10 Different Bob Hairstyles You Can Try

Bob hairstyles are the latest craze among women all over the world, and have also become the hot choice among celebrities worldwide. The different styles of bob haircuts can instantly transform your look. Presently the conservative bob culture has transformed from the classic bob to curls and faux bob styles. All you need to do is to choose a bob style that compliments your facial traits and suits your personality.

Check out these cool and popular different bob hairstyles that will help you make a fashion statement wherever you go.

Different Bob Hairstyles 

1. Classic Bob:

The classic bob style has always been the top pick. The blunt A-line bangs will make you look gorgeous. This adorable crop style is the best choice for girls with thick bangs and straight hair texture. Classic bob style looks best on heart shaped face cuts.

2. Short Wavy Bob:

Short Wavy Bob

The wavier texture in this hairstyle is the highlight and adds the needed flair. The length is maintained slightly above the chin and the wispy layers create the desired softness. This short wavy bob suits all face shapes other than pear shaped face. This pretty wavy style is perfect for girls with slight curls who do not need bangs.

3. Blunt End Bob:

Blunt End Bob

In this blunt end bob style, the sleek side angles towards the face, and the front ends fall slightly past the chin. The thick bangs on the front that fall just above the eyes impart a beautiful and mysterious look. If you have thick hair, this blunt end bob style will make you look amazingly stunning.

4. Short Layered Bob:

Short Layered Bob
The short layered bob style is a great hair do for girls with medium length and thick hair. The bangs fall in stacked layers at the back to create volume and the front strands end right at your jaw line. This jaw line layered bob style looks most flattering on heart shaped faces.

5. Faux Bob:

 Faux Bob

The faux bob hairstyle is a cool hairstyle that has become increasingly popular. This hairstyle is best suited for those who do not wish to chop off their long locks completely but still want to sport short bobs. This simple yet sexy look will surely make heads turn.

6. Feather Pixie:

 Feather Pixie

This cute feather pixie hair cut will make you look chic without much do. The parted bangs give a feather like appearance as they fall above the eyes and forehead. The side bangs in this hairstyle compliments almost all face shapes.

7. Asymmetrical Bob:

Asymmetrical Bob

The Asymmetrical bob hairstyle is for girls who want fun and love sporting a dramatic look. The A-line in this style is longer towards the front and short at the back. The Asymmetry look compliments square and round face shapes and is perfect for thin and straight hair texture.

8. Big Curly Bob:

Big Curly Bob

If you love your curls and can’t do with it, this bob style is all you need. The style is a pleasant variation to the vintage bob hairstyle and is a rave among girls. The big curls in this style will give you a youthful and fresh look. The face framing curls can rock all face shapes.

9. Choppy Neck Length Bob:

Choppy Neck Length Bob

This choppy neck length bob is undoubtedly the head-turning style that maintains the basic bob style of centered part and even length. The length in this bob style is maintained slightly below the chin and above your shoulders. This symmetrical style works best for square and round face shapes.

10. Long Bob:

Long Bob

If cutting your bangs too short is not on your mind, and you still desire to flaunt bobs, this style is best for you. Long bobs are the exciting and new hairstyle that can make you look sassy effortlessly. Long bobs are better known as Lob, goes well with all face shapes.

These stunning different bob haircut styles will make you look effortlessly cool. Moreover they are easier to maintain and will make you look sophisticated. Try on these trend-setting styles and look worth a million dollars. So, what’s holding you back, get the hairstyle now!

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