10 Effective Home Remedies For Cataracts

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Cataract is an ailment that occurs during the old age. It is basically the clouding of the eye lens, which acts as a hindrance, making clear viewing difficult. Cataracts happen naturally to older people. Throughout their lives, their eyes have been subjected to direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Creating radicals in the eyes, it eventually leads to cataract formation. Yet, this is a far more common occurrence among smokers and diabetics.

Top 10 Home Remedies For Cataracts:

Although cataracts can be removed through surgery, there are a few home remedies that can be equally helpful. Let’s have a look:

1. Drink Carrot Juice:

The fact that carrots help to improve the eyesight is a common and known fact. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A. Drinking carrot juice regularly keeps your eyes healthy. It also prevents cataracts in the long run.

2. Lemon And Rose Water Eye Drop:

Take a small bottle and fill it with a mixture of rose water and lemon juice in equal amounts. Now, mix them well. Take an eye-dropper and fill it to its maximum limit. Now, put a drop of this mixture in both your eyes. You will feel a burning sensation due to which your eyes may water. But, this is an effective treatment for cataracts.

3. Consume Aniseed:

Regular consumption of aniseed can cure cataracts. Consume at least 6 grams of aniseed on a daily basis, twice a day, and you will see the positive effects of aniseed in a short period of time.

4. Eat Raw Garlic:

Eating 2 to 3 cloves of raw garlic daily helps in clearing and improving your vision. If, you feel that your vision gets blurry very often, then try this home remedy to rectify it.

5. Drink Pumpkin Juice:

Similar to carrot juice, pumpkin juice also offers an effective treatment and prevention for cataracts. In fact, it is the pumpkin flowers from which the juice is extracted. If you do not wish to drink pumpkin juice, you can always pour the juice over your eyes and keep for about 15 minutes on a regular basis.

6. Honey Eye Drops:

The use of honey as a means of curing cataracts has been in existence since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Honey is recognized as a natural anti-oxidant. It effectively combats infections and diseases. Applying honey to your eyes in the form of eye drops can be extremely helpful in treating cataracts.

7. Eat Almonds:

Soak some almonds in water overnight. In the morning, peel them off and eat them. You can accompany this with a glass of milk. This not only helps in curing cataracts, but also improves your eyesight.

8. Coriander And Aniseed Mixture:

We already know that aniseed is beneficial for curing eye ailments. But, when aniseed and coriander powder are mixed together with a little bit of brown sugar, it becomes a potent blend that can be consumed daily to naturally treat cataracts.

9. Eat Spinach:

Spinach is very beneficial for our bodies. Now, we tell you that spinach is good for your eyes as well. This is because spinach has carotenoids, which are required by the retina in our eyes.

10. Green Vegetables:

Increase the intake of green vegetables in your diet, especially the ones that are rich in Vitamins C and E. These help in improving eye vision and curing cataracts.

Follow these top 10 home remedies for cataracts to avoid getting your eyes operated. Share your feedback below in the comments section.

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