10 Biggest Lies of Nutrition That Will Leave You SHOCKED (And Happy That You Know Them At-least Now)

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Are you that kind of a person for whom anything coming from a nutritionist’s mouth is equivalent to a gospel? If yes, then welcome to the band. Most of us are like that. We do consult nutrition experts almost all the time. But what we don’t do is not analyzing what they say.


Well, it’s like this. Some nutrition experts have a reputation of demonizing foods, which otherwise are the best sources of health on the planet.

What are those lies? Am I eating the wrong foods? Why didn’t I know this before? 

I can see you are curious. Let me tell you one thing. I am not going to demand you to follow or second whatever you are going to read now. But I can assure you that what you are about to read is a brutal reflection of the truth. Whether you follow it or not, is up to you. Analyze and only if you think it makes sense to you, follow it.

1. Saturated Fats? A BIG NO.

The term ‘saturated’ is so overly used, that too in a negative context, that whenever you hear ‘saturated’ you tend to frown and stay away.

Few decades ago it was a general opinion that too much of fat consumption resulted in heart disease. Sadly, there are countless individuals who still feel the same. This theory was based on studies which were riddled with flaws and strangely turned into conventional wisdom.

Eating saturated fats actually increases the amount of good cholesterol in the blood, and good cholesterol is NOT bad for the heart.

2. Lot Of Proteins Are Bad For Bones And Kidneys

Whaaatt! Proteins? Bad for bones? 

I know how this feels. Right from the day I stepped into kindergarten till the day I stepped out of college, I have been learning, unlearning and relearning that proteins are body building foods. Then how come people actually believe this piece of .. trash?

Protein is found to have a strong association with improved bone health and lower risk of fracture.
Also, protein actually treats diabetes and high blood pressure, the two bad guys that cause kidney failure. So protein is really good for kidneys too.

3. Eggs Are Unhealthy

This is one of the biggest lies uttered in the history of humanity. Seriously, who said eggs are unhealthy?

As many ‘Anti-Eggists’ say, eggs do increase cholesterol levels in our body. Agreed.  But I, being a stubborn eggist, have a point that actually makes sense. Most think that the presence of lots of cholesterol is what makes eggs a reason for heart disease.


What eggs do is increase the amount of ‘good’ cholesterol in our bodies, which has a myriad of benefits.

4. Go For Low Fats! They Are Good. 

My head.

Believe this, and you are doomed for life. There is one shocking truth lurking behind the entire concept of low-fat foods.

You know how a zero-fat food exactly tastes like? Plastic. Or maybe cardboard. People can’t eat that. Then how do such foods sell? Because they are ‘made’ to taste good by adding artificial sweeteners and other taste enhancing garbage which can kill you much faster than fats.

5. Few Large Meals? NO. Many Small Meals? Yes, Yes.

I would rather prefer jumping from my office building than believing this.

You take ten small meals a day or four large ones, it makes no difference. It is the same amount of food that is going inside your tummy, and the same amount of energy that would be absorbed by your body.

How could we miss this simple logic? It is the amount of food that determines anything, and not the number of meals.

6. Sugar Has Empty Calories. So Don’t Eat It.

What are ‘empty’ calories? Tell me no. Frankly speaking, you don’t know what they are. I too don’t. And even in some cases the doctor who said NO to it wouldn’t know what empty calories mean! But we think sugar is bad because of empty calories.

Okay. Jokes apart. Empty calories are calories that don’t have any nutritional value. But these are not what make sugar unhealthy. Sugar, because of its high fructose content, affects metabolism and paves way for humans to eat more and get fat. This is basically why it is healthy to avoid sugar.

7. Eat Grains. Lots Of Grains. Eat Only Grains

What are you? A human or a grain crushing machine?
If you see the anatomy of grains, you will understand. Grains contain fewer nutrients when compared to fruits and vegetables. And the presence of ‘gluten’ in today’s grains is a harbinger of many health problems, if taken in excess quantities. Too much of grain intake can damage the intestinal lining, cause bloating and tiredness.

8. Low Carb Foods Are Bad

No. They are not. You say low carb foods are bad a hundred times, still I wouldn’t agree. Because there is a valid reason.

Low carb diets are actually healthier than low fat diets. Why? Because low carb foods have the ability to reduce body fat. They also lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

One big merit of low carb foods is that they are easier to stick to. You don’t have to restrict your calories and stay hungry all the time (which actually makes you eat more).

9. Calories Consumed In The Night Are More Fattening Than Those Taken In The Day

Not necessarily true. We think that during the day we are active, and hence the calories get burnt; but it’s the other way round in the night. But in reality, calories are calories and it doesn’t really matter when you consume them.

10. If You Want Calories You Should Get Them From Carbs; And Carbs Only

The general view is that one must get most of his calories from carbohydrates, and the least from fats. So if at all you follow this routine, you will end up consuming more of sugar and grains, and much less of eggs and meat.

But this might now work for all. And consider this. Which is more healthy? Sugar or eggs?
You know the answer!

As now you are equipped with a better knowledge of differentiating between a myth and reality, you wouldn’t fall prey to similar lies, right?

I know you won’t!

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