10 Amazing Workout Hairstyles You Can Try

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Styling your hair before heading to the gym not only makes you look good, but will also make it easier to run errands and meet up with friends later, without looking like a mess. Try experimenting with several easy hairstyles before heading to the gym. So, whether you are a yogi, a Pilate enthusiast or a cardio queen, try these ten simple hairstyles to look gorgeous while working out:

1. Ponytail:

A classic high ponytail is the most popular gym hairstyle. Pull your hair high towards the crown and secure it with an elastic band to keep it away from a sweaty nape. There is also an easy way to dress up a ponytail. Take a thick strand of hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail covering the elastic. Secure it with a bobby pin. You can also use hair sprays to get rid of the flyaways.

2. Braids:

Braids are a safe bet when it comes to working out. It is the easiest and most popular hairstyle for women with long and thick hair. It looks chic and is sprint proof. The hairstyle stays in place and you do not have to constantly re-do it.

3. Headband/ Bandana:

 Hair bands and bandannas are great gym hair accessories. Wrap the bandana around the forehead or accessorize the high ponytails with cute headbands. Tie your hair in a ponytail and pick your favorite hair band to keep perspiration out of the face. Headbands are a fun accessory to prevent bangs and sweat from being a distraction. There are plenty of headbands available like sparkly, braided, double banded or single banded to rock the look. Go with black or opt for a colorful bandana to jazz up your hairstyle.

4. Topknot:

A topknot is the perfect hairdo for all kinds of exercises, including strength training and Pilates. You can easily lie flat on the bench without any discomfort. Simply twist your hair into a topknot and secure it with an elastic or twist band. This hairstyle offers serious sweat protection. Topknot not only looks glamorous, but will also stay put during the gym sessions. It is perfect for medium to long hair.

5. Side braid:

The side braid is a quick and easy way to keep your hair off your face and neck. Gather your hair to one side and braid your hair normally. Secure it with an elastic band. This will tame the flyaways and keep your hair in place throughout the sweat session.

6. Fishtail:

Instead of tying your hair into a regular pony or fishtail, try a fishtail braid. It adds interest to the look and gives a sporty vibe. It will also last throughout the training session. Whether you are doing abs or Pilates, your hair will not be flopping around the face. This hairdo will look amazing post workout also.

7. Hat Or Cap:

Hat or cap is ideal for women who workout outdoors. A standard baseball cap will keep the hair away from the face, while providing protection from the sun.

8. Twisted Bun:

A twisted bun is an ideal hairstyle for a workout. Make a low ponytail and slowly twist it up, securing with bobby pins. Once you are done with the workout, take out the bobby pins to get loose waves. The twisted bun takes less than two minutes and looks effortlessly stylish.

9. Side French Braid:

Side French braid will keep the braid secure over the shoulder so that it does not flop around during the jog.

10. Loose Pigtails:

Pigtail is ideal for women who indulge in low-impact activities like treadmill walking and hiking. Avoid this hairstyle if you are running, so that the hair does not turn into a mess during the intense workout.

Working out need not make you look messy! These hairstyles will not only make you look smart and pretty, but will also make exercising more comfortable.

Which is your favorite workout hairstyle? Do share with us.

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