remedy for nausea that is fail proof. Add a tablespoon each of apple cider vinegar and honey to a glass of warm water and sip through the day. Before it is time to hit the sack, the nausea is long gone!

These simple home remedies for nausea do work. Do not resort to over the counter drugs to fight the urge to vomit before you try these!

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