10 Amazing Lipstick Tricks You Should Know


Lipsticks –we all love them! How else will we get that perfect pout? But are there ticks that can help us get more out of our lipsticks? There sure are!

Top 10 Lipstick Tricks For You:

In fact, I have compiled this list of the top 10 lipstick tricks for you! Follow these easy tricks to use your lipsticks to their best possible potential.

Trick 1: Start With Smooth Canvas

Just as we love to apply our foundation on a clean face, we should do the same for our lips too! Start by preparing your lips prior to the application of your lipstick. This step will provide a neat and classy finish. It will also make you feel comfortable even after hours of wear time. Preparing the lips is simple. First, grab your favorite lip scrub and gently exfoliate your lips. It will help your lipstick move smoothly. This trick will work great if you apply a dark or bold lip color, which can easily accentuate every single imperfection. If you don’t wish to spend on expensive lip scrubs, then just use a simple homemade scrub mixture of sugar and honey to remove flakes and dryness of your lips.

Trick 2: Layer Your Foundation:

Foundation and lips? Yes! Sometimes, we look at a shade on tube and fall in love with it. But many a times that shade turns into something different on the lips. If you faced these ‘shade’ disappointments, then this trick will surely work for you! All you have to do is to create a clean canvas before applying your lipstick. Start by applying a thin layer of your foundation on your lips using your fingers or a flat brush. Gently blend it over, so that it completely disappears into your skin. Then, apply your favorite lipstick over it and you will have the perfect vibrant color on your lips.

Trick 3: Turn All Your Lipsticks Into A Long-Wearing One

Don’t we hate the way our lipstick fades and smears even before an event begins? Yes, I am sure it has happened to you several times. But, no worries as this trick will help you fix your favorite lipstick for longer hours. Start by applying a coat of your lipstick. Then gently blot it with a single ply of tissue paper. Then, take a large makeup brush with a small amount of your translucent powder and dust it over your lips. Then follow it with another coat of lipstick. Now, your lipstick is sealed in place for long hours!

Trick 4: Lip Size Matters

A very deep red can make thin lips look extremely thin and flat. So, it is best to opt for brighter coral based or orange-red lipstick colors, which will add more depth and dimension to your lips. People with plump lips can go for darker and deeper hues as it will minimize the plumpness.

Trick 5: Plump Up By Prepping With Your Liner And Shadow

We all love to sport sexy and plump pouts, don’t we? But, not all of us are blessed with full lips. But, you needn’t worry anymore as this trick will instantly make your lips look fuller. Start by tracing your cupid’s bow with a nude or a flesh-toned lip liner. This will highlight your lips and will give it a fuller effect. Then to add an illusion of a fuller lower lip, apply a touch of matte brown eyeshadow to the center of the lower lip line. It will create an instantly sexy fuller pout.

Trick 6: Lip-Boosting Trick

If you don’t find the time to add eyeshadow to define your lips as mentioned in the previous trick, then here we bring a simple trick. Select two lip liners with just one or two shades difference. Then, start by lining your top lip with the lighter lip liner and the darker tone for the bottom lip line. The effect created by this trick will be subtle and not very obvious. The difference of light and dark will create an illusion of fuller lips.

Trick 7: Become A Better Blotter

Use this trick if you are wearing a bright and bold lip color. After applying your lipstick, position your lips around one of your fingers and gently glide it through the lips. I know it might sound funny, but it will instantly remove excess lipstick from the inside of your lips.

Trick 8: Conceal

Wish to achieve a model-like neat and clean pout? Then, all you would have to do is outline your lips with a concealer. This trick will add dimension and make your lips pop out.

Trick 9: Pick Your Everyday Pink

Most Indian girls have a tough time picking up the right pink shade to match the warm skin tone. The trick is simple. All you have to do is choose a shade just one tone deeper than your natural lip color.

Trick 10: Breathe Life into Your Lipstick

Many a time, your favorite old lipstick might give a dull and washed out look. To make your lipstick look alive, all you have to do is add a touch of gloss to give your lipstick a fresh look.

Hope you all loved these tricks! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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