10 Easy Steps To Do Knee Push Ups

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Are you on the look out for an exercise that can actually help you burn some fat? Have you gone pillar to post looking for exercises that actually show results? There are several exercises that you can perform to keep your body in shape and shed flab. Some of these exercises need accessories, but there are several that can be done freehand. Push ups are among such effective freehand exercises. Health enthusiasts and fitness freaks prefer doing push ups regularly. Push ups are good for the upper torso and triceps of the body. There are some variations of standard push up as well and that is what we’ll discuss today!

What Is Knee Push Up?

If you are wondering what knee push ups are, then this article is sure to be of interest to you! Knee push up is basically a modified version of general push up. It is widely practiced as a horizontal pushing exercise. In this exercise, the upper body’s weight and resistance are used to develop stamina and strength.

How To Do Knee Push Ups?

When you perform knee push ups, it is better you use a mat or soft cloth on the floor before you begin.

  1. Kneel on the mat so the knees are not in contact with the floor.
  2. Relax your feet and lower legs.
  3. Stretch the arms out and ensure they remain perpendicular to your shoulder.
  4. Extend the upper torso in a straight line from knees up.
  5. Then lower your upper body and bring it close to the floor level. At this time, nose and chest will be very close to the floor.
  6. The elbows should be close to the sides when the body is close to the mat or floor.
  7. You have to lock both arms when the body is raised and complete downward movement as upper arms get parallel to the floor.
  8. Next, lift the body to the starting position by pushing up both the arms.
  9. Do not turn elbows away from your body.
  10. You can do several push backs at one go, but controlling your breath is also important. 

Knee Push Ups Vs Standard Push Ups:

The knee push up is a variation of the standard push up. In the former, less part of the body fights gravity. On the contrary, the entire body weight needs to be dealt with in standard push up.

In many cases, teens and women cannot perform standard push ups properly when they begin to work out. They can do it when the trainer advises them to begin with knee bent push ups. Since knee push ups are less stressful, you can try to do 15-20 repetitions at one go. Once you can do this without getting exhausted, it is time you move to standard push ups. In fact, you can also mix both types of push ups.

Are Knee Push Ups Beneficial?

This is one question that haunts many people who perform knee push ups instead of standard push ups. When you recuperate from an injury or have pain in the legs, doing knee push ups are surely easier.

The truth is, performing push ups with knees bent will not prevent you from attaining benefits. Health experts are of the view that as long as you do enough repetitions, each push up type can fetch benefits. As it is, in both push up methods, the abdominal muscles need to be tightened and stronger with regular workout. The identical muscles in the upper body, such as deltoids, pectorals and triceps are involved in both the types of push ups. So, it is more of a matter of preference and convenience than ultimate effectiveness.

Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Doing Push Ups:

You should avoid the following mistakes, when you do push ups, whether it is standard or bent knee style:

  • Do not put hands way out as it can put stress on the shoulder joints.
  • Do not put the bum up high as this will prevent you from tightening abdominal muscles well.
  • Refrain from loosening your core muscles when doing push ups. Do not keep the head hanging too low either. This puts stress on the neck.

Knee push ups are one of the many easy exercises that you can perform at home without the guidance of an expert coach. Spend a few minutes each morning performing knee push ups and within a few weeks you will help others learn the art of knee push ups!

What do you prefer—regular push ups or knee push ups? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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