10 Common Habits That May Harm Your Health

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In the run for leading a healthy lifestyle, you will be eating, working out, and sleeping right. However, are these factors sufficient to keep health issues at bay? There are times when certain habits of ours lead to serious health issues. Here are 10 such habits that may harm your health without your knowledge.

1. Wearing High Heels Everyday:

Women love heels – be it the 2-inch pencil ones or the flat ones! Heels help you look attractive and gorgeous! However, it is advisable not to wear heels everyday. They have devastating impacts on your body structures. Right from that unbearable back ache to sciatica and nerve damages, heels can affect you badly in the long run. The higher the heels are, the more the weight thrown forward is. This in turn inflicts your health in the long run!

2. Handling Contact Lenses Without Proper Hygiene:

Proper hygiene while using contact lenses is quintessential to avoid optic conditions such as blurry vision, teary eyes, red eyes, burning, and itching. The slightest presence of dirt can hamper with your vision. Clean and sanitize your hands regularly, before and after using lenses. Do no splash water when wearing a pair of contacts.

3. Tobacco Is Injurious To Health:

Despite this statutory warning making its rounds everywhere, people still smoke. “Come on, smoking is cool!” You get that reply when you tell them not to smoke”. The worst part is people indulge in this habit in spite of knowing that it is a slow killer. So, chuck out that stick today if you wish to enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life.

4. Alcoholism:

A peg of whiskey with your friends once in a blue moon is perfectly acceptable, while emptying not a whole bottle every other day is not! Obesity, cardiac issues, stress, cancers – all these are aftermaths of excessive alcohol consumption. Researches also show that women, who consume moderate amounts of alcohol, had higher survival rates than those who drank excessively. It is your choice now!

5. I Am A Light Sleeper:

This statement looks nice only in books and not in real life! Many a time, we prefer being a night owl to complete that assignment or presentation that requires next day submission. We hit out bed late, we wake up late, and everything from that moment goes off the track. This is just a small consequence of skipping sleep. Situations worsen if you tend to follow this no-sleeping habit. Human body requires 8 hours of deep, undisturbed sleep. If you cannot put together 8 hours, at least grab 6 hours. This is your body and you should not be neglecting it.

6. Wearing Headphones For Long:

Earphones or headphones allow you to listen to your favourite beats without disturbing others. Nevertheless, do you know that while you are listening to music to kill your time, it in turn, is killing your ears slowly? It does not stop there; you may even have to wash your hands off your life if you are driving with earphones plugged.

7. Awfully Loaded Bags:

Women, in general, love loading their handbags with cosmetics – it will be like a mini beauty parlour in the handbag. But, this habit of loading could actually invite that a disgusting back pain, neck ache, and shoulder pain. Your posture is also affected. So, check your handbag twice before you load up!

8. Binge Eating:

Binge eating harmful; at the same time, eating food when you are not hungry is equally bad. Never even drink a cup of coffee/tea just because your dearest friend offered. Unhealthy eating habits flood you with calories and the results – obesity, diabetes, cardiac issues, and much worse.

9. The Lip Smacking Potato Wafers:

Undeniably, potato wafers make one of tastiest snack options. Not just these crispy wafers – burgers, pizzas, muffins, pastas – all these are tasty, but how healthy are they? Our love for junk food will never cease; so you can just cut down the quantity of junk food you munch. Try healthier versions – a whole-wheat pizza base topped with veggies and a low fat cheese do sound a little better. Opt for baked variants instead of the deep fried ones!

10. Sleeping With Makeup On:

You would have had a hectic day at office but that does not imply you do not have even time to cleanse your face after you hit home. You have to remove your make up and clean yourself failing which you will fall prey to clogged pores, dark spots, acnes, and much more. Do not be surprised if you wake up the next morning with those rashes on your face if you slept the previous day with makeup on.

Many of us are aware of the above-mentioned10 habits that may harm your health. However, we might at times compromise ourselves due to circumstance. Try to avoid these habits and safeguard your health for a better future!

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